How To Wear Skirts in Winter- 30 Outfit Ideas

How To Wear Skirts in Winter. Winters are around the corner, and with the cold winds knocking at our door, our wardrobes also need some upgrades. How about styling this cold weather with some skirt outfits? Are you now wondering how we can wear skirts in cold weather? Don’t worry; no matter how hard the weather is, it should not stop you from styling your cute skirt outfits and dresses. With the right styling, you can still wear skirts, no matter how cold.

Today we will guide you and give you some cute ideas on how you could style skirts in winter with different outfits. There are plenty of gorgeous views that you can use as inspiration for your next outfit.

Winter Skirts Outfit Ideas

Sweaters with a skirt are an excellent combination for the winter season. We will tell you about different sweater and skirt combinations for winter. Wearing a skirt with a sweater or a jacket and long boots of your choice will give you a trendy look for this winter. You can add some scarves or cool tights with the combination and a few accessories like a statement necklace to style the outfit.

winter skirts fashion trends

You can select different sweaters, like a plain or oversized one. Sweaters like cropped or a sweater with turtlenecks are favourites this season. With that, you can style skirts like long, short, tutu, or pencil and tulle skirts.

In this cold weather, people usually avoid wearing skirts and remove their pants and jeans from the closet for this season. This way, your skirts feel neglected throughout, but don’t do that, as we will share some fantastic ideas. You can cover your legs and hide from the cold by wearing tights. Keep changing the style statements so that it adds life to your wardrobe.



  • Do not wear the skirts that you wear during summer
  • Try to go for a skirt that is heavy in material and keeps you warm.
  • It is good to go for materials like denim because it is thick or wool, leather or any other heavy cotton that keeps you warm.
  • Avoid going for too short if it is too cold in your region. The length of the skirt varies.
  • You can wear leggings under the skirt on extra cold days.
  • Choose a warm top to wear with your skirt outfit.
  • Wear long sleeves and an extra layer for maximum cold protection and style.
  • Try wearing shoes or boots that are not open.

Here are the images along with the description so that you can see some of the amazing ideas:


26 – Mini Skirt


how to wear skirts in winter (2)


25 – Celebrities’ Style

Jessica Alba shows us how to wear it to look hot. Gorgeous pair of heels with a full skirt and a black top. I love the look. The back bun hairstyle compliments this outfit, and we love it!

how to wear skirts in winter (7)
24 – Style It With Sweater

A short grey skirt and a light pink top create a soft look, and this style is perfect for casual daily wear. check out how to style sweater this fall.

how to wear skirts in winter (12)


23 – Midi Skirt

Black and red have always been a classic combination in fashion. This is one of our favourite look. Blacktop and tights with a red skirt is what we call the perfect Valentine to wear skirts in winter (13)
22 – Wear It With Leather Jacket.

What could be more attractive than this? A brilliant combination of colour l love the fedora hat with the side-cutout skirt and tights. We loved how scarcities her biker jacket with hot pink. Adding af white woollen scarf to cut down the dark tones is an intelligent move!

how to wear skirts in winter (14)
21 – Mini Skirt Outfit 

This is what we were talking about in the post. And covering yourself in this cold weather and playing your fashionista role together. Black tights and miniskirts are the charmers. The hinge of the rusty scarf with the black and white outfit is the highlight of this.

how to wear skirts in winter (15)
20 – Style It With Blazer 

This blonde looks perfect with her black and maroon combination. Mostly she has used black in the outfit. Love her handbag. In addition, the combination of stripes with solid works great with this winter look. Not to mention, how much we love the minimal use of accessories in this look.
how to wear skirts in winter (16)

19 – Wear It With Long Boots

What a gorgeous combination she makes with the black and light peach coat. Love her boots and top. Moreover, the lace neck and black pleated mini skirt add to more to the beauty of this look. This outfit definitely has that wow factor in making everyone aww!

how to wear skirts in winter (17)
18 – With Crop Top.

The crop top has always been a style statement. A black crop top styled with a contrasting emerald pleated skirt is all you need to slay your date night. Therefore, wear a green flowy skirt with black crop top made out of wool. And, nail this look with a beautiful pair of statement necklaces and glasses

how to wear skirts in winter (18)

17 – Black Women Style

Black leggings with a mini skirt. Perfect hand accessory while wearing a black coat over a brown full sleeves top. That is what we can call a power suit. This is definitely the perfect look to wear at your work and win your business meetings like a boss lady.

how to wear skirts in winter (19)
16 – Outfit With Maxi Skirt

She knows how to express herself through her style. Black leather jacket with a white top. That is the most amazing combination. The green skirt adds life to her look. Not to mention, use of high heel boots adds elegance to this whole look.

how to wear skirts in winter (20)



15 – Pencil Skirt Outfit 

A pencil skirt outfit is a versatile piece of outfit.As you can style it with a summer top and heels and also reuse the same outfit on colder days with just an addition of a legging and a stylish jacket. Therefore, think for the long term and invest your hard-earned money in the right place. 

outfits to wear with skirts for fall (1)

14 – Street Style

Wanted to look fashionable while roaming around the city on a casual winter day? Then here is the perfect outfit idea for you. The contrasting grey tone coat over a white T-shirt and black maxi skirt is the perfect blend of casual and street smart. Moreover, the addition of royal blue, ba and black shades is the cherry on top.


how to wear skirts in winter (8)

13 – How To Wear Stockings With Skirts?

