How to Wear Shorts for Plus Size–20 Plus Size Shorts Outfits

Plus Size Shorts Outfit Ideas: Not only are Shorts the perfect summer staple item for your wardrobe but are also easy to style. As a curvy woman, you might feel self-conscious while wearing shorts, however, you don’t need to be anymore. With more and more awareness about body shaming and acceptance of people irrespective of their body shape, its time you stand up for yourself and show off those sexy legs.

New and modern styles of Shorts have made them quite a hit for ladies and styling Shorts for various different looks ranging from feminine to hardcore rock look has become quite easy. A simple detailing on the Shorts can make a visible difference in your final look.

How to Style Shorts for Curvy Girls

Here are few important tips you need to keep in mind:

  • High-rise to medium-rise shorts are the best option for curvy ladies.
  • If you have an hourglass figure, wearing high waisted shorts will be best for you as this will emphasize your waist beautifully.
  • If you have large hips and thighs, it will be advisable to go for boyfriend style shorts that are loose fitted.
  • If you are wearing really short shorts, style it will a flowy and loose top and if you are wearing relatively loose shorts, wear a structured top.
  • Wearing shorts in summer means you can have chaffed thighs. To avoid this issue, the best option is to go for nude stockings which will not show. Similarly, you can apply anti-chafing balm way in advance to avoid this issue.

Plus Size Shorts Outfit Ideas for Women

↓ 20. Fringe Shorts

Fringe and Tassels can spice up any clothing item and are the new trend that everyone is crazily following. Wear your fringe shorts with a beautiful tank top for a great look. Do check out these 20 Best Bralette Outfits for Plus Size Women to Try in 2019.

Plus Size Shorts Outfit Ideas for Women


↓ 19. The Power Suit

Yield the feminine power with these modern shorts with blazer power suits. Both structured and unstructured blazers can be donned depending on the occasion. To complete the look wear high heels and walk with power!

how to wear shorts for plus size women how to wear shorts for plus size women

↓ 18. Playing with Kimonos

Vibrant open-front kimono can be styled in versatile ways. For a casual shopping trip to meeting friends, you can wear a long kimono with shorts and a white tee for a refreshing look. This outfit option is perfect for summer as it is quite breathable too.

how to wear shorts for plus size women

↓ 17. The Off-Shoulder Trend

You can wear your favorite shorts with elegant thigh-high boots and an elasticated black off-shoulder top with double flounce detailing. Show off those sexy shoulders in style!

how to wear shorts for plus size women


↓ 16. Sightseeing Outfit

Shorts are really comfortable to wear and carry around when you are sightseeing. Pair you rolled-up denim shorts with a floral open shirt and a pretty black camisole for an effortlessly cozy sightseeing outfit.

how to wear shorts for plus size women

↓ 15. Floral Top with Shorts

For a change, you can style cute floral tops with shorts for a very modern look. With short black shorts, wear free-flowing tunics and shirts. Here are 23 Ways to Style Plus Size Off-the-Shoulder Tops for Women.

how to wear plus size shorts

↓ 14. Date Night Outfit

For the date night, you want to dress up in something that is both sophisticated and flattering. Pair up your shorts with a pretty front-slit dress with ruffled sleeves and gorgeous velvet booties.

how to wear shorts for plus size


↓ 13. Trendy Plus Size Shorts

↓ 12. Lace meets Denim

Lace/net detailing on denim is not only very becoming but add that extra twist you want. Style your lace shorts with graphic or denim tees and you will feel on the top of your game!

how to wear shorts for plus size how to wear shorts for plus size

↓ 11. Fishnet Shorts

Who knew you can layer shorts upon shorts? Wear fishnet shorts and then put on your casual denim white shorts for a rock-chick inspired look.

how to wear shorts for plus size women

↓ 10. Plus Size Black Shorts

These daring shorts from torrid will open a lot of styling possibilities for you. You can dress them up with beautiful peplum net top or for a more strong look, wear them with a blazer and graphic tee. Don’t miss out these 20 Ideas on How to Wear High Waisted Shorts for Plus Size Women.

how to wear shorts for plus size how to wear shorts for plus size

↓ 9. Sunday Brunch Outfit

For an easy-breezy Sunday brunch outfit, you can choose these awesome distressed faded boyfriend jeans and team them up with a casual tee and a structured printed cardigan for a great look.

how to wear shorts for plus size

↓ 8. Plus Size Short Shorts

Why be afraid to flaunt those gorgeous legs? Bring out your cute short shorts any day and slay the day by pairing them up with cute crop tops!

how to wear shorts for plus size

↓ 7. Cute Summer Outfit

Summer outfits are all about breathable fabrics and outfits that will beat the heat and what better option then your great shorts? Bring on your stretchable cute shorts and overall denim and floral shorts for that perfect summer look!

how to wear shorts for plus size

↓ 6. Polka Dot Shorts

Polka dots can add a great flavor to your normal wardrobe and pair them up with cold shoulder tops and enjoy all those appreciative glances you get!

how to wear shorts for plus size

↓ 5. Shopping Outfit

For a day out shopping, why compromise on your fashionista persona? Dress up in these beautiful shorts with metal detailing and a graphic tee with this flowy black overalls. This look will be great for a fall/winter shopping mission. Here are 18 Best Denim Skirts Outfits for Plus Size Women 2018.

Plus Size Shorts Outfit Ideas for Women

↓ 4. Shorts with Crop Tops

Crop tops and shorts are the best companions and rock this look for any beach party you have planned with friends this summer weekend! Time to go to the beach in style!

how to wear shorts for plus size

↓ 3. Metallic Outfits

Metallic outfits were all the rage on ramps these past few months. Wear a golden metallic shirt plus short outfit for an upscale urban lazy girl look.

how to wear shorts for plus size

↓ 2. Planning for Fall Outfit

Feeling a little chilly and thinking about what to do with those pair of shorts you love? Layer up in an oversized hoodie and pair with your shorts. For this look, it’s best to go for slim fit shorts or athletic ones like biker shorts. And with how trending biker shorts have been lately, they’re definitely a great option. Do check out these Ideas on How to Wear Bike Shorts for Women.

how to wear biker shorts

↓ 1. The Rockstar Look

To rock and roll your way through the day, style your intense black shorts with a cute graphic tee and a front black lined blazer with a cute choker.

how to wear shorts for plus size

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