Men’s Outfits For New Year’s Eve – 27 Ideas for Dressing Up on NYE

NYE is upon us, gentlemen, and a whole new year before us. 

With tidings like these, who wouldn’t want to mark the occasion by dressing to the nines for whatever celebratory event presents itself to you?

Whether you plan on schmoozing in front of the television with family, braving the wintry night air for fireworks, attending a dinner party, or partying with a date – we have got you covered with the most fantastic outfit choices to pick from.

Let’s get started!

What to Wear on New Year’s Eve? (Styling Tips)

Before we start looking at our roundup of outfits, we have a couple of go-to tips, as well as some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when dressing up for NYE:

  • The nature of the event will determine your outfit choices. Are you braving the club scene? Are you attending a black-tie soirée? Or are you planning on a date with your significant other? Each type of event requires something different, so keep reading to see our outfit picks for the same.
  • Keep an eye on the weather if you are planning on partying outdoors. A sturdy (but stylish) winter coat should definitely be calculated into your ensemble if you have any intentions of starting newyear off on a healthy foot (and not with a runny nose).
  • NYE is the one event you can depend on that justifies dressing up – so don’t be afraid to go all out. While it’s unlikely you’ll need to drag out the old wedding suit (don’t do that… unless you are going to a black-tie event – but more on that later) ditch the basic tee shirt and sweatpants combo and opt for an outfit that stands out and makes a statement.
  • A house party and a dinner party are two different things. What you wear to chill at your best mate’s house is going to differ from what you wear to your boss’s dinner party. Keep this in mind and dress accordingly.
men outfits for new year eve

With these tips out of the way, let’s look at some outfits!

27 – House Party Outfit

For a house party, aim for a look that bridges the narrow gap between casual and smart-casual.

A tee shirt under an open blazer with jeans or slacks is one option.

You can wear this outfit with white sneakers or polished-up Oxfords, depending on how smart you want to look.

Black Blazer 82.10$

26 – Be Confident

You can opt for an Oxford shirt under a thick cable-knit sweater with black jeans or Chinos for a slightly more classic look.

This kind of outfit is not so dressy that you’ll feel like a tool but stylish enough that you stand out in the room. After all, this is your chance to get off on the right foot for the coming year.

Get it started right with a look that radiates confidence and masculine appeal.

Grey Knitted Sweater 29.90$

25 – Polished Look

For our third house party look, why not try playing with some contrasting tones, like a light gray jacket over a navy blue sweater?

This sharp and sophisticated look can be tweaked and adjusted to suit your style, like switching out the polished dress shoes for white sneakers or ditching the jacket to make it look more casual.


Plaid Grey Blazer 170.98$

24 – New Year Dinner Party Outfit

A dinner party calls for smart-casual wear, so think Oxford shirts, suit jackets, blazers, and Chinos, amongst others.

For this kind of occasion, you can be a little sleeker with your outfit choices and, dare we say it, a little bold. Suits are acceptable,, but you can forego the tie to keep it from getting too formal.

A suede or velvet blazer over a pale blue or gray Oxford shirt is an excellent option. It’s incredibly stylish and looks fabulous with charcoal gray pants and dress shoes.

Check out the image below to see what we mean.


Velvet Blazer Jacket 107.99$

23 – Bold

If you love something a little less conventional, try a look like this. A dressy ensemble like this makes a bold statement and showcases your individuality.

Opt for tailored pieces to make the greatest impact.


Banded Collar Button Down Shirt 26.99$

22 – Tailored Pants Can Make A Big Difference

Here is another twist on the deep red jacket that carries strong NYE vibes. Fabric options include corduroy, suede, and velvet.

Tailored pants and a contrasting tie take the look to a whole new level.


Grey Dress Pants 26.99$

21 – Fun & Fabulous

Our final dinner party outfit incorporates jeans, a suit jacket, and a pale blue Oxford shirt.

This smart-casual ensemble hits all the right notes and looks stylish without being showy.


Athletic Fit Jeans 99$

20 – What to Wear to an NYE Black-Tie Soirée

Heading to a proper black-tie bash this NYE? There’s no need to stress.

While the demand for formal wear might seem a little daunting, the rules for black tie are usually the same and only require a few things. That said, check the event’s dress code to ensure you know what to look for.

While the classic tux is the obviously traditional go-to, you can also get away with a black suit and crisp white button-down if you don’t have a tux.

Wear a bow tie, not a necktie and make sure it’s hand-tied. Dress shoes are important and should be well-polished.

Black Velvet Dinner Suit 79.99$

19 – Black Tie Event Outfit

When it comes to black-tie, your individuality will shine through with things like accessories.

The shape of your bow tie to the style of watch you wear are ways you can express your personal sense of style, so feel free to experiment but keep it classy, gents.


Black And Gold Wrist Watch 53$

18 – Dressing Up For Semi-Formal or Formal NYE Event

The changing of the year is a momentous event and all sorts of opportunities may crop up for you.

If a formal or semi-formal event lies on your NYE horizon, then here are some ensembles for you to choose from.