It would be cruel of you to stay away from the skirts this season though you can try and avoid wearing it in this cold season. You can still style it. Here is my tip that can solve your problem and confusion. You could wear knit stockings as they keep warm and cosy. Stockings with loose skirts would look great in the sense that it will not make you feel cold and will keep you comfortable.

how to wear skirts in winter (9)

12 – Casual Skirt Look 

Want to style a casual look ? Wear your everyday T-shirt with a colorful mosaic skirt and style it with a statement neck piece. And you are ready to slay the day in style.

how to wear skirts in winter (10)

11 – Plaid Skirt Outfit 

Plaid is the ultimate pattern to wear this winter.We love how beautifully this irl has paired a black and white plaid mini skirt with a white knit sweater.Moreover, the addition of woolen neck wrap make this outfit stunning.You can style this outfit with long leather boots for extra cold protection.

how to wear skirts in winter (11)

10 – The Chic Black Leather Look

If black is your favourite colour for this season, then you must tryu this adorable look. This girl surely knows how to add that perfect amount of white in your black outfit. Moreover, the bold lip colour and the stylish sunglasses add more to the beauty of this look.

how to wear skirts in winter (3)

9 – Animal print

Animal patterns espacially leopard print has the ability of uplifting your look like nothing else. Paring a white sweater with a leopard print woolen skirt is surely a wise fashion move.We love how she styled a statement necklace with her beautiful outfit!

how to wear skirts in winter (4)

8 – Styling With Leather Accessories 

When you talk about carrying accessories, you must know that leather accessories and bags are a must to keep in your wardrobe. A leather clutch and long leather boots would add charm to the look and personality. We would recommend that layering up yourself with leather jackets, warm boots, warm socks, and thick sweaters would be a good choice for being protected from cold. Another option for winter would be wearing velvet tops as it is a thick and warm material plus you can wear it to parties and any occasion.


how to wear skirts in winter (5)

7 – The Adorable Blues 

This lady surely knows how to beat Monday blues with blue hues. This outfit is surely a power pack of positive vibes and style. The blue top styled with a printed mini skirt and trench coat is all you need to kick start. 

how to wear skirts in winter (6)


6 – Puffer Jacket Look 

A puffer jacket is the perfect way to cover up your cold intolerance in style. Wear your regular pleated skirt with a puffer jacket to pull off an absolutely stunning look in no time! 


 5 – Denim Skirt Style 

Add the funk factor to your winter wardrobe with denim skirts. We love how this girl styled a contrasting mustard colour sweater with the skirt to create a very warm wintery vibe.


4 – Outfit Inspiration For over 50 Women 

How says you can not be a fashionista in your 50s? With the right choice of outfit and styling,age is just another number, and this lady is a true example of that!

3 – Floral 

This girl truely knows how to slay a floral skirt with a solid color top. Moreover, the white blazer has added life to this beautiful look. When you are uncertain. Go for flowery patterns. A flowery print midi skirt outfit will never disappoint you!

outfits to wear with skirts for fall (4)


2 – New Year’s Eve Look 

Want to make your New years eve more fun? Try wearing a metallic finish midi skirt with a black and white sweatshirt. This look is the perfect combination of subtle bling, and we love it!

1 – Styling With Trucker Jacket 

How about adding a flavour of denim to your formal midi skirt look? Sprinkle some magic of casual styling onto your winter skirt outfit with a classic trucker jacket!

outfits to wear with skirts for fall (8)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you style a skirt in winter?

Ans: Skirts are versatile outfit that you can wear in any season regardless of the weather. But, there are a few things that you should do while styling a skirt outfit in winter. Firstly moisture your body and wear a warm knitted stocking to keep you warm throughout. Then style your skirt with a warm and thick top. Moreover, you can also wear tall boots, a warm scarf, and a cap for that extra style and warmth.

Q: What do you wear under a skirt in the winter?

Ans: The choice of your innerwear under the skirt depends upon your ability to tolerate cold. If your body feels extra cold, go with thick and warm leggings; otherwise, a pair of sheer stockings will also do the work. Moreover, a pair of leather boots will also work well to insulate your legs from cold temperatures.

Q: How should long skirts dress in winter?

Ans: The best outfits to wear in cold weather are maxi skirt outfits. The ease of styling these flowy garments with all types of winter accessories makes them the best option to opt-in for cold weather. You can wear a turtle neck or sweatshirt with it and add a warm wrap scarf around your neck for added style and warmth. Moreover, you can also style your maxi skirt with long trench coats, biker jackets, and blazers.


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