26 Plus Size Shorts Outfits and Styling Tips

Plus-Size Shorts Outfits: Shorts are the perfect summer staple item for your wardrobe, and they are super easy to style. As a curvy woman, you might feel self-conscious while wearing shorts due to the deep-seated toxic cultural mindsets.

However, you don’t need to be anymore as the times are changing and people are learning and educating themselves! With increasing awareness about body shaming and acceptance of people irrespective of their body shape, it’s time you stand up for yourself and show off those sexy legs.

New and modern styles of shorts have made them quite a hit for ladies, and styling them for various looks ranging from feminine to hardcore rock looks has become easy. Ultimately, it all comes down to details. Attention to the tiniest details can result in fantastic outfits. Even simple detailing on the shorts can make a visible difference in your final look. Thus, get ready to style!

How to Style Shorts if You’re Curvy?

Shorts come in various designs and lengths, including short shorts, biker, Bermuda, denim, leather shorts, and many more! Next, you need to consider the occasion you are dressing for. If it is an ordinary day, a trendy blouse paired with denim shorts is the way to go.

On the other hand, biker shorts are the ones to choose when working out or looking for a trendy pair of shorts to style. And when you need to clean up formally, opt for a matching blazer and short sets. Pair them with heels, the right hair, make-up, and accessories, and you are all set!

Styling Tips:

Here are a few important tips you need to keep in mind:

  • High-rise to medium-rise shorts is the best option for curvy ladies.
  • If you have an hourglass figure, wearing high-waisted shorts will be best for you, as this will emphasize your waist beautifully.
  • If you have wide hips and thick thighs, it will be advisable to wear boyfriend-style shorts.
  • If you are wearing short shorts, style it with a flowy and loose top; if you are wearing relatively loose shorts, wear a structured top.
  • Wearing shorts in summer means you can have chaffed thighs. The best option to avoid this issue is to go for nude stockings that will not show. Similarly, you can apply anti-chafing balm or vaseline in advance to avoid this issue.

↓ 26. Add Gold Jewelry to Elevate your Trendy Fit!

Add trendy gold hoops, a chain, and some rings to elevate this super cute outfit to the next level. The pink of the shorts wears well with the detailed denim jacket. Opt for white sneakers or black platform boots for a laidback and chill look!

flattering biker shorts outfits curvy ladies 1


Buy the shorts:

Biker Shorts $15.00

↓ 25. Brighten Up your Outfit with a Pop of Color on the Lips!

This striking blue blazer shorts set deserves all the attention. Thus, go for a hot pink or red lipstick to make your outfit stand out and look phenomenal! You might want to tone down the enormous hoops and opt for tinier options.

flattering bermuda shorts set curvy ladies


↓ 24. Fit into that Grunge Aesthetic with an All-Black Outfit

Adding a plaid shirt in shades of black and tan is the perfect way to break the all-black streak you have got going on. It gives a more approachable touch and looks super trendy. And the combat boots are the icing on top of a fantastic outfit!

flattering shorts outfits curvy ladies 3


↓ 23. Opt for Light-Washed Denim Shorts to Complement Pastel Shades

Off-shoulder tops are becoming increasingly common and make the perfect spring/ summer staple in their pastel colors. The earrings serve attention to detail and the top!


↓ 22. Get that Comfy Vibe Down to Get the Best Out of your Work!

Bermuda shorts are the perfect option for you if your job requires you to be running around on your feet all day long. And they keep you comfortable! So style your shorts with a basic tee shirt and pair it with a jacket and minimal accessories to stay classy and professional. Let your hair down or pull it back according to your requirement and preference.

flattering bermuda shorts outfits curvy ladies 4


↓ 21. Choose White Platform Boots for a Street Look

This gorgeous outfit works ideally for a formal and casual affair. I would advise opting for a classy pair of white heels and gold accessories, including an anklet, to nail the formal vibe. And swap those heels for combat boots; throw on a trendy hair scarf, and you are all set for a comfy casual aesthetic!


