How to Wear Espadrilles? 22 Outfit Ideas

Outfits to Wear with Espadrilles: Are you tired of uncomfortable shoes? Do you want something different and easy to wear? Espadrilles are the solution to all your problems! Espadrilles are lightweight, easy to carry and look phenomenal on wear.

The best part is that these shoes come in all different kinds. You will are bound to find something to your liking because there are heels, sandals, and shoes that completely cover your foot. Sometimes heeled shoes are exclusively worn for daytime events and are highly comfortable.

These shoes are perfect for long walks and can not only wear casually, but the different styles of espadrilles are wearable for semi-formal and formal events. More plus points are that they are in fashion these days, look great, and can be worn in any season.

What to Wear with Espadrilles?

Before learning the right ways to style your espadrilles and buy them, it is important to know that espadrilles are shoes made with jute. You can style a wide range of outfits with these shoes, including dresses, jumpsuits, pants, and jeans. In short, you can pair whatever clothes you want as long as you style them right!

If you experience hot and humid summers, espadrilles will give you the desired comfort while ensuring that your feet are well-ventilated. So grab your shorts, summer dresses, and breezy outfits because they will pair effortlessly with this versatile shoe!

How to Style Espadrilles Stips

  • These shoes are super comfortable! If you invest in the right pair, you will forget about your sneakers or flip-flops because of the comfort level that espadrilles offer.
  • They are incredibly popular among busy mothers and working women who are always on the go. So if you are on your feet all day long, this is the perfect investment.
  • Bohemian and hippie outfits pair effortlessly with espadrilles as they contribute to the aesthetic.
  • If your shoes seem like the odd accessory out, add a straw sun hat or jute handbag to blend the outfit. Nude espadrilles are bound to go with whatever outfit you decide to put on. If you feel like putting in an effort, match the colour of your outfit to your shoes!

Read on to see how some of the most stylish celebrities have recently rocked espadrilles on different occasions, including the red-carpet events and honeymoon destinations! And check out all the different ways to style them.

22 – Blazers & Espadrilles Will Make Your Outfit Stand Out

Blazers with shorts are an excellent way to make yourself appear powerful and a girl boss, even if you are going for a casual look. Pairing them with espadrilles is a great way to make your outfit appear formal, laidback, and well-blended. Talk about styling an outfit perfectly!


21 – Get Comfy in Sweats & Espadrille Sandals

They come in various styles for you to choose from, including floaters, slides, flip flops, and many others. Pair your outfit with a sweatsuit for maximum comfort while making a fashion statement!

Shop the look below:

Alexanderwang.t Sweatshirt $185.00

Alexanderwang.t Track Pants $195.00

Webbing Espadrille Sandals $450.00

20 – Go for Darker Shoes with Light-Toned Outfits

If you wish to bring contrast into your outfit and make it bolder and brighter, this is the way to do it! Mix and match your light or pastel-toned outfit with darker shoes or vice versa. And to get a cohesive look, add on darker accessories if you are wearing a similar-colored espadrille.

On the other hand, if you are wearing a darker outfit, you need to opt for nude or lighter-colored shoes to balance your look. Similarly, pair a light handbag or jewelry to complete your look!

Get this outfit right here:

Oversized Linen Shirt $34.99

A&F Skinny Jeans $90.00

Wedge-heel Espadrille Sandals $34.99

19 – With Summer Sun Hats!

Blue jeans and white button-downs are always a classic. Pair your timeless outfit with jute shoes, and a matching summer straw hat and handbag for an effortlessly beautiful look!

18 – Like a Celebrity?

First, we have the gorgeous Julianna Moore, who is surely getting more stylish and radiant with her age. In July 2017, she was in Italy to accept an award, and she was seen slaying on the Red Carpet in her flowy white dress and black espadrilles to go with it. White can never go wrong so look at these 18 Ways To Wear White Shirts For Girls.

how to wear espadrilles like celebrities 1

Next up, we have the beautiful actress and former model Garcelle Beauvais at a movie premiere in LA. She wears a checked off-shoulder dress with red earrings, a thick leather belt, and eye-catching silver metallic espadrilles.

how to wear women espadrilles

And then there’s Pippa Middleton, who was recently seen in Sydney with her husband for her honeymoon, and we loved her look in a striped dress, but her shoes stole the show.

how to wear espadrilles like celebrities 2

Finally, the ideal street-style combination is the beautiful Jennifer Aniston off-duty casual look in leather espadrille sandals, boyfriend jeans, and a military jacket. For more such style inspiration, check out 21 Popular Boyfriend Jeans Outfits

how to wear espadrilles like celebrities 3

17 – Casual Wear

Espadrilles with shorts are the classic style and perfect for summer. Wearing shorts will highlight your espadrilles and keep you comfortable throughout the day (or night). Add different textures and prints to your look to stand out in the crowd and seem like you put a lot of thought into your outfit!

16 – Pair With Short Dresses for a Chic Look

Espadrilles are worn with short dresses to give a semi-formal and chic look. After all, you can not go wrong with a short white dress paired with straw accessories and jute shoes! Talk about having the perfect vibe!

Shop the look below:

Button V-Neck Dress $89.50

Carina Espadrille Wedges $175.00

15 – Go for Bold Jewelry With Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans look cool and even better if you pair them with espadrilles! Mix and match with different silhouettes and layers to create a unique look!

distressed jeans with espadrilles

14 – Summers are for Skirts and so are Espadrilles!

