12 Birkenstock Outfit Ideas with Styling Tips

When you are feeling lazy, tired or lethargic, getting ready or dolled up is the last thing on your mind. Shoes need to be comfortable, practical yet versatile. This allows them to go along with all sorts of wardrobes and clothes. Birkenstocks are like crocs; they are comfortable, easy to slip on and slip off and go with all clothes. Moreover, they are waterproof shoes that can be worn in any weather.

These sandals can also be worn indoors and outdoors, by women of all ages. So take a look at twelve clothes that would look great with these shoes.But how to wear birkenstocks ? what are best outfits to wear with Birkenstocks ?what are the latest designs in it ? this post will answer all these questions just have  a look on each pic one by one.You are also recommend to see 17 stylish ways to wear loafers shoes.

How to Style Brikenstocks

#1. With cropped silk pants and Jersey top

Slippers of all sorts look great with a casual attire that can be worn in less than 5 minutes. Stick to a dark black or grey theme, which can be worn with a pony.

outfits with birkenstocks15

#2. With A Vest and Ripped Jeans – Casual Wear

For a casual date, lunch or shopping trip with friends, pair your sandals with ripped jeans, a satchel handbag, dark aviators and a casual t-shirt such as a grey vest.
outfits with birkenstocks

#3. With A Fedora Hat And An Oversized Tote – Street Style

For a stylish Italian outfit, wear a tan coloured fedora hat with a huge leather tote that matches your mini skirt.

outfits with birkenstocks1

#4. With A Long Flowing Dress

For casual Sunday barbecues or brunches, wearing a long dress with a large hat and bowler bag with your flats can look amazing.
outfits with birkenstocks3

#5. Celebrities Style

The Olson twins are the queen of fashion, so follow Ashley Olson’s style and pair your jeggings or tights with a loose cardigan and your slippers or shoes.

outfits with birkenstocks4

#6. With Tights and Poncho Sweater

If you are heading to the gym but need to look presentable outside too, then pair your tights or Spandex trousers with a poncho-style sweater and shoes.

outfits with birkenstocks5

#7. With Cargo Pants And A Blazer- Spring Wear

For girls who like to look casual yet fashionable, you can wear loose, cropped cargo pants with a contrast blazer and your preferred shoes.

outfits with birkenstocks6

#8. With A Striped Vest and Baggy Trousers- Summer Wear

Moms and older women will look awesome with a barely-put-together look that is super fashionable these days.

outfits with birkenstocks9

#9. With A Sports T-Shirt and Skirt

A funky and fun outfit can be pairing sports with style by matching a Nike t-shirt with a fun, mid-length skirt and Birkenstock shoes.

outfits with birkenstocks10

#10. With Socks And Mini Shorts- Beach Wear

For outdoors fun, pair a bikini top, jacket, mini shorts and socks with your shoes.

outfits with birkenstocks11

#11. with Check Trouser

outfits with birkenstocks13

#12. All Black with Tights

outfits with birkenstocks14


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