↓ 20. Throw on a Trendy Tie & Dye Denim Jacket Matching the Shorts

Fringe and tassels are the new trends that everyone is crazily following that can spice up any clothing item. Wear your fringe shorts with a beautiful tank top for a great look.

flattering tie & dye shorts outfits curvy ladies 6


↓ 19. Look Every Bit the Boss Lady you are in this Power Suit

Yield feminine power with these modern shorts with blazer power suits. Don both structured and unstructured blazers, depending on the occasion. To complete the look, wear high heels and walk with power! Here are some more of my favorite Ways to Dress Like a Boss Lady.

↓ 18. Leave the Kimono Open from to Front to Show off an Intricately Detailed Top

You can style vibrant open-front kimono in versatile ways. For a casual shopping trip to meet friends, you can wear a long kimono with shorts and a white tee for a refreshing look. This outfit option is perfect for summer as it is breathable too. If you like this look, do check out these Kimono Outfit Ideas.

Plus-Size Shorts Outfits women

↓ 17. Go with the Off-Shoulder Trend This Spring & Summer Season

You can wear your favorite shorts with elegant thigh-high boots or sneakers and an elasticated off-shoulder top in pastel shades. Show off those sexy shoulders in style! Here are some chic Ways to Style Plus Size Off-the-Shoulder Tops for Women!

flattering shorts outfits curvy ladies 8


↓ 16. Get the Touristy Vibe Down in this Sightseeing Outfit

Shorts are comfortable to wear and carry around when you are sightseeing. Pair your ripped denim shorts with an oversized shirt tucked in from the front. Let your pretty black camisole peek out for an effortlessly cozy sightseeing outfit.

flattering shorts outfits curvy ladies 10


↓ 15. Pair Solid-Colored Tank Top with Patterened Shorts

You can style cute solid tank tops with patterned shorts for a very modern look and bring a change in your usual style game. With tie & dye shorts, wear free-flowing tunics or tank tops for an effortless look.


↓ 14. Go for a Romantic Date Night Outfit with Detailed Shorts

For the date night, you want to dress up in something that is both sophisticated and flattering. Pair your shorts with a pretty front-slit dress with ruffled sleeves and gorgeous velvet booties. Keep your make-up natural and glowy, and let your hair down in gorgeous waves.

flattering shorts outfits curvy ladies 12


↓ 13. Pair your Trendy Outfit with a Trendy Hairstyle!

A trendy outfit calls for a fitting hairstyle! And it does not get any more trendy than space buns! Leave a few strands from the front to frame your face.


↓ 12. Lace meets Denim in a Classic Blue & White Combination!

Lace or net detailing on and with denim is not only very becoming but adds that extra twist you are looking for. Style your denim shorts with lace blouses, and you will feel on the top of your game with the appropriate accessories!

flattering shorts outfits curvy ladies 14


Get the shorts:

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↓ 11. Pair your Short Shorts with Fishnet Shorts for an Edgy Look

Who knew you can layer shorts upon shorts? Wear fishnet shorts, and then put your casual denim white shorts on for a rock-chick-inspired look.

flattering fishnet shorts outfits curvy ladies


↓ 10. Plus Size Black Shorts Styled Perfectly for Office Days!

These classic black shorts are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe and will open endless styling possibilities for you. You can dress them up with a beautiful peplum net-top, or for a bolder look, wear them with a blazer and tube top.

flattering shorts outfits curvy ladies 15


↓ 9. Sunday Brunch Outfit Done Right with Butterfly Shorts

For an easy-breezy Sunday brunch outfit, you can choose these awesome butterfly denim shorts and team them up with a gorgeous blouse with details on the sleeves. Finally, add a pair of heels to match your outfit. Grab a handbag, throw on your accessories and you are all set! Don’t miss out on these 20 Ideas on How to Wear High Waisted Shorts for Plus Size Women.

butterfly shorts outfits curvy ladies 16


Shop the shorts:

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↓ 8. Add a Cropped Black Denim Jacket with Puff Sleeves

Why be afraid to flaunt those gorgeous legs? Bring out your cute short shorts any day and slay the day by pairing them up with graphic tee shirts!