Skirts are great for summer, and so are espadrilles. Pair these two together for a cute summery look that is easy to carry, comfortable, and keeps you looking cute all day long!

how to wear espadrilles with skirts


Don’t blue skirts look simply awesome? Don’t miss out on these 25 Ways to Wear Cobalt Blue Skirts, as we are sure that they will make you fall in love with blue skirts.

how to wear espadrilles

13 – Play Around with Espadrilles for Parties

If you are not someone who likes to wear flats, you can wear wedged espadrilles. They look glamorous and are increasingly trending these days. They are not just for casual wear, but when styled appropriately, you can wear them to parties, get-togethers, bridal showers, and even attend a wedding!

You can opt for a stunning black blouse with details to attain a more formal that will be perfect for a wedding as well. Or you can go for a similar look as the one below to tone it down and make this outfit appropriate for low-key gatherings!

A floral maxi or formal dress with espadrille is a combination that would look best at a garden wedding. For more ideas, check out this exclusive guide on What To Wear For Summer Wedding?

12 – Monochrome

Forget boring old plain designs! Choose striped espadrilles for a modern look. Espadrilles can be worn with dresses or skinny jeans and are dressed for casual walks or hangouts. Love stripes? Here are some more chic ways to dress up for Sunday brunch.


11 – Winter Outfit

While they’re popular as a summer show, they look equally awesome in winter. Don’t forget to layer your outfit and style it appropriately to keep you warm!

how to wear espadrilles

10 – Go for a Cute, Feminine Look in Summer Dress & Matching Espadrilles

Summer dresses give you a youthful and feminine look. And pairing similar colored espadrilles with your dress is a cherry on top!

summer look with espadrilles women


Shop the look below:

Espadrille Wedge Sandal

Floral Print Dress $54.00

summer look with espadrilles women


9 – Mix Printed Espadrilles with a Solid-Colored Outfit

Espadrilles with prints look super cute and can be worn with absolutely any kind of outfit.

Animal and floral prints are everywhere – clothes, bags, shoes, you name it. If you don’t have any printed espadrilles you are seriously missing out! Do have a look at these 16 Cute Animal Print Fashion Outfits for Women this Season!

printed espadrille outfits

8 – Go for a Stylish Hippie Look & Pair Black Espadrilles With Dungarees

Selena Gomez was spotted wearing espadrilles with denim dungarees. Pair your shoes with a similar outfit to look as stylish as her! For more ideas, check out these stylish Dungaree outfits.

ways to style espadrilles like celebrities

7 – Keeping it Comfortable for Travel

Espadrilles worn with denim jackets and shorts will complement the casual look and look fashionable at the same time. And here are some great airport outfits to help you with Ways to Travel Like a Celebrity.

espadrilles for travelling women

6 – Pair your Channel Espadrilles with a Classy Black Midi Dress


Step by Step Video Tutorial for Casual Chic Espadrille Outfit

Here’s a great video with tips to style your espadrilles.

5 – How to Wear Espadrille Wedges?

Espadrilles look the cutest when worn with jumpsuits. If you find an outfit with matching colored espadrilles, well, consider yourself blessed! You can also go for a similar monochrome polka dots look.

polka dot espadrille shoes outfit


4 – Style them Up for Work

Who said espadrilles can only be worn with casual outfits? You can even wear them to work, meetings, or any other formal event and pull off a sophisticated look.

lace up espadrille shoes outfit

3 – Play Around with Prints and Patterns

Experiment with different printed and patterned espadrilles to stand out and look unique.

look with espadrilles for women

Stripes always look great with espadrilles, here’s another cool and casual look to prove the point.

how to wear espadrilles women

2 – Street Style Outfit

Pull off this effortless street style look by pairing your espadrilles with a plain simple tank top and skinny jeans.

espadrilles for women outfits

The combination of an off-shoulder top and espadrilles is ultra-chic. You can find espadrilles in various colors, styles, and prices to suit your needs. They’re also the perfect street style accessory for girls and women of all ages.

how to wear espadrilles women

1 – Look Classy in Espadrilles for the Beach

Here are some more of our favorite looks in Espadrilles that you must try the next time you go to the beach.


To look chic and glamorous, pair your espadrilles with a sparkly and glittery outfit and you’re all set in an effortlessly chic way for a beach party.

espadrilles looks for women

Here are your Summer holiday essentials for the beach or pool party!

Give yourself a unique look by using these different espadrilles styles and ways in which you can wear them. Choose your outfit smartly and pair it with the right kind of espadrilles. Stay cool and comfortable, and rock those good-looking flats!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a espadrille shoe?

Espadrilles are shoes of European origins and are defined by their sole, which is usually made of organic materials like jute fiber. They can be both hand-made or machine-made, with hand-made being more expensive, of course.

They come in different shapes and styles. All are made with jute, whether it is heels, sandals, or flats!

Q. Are espadrilles environment friendly?

Espadrilles are eco-friendly. Therefore, if you’re a green shopper, you must have these as a part of your wardrobe. Even if you don’t always prefer to shop for eco-friendly products, do give these a try.

On a daily basis, the fashion industry leads to tremendous amounts of pollution, the greenhouse effect, and the depletion of the ozone layer. So every purchase that you make counts.

Q. How do you choose espadrilles?

As mentioned above, espadrilles are available in various styles, which is hardly ever the case for regular shoes. If you love heels, you can go for wedge espadrilles. If you prefer flats and comfortable shoes with an edge, go for embroidered or patterned slip-on espadrilles.

And if you’re into wearing gladiator style or lace-up shoes, you can find a great variety of ankle-wrap and lace-up espadrilles too! This proves that this is the only trend with several different styles, so there’s something for everyone to love about them.

Q. Where to buy espadrilles?

Espadrilles are the new trend as even the hottest celebrities and fashion bloggers everywhere are wearing them. Fashion designers, including Valentino, and renowned brands like Gucci have now come up with hot and happening espadrille designs.

You should check high-end brands such as Christian Dior, Prada, Coach, and Chloe to grab good quality, long-lasting, and most comfortable espadrilles.

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