Men White Shirt Outfits- 15 Best Ways to Wear White Shirts

Ideas for men to Wear white Shirts -There is an amazing misconception that white shirts are for formal events and formal events only.

These can consist of weddings, funerals, graduations or any other formal engagements. But in this day and age there are so many different styles and trends that a white shirt has become more of a verstile component in any man’s wardrobe. The hunble white shirt is no longer just for special occasions. It can be seen everywhere from the high street to the beach. This post will give you ideas on the different ways you can style your white shirt, what trousers to wear with them, what footwear and also accessories which will enhance your chosen style.

White Shirt Dressing Combinations

#15- Formal Style. The classics are the best. Crisp white shirt with nice striped tie and black trousers. Finish this look with a stylish watch and nice tie clip.

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 #14- Classy look with white blazer, crisp white sneakers and dark denim jeans. Perfect for smart casual party attire.

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 #13- Casual Look. Match a white shirt with distressed denim jeans and brown leather shoes for a gorgeous casual style.

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 #12- Evening Style. White shirt with grey suit trousers. Match this outfit with black tie and matching black oxford shoes to make your look stand out.

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 #11- Summer Travel Look. Perfect for summer travels. White shirt with dark navy shorts. Blue and brown boat shoes and matching brown belt finish this look.

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 #10- Smart Formal Style. Winning option for white shirts. Black suit trousers, black smart shoes and braces are great for this look. Add a suit jacket to finish and sunglasses for an edgy look.

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 #9- Summer Street Style. Simple and casual look incorporating a white shirt, navy trousers and blue plimsoles. Great look for city summers. Finish with matching jacket and sunglasses.

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 #8- Smart Casual. Also great for a travelling outfit. White shirt with blue trousers. Add a splash of colour with a pair of brown brogues.

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#7- Gorgeous Stripe patterned white shirt. Perfect and simple shirt for beach wear or evening attire. Light shirt for summer.

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 #6- Evening Suit. Off white suit with a white shirt is a perfect outfit for summer weddings or parties. Break the colour up with a contrasting tie, a dark brown belt and brown, suede oxford shoes.

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 #5- Smart Man. Wide strap braces break up the white of the shirt and with a matching coloured tie looks very sophisticated. Fantastic wedding outfit.

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 #4- Black Man Style. Great city look consisting of a white shirt with blue jeans and checkered jacket. Match this outfit with a pair of brown brogues. Shades will complete this style perfectly.

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 #3- White and Waistcoat. White shirt and contrasting black waistcoat is always a winning look. Make it more casual with a pair of blue jeans and sunglasses. Add a touch of colour with a brown tie.

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 #2- Wear Bow Tie with it. Waistcoat and jeans with a white shirt. The dickie bow adds a great and cute twist to this outfit. Perfect for a student look.

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 #1- The Classic. Properly buttoned up white shirt and silver tie with suit trousers gives a formal look, but roll the sleeves up and you have succeeded in adding a casual hint. Perfet look for a business man.

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