flattering shorts outfits curvy ladies 16


↓ 7. Style a Cute Summer Outfit with Floral Tee and Denim Shorts

Summer outfits are all about breathable fabrics and clothes that will beat the heat and what better option than your great shorts? Bring on your stretchable cute top, and overall denim & floral shorts for that perfect summer look!

flattering shorts outfits curvy ladies 18


↓ 6. Opt for White Heeled Boots to Match the Pinstriped Shorts

Pinstripes can add a great flavor to your wardrobe! Pair them with cold shoulder tops or bralette tops, and enjoy all those appreciative glances you get! Add a light-washed denim jacket to hit this look right on the mark! Do check out these Bralette Outfits for Plus Size Women to Try.

pinstriped shorts outfits curvy ladies


↓ 5. Add on a Large Tote Handbag to Complete the Shopping Outfit

For a day out shopping, why compromise on your fashionista persona? Dress up in these classy denim shorts and a printed oversized shirt. This look will be great for a summer/ fall shopping mission. And don’t forget to pin your hair back to keep them out of the way! Here are some of the Best Denim Skirts Outfits for Plus Size Women.

flattering denim shorts outfits curvy ladies


Shop the look:

Button-Down Shirt $25.00

Universal Thread Shorts $17.99

↓ 4. Get the Perfect Beach Look in Baby Blue & Bandana

Crop tops and shorts are the best companions, and rock this look for any beach party you have planned with friends this summer weekend! Time to go to the beach in style!

flattering beach shorts outfits curvy ladies


↓ 3. Choose Matching Knit Sets During the Winter Time

Add stocking beneath your shorts to keep your legs warm. Additionally, they will blend right in with the thigh-high boots giving you a fantastic look. And the best part is, the outfit is a matching set, thus, requiring minimal planning and effort!

flattering winter shorts outfits curvy ladies

↓ 2. Planning for Fall Outfit in Edgy Grunge Vibes!

Are you feeling a little chilly and thinking about what to do with those pairs of shorts you love? Layer up in an oversized hoodie and pair it with your shorts. For this look, it’s best to go for slim-fit shorts or athletic ones like biker shorts. And with how trending biker shorts have been lately, they’re a great option. Do check out these Ideas on How to Wear Bike Shorts for Women.


↓ 1. The Formal Rockstar Look!

To rock and roll your way through the day, style your intense black shorts with a cute graphic tee and a front black-lined blazer with a cute choker.

how to wear shorts for plus size

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What shorts are most flattering on plus-size ladies?

Various shorts are perfect for a flattering look on plus-sized ladies. High-waisted shorts are the way to go to accentuate your curves and bring out your waist. Similarly, butterfly shorts, or ones with wide-leg holes, help bring out your figure. Moreover, Bermuda and biker shorts are also an excellent option for those women who are not the most confident with showing off their legs. Lastly, I would advise styling your short shorts with fishnets or stockings for an edgy and fantastic look.

Q. Can I wear shorts if I have cellulite?

Of course, you can! In fact, you should wear shorts if you have cellulite? Who made the rules and decided that shorts and cellulite don’t mix? The key to carrying your outfit with class is to wear it with confidence and own what you wear.

I would also like to let you know that cellulite is not a plus-size only skin condition but rather affects skinny people as well! So grab your shorts and get to styling. You never know, you might inspire another lady to show off her legs with cellulite in cute shorts and skirts!

Q. Where to buy shorts for plus-size ladies?

Here is a list of all the best kinds of shorts available at these brands!

  • Forever21: These frayed mom shorts (here) for ladies with big thighs!
  • L.L.Bean: Looking for a casual everyday option in cotton? Check these shorts (here) out!
  • Good American: A perfectly light-washed pair (here) for the spring & summer season!
  • SummerSalt: Get the beach baby vibe in these lounging shorts (here)!
  • Athleta: Talk about bright and comfortable (here)!
  • Skims: These biker shorts (here) are a must-have in your wardrobe. They come in various colors too!


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