A bow tie can take your look to the next level instantly. Pairing a sleek dinner jacket with a button-down and sizable bow tie is a class-act move and will make you stand out, no matter the event.

Looking for some more inspirational ideas to rock a suit? Have a look at these Amazing Men’s Suits for a Sharp Look.

Gold Velvet Dinner Jacket 99$

17 – Hottest Color of the Year – Burgundy

Another option is this fabulous combination of black suit and burgundy-red turtleneck (a welcome choice for the time of year).

Top this ensemble with a wool coat for traveling to and from the event venue.


Burundy Turtle Neck Sweatshirt 25.21$

16 – Can You Wear A Suit For New Year’s Eve?

You can also opt for rocking a three-piece suit. This classic choice will never go out of style and perfectly expresses classic style and masculinity.

A silk square is optional. If it’s possible to get your suit tailored, consider investing in the option. It will take the look and fit of your outfit to the next level.


Grey Dinnersuit 81.85$

15 – Buttoned Up

Here’s a great outfit breakdown you can take inspiration from:

Grey Winter Scarf 12.99$

14 – How To Dress for a Date on New Year’s Eve

If you have the lucky chance of a date on NYE, then use the opportunity to wow your significant other with a contemporary, well-styled outfit.

We think this button-down shirt and leather jacket combo is a perfect choice. Ladies love a well-dressed man; with an ensemble like this, she will be blown away.

Things to keep in mind: the fit of your outfit. An ill-fitting pair of pants or an oversized jacket will detract from your look.


Men Leather Jacket 139.99$

Another classic option is a suit jacket over a button-down. This is a great date-night look for NYE as it will show that you put thought and time into your appearance and she will appreciate the effort.


Leather Dress Shoes 43.99$

13 – Formal & Dressed Up For Her

Our last suggestion for date night.

Take a page from a throwback Zac Efron look and go monochrome with your outfit. It’s classic and classy and she will love it.


Shiny Leather Dress Shoes 45.99$

12 – Budget-Friendly Outfits

Are you struggling to find options within your budget? We have included a video tutorial to help you out. Check it out below.

Video Tutorial: Affordable Men’s New Year’s Eve Outfits

11 – Outdoor NYE Party Outfit

When it comes to outdoor celebrations on NYE, the most important factor is the weather. If it’s a chilly night, then it’s best to plan an outfit in which you look and feel good.

Consider a thick turtleneck sweater with a jacket (a fur-lined collar is an easy way to up the style factor instantly, plus its extra warmth). You can pair it with jeans and boots.


Black Suede jacket 41.19$

10 – Comfortable & Warm Outfit For New Year’s Eve

Not only will you be super warm with an outfit like this, but people might have a hard time keeping their eyes on the fireworks with this level of sleek, sophisticated style in their midst.


Black Trenchcoat 63.99$

9 – With The Leather Jacket

If you prefer a more casual option, this hoodie sweater and leather jacket combo is killer.


Grey Hoodie 79.99$

8 – What to Wear for Staying-In

Even if you are staying in this NYE, you should still dress to impress. It’s a special night and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to spend it with special people.

Commemorate the experience with an outfit that shows thoughts and effort, even if it’s a nice tee and jeans.

You can go all-black, which makes you look instantly cooler or go a step further by swapping the tee for a pullover sweater or button-down.


Black Graphic T-shirt 30.54$

7 – For The NYE Family Events


White Crewneck Sweat Shirt 22.90$

6 – What to Wear to Go Clubbing on NYE

If you are clubbing on NYE, you are a brave dude. Showcase that bravery with a bold look like a standout blazer with slacks.

This kind of blazer is something you can only get away with on NYE, so take the leap and give it a try!


Black Sequence Blazer Jacket 54.80$

5 – Rugged

But because sparkles and sequins don’t appeal to all guys, here is a more tame look for you rugged fellas.

Ripped black jeans, boots, a soft green jacket is a great understated look that commands attention in the most subtle way possible.


Green Bomber Jacket 33.99$

4 – Smarten Up Your Ripped Black Jeans

Another stylish option is to go all black with a crewneck sweater, jeans, and shoes, and add a contrasting-colored jacket like a creamy brown or beige. Style your hair a la GQ to tie the look together.


Ripped Black Jeans 32.99$

3 – Smart Casual Attire

For our final clubbing outfit suggestion, check out this slightly more casual look incorporating a russet autumn brown hoodie topped off with a charcoal gray jacket and light-wash jeans.

The colors are the magic with this look. Stick to warm tones and mind the fit. A baggy jacket doesn’t sell this look as well as this fitted jacket does.


Plain Brown Hoodie 29.99$

2 – Sweater Weather

We hope we have covered all potential forms of NYE celebrations that may have come your way this year. But if not, here are two incredibly stylish outfits that may fit the bill:

Whatever the occasion, wow the crowd with this fitted navy blue crewneck sweater and pants combination, perhaps even showing off your months spent at the gym.

The accessories are key to this look. A sleek pair of sunglasses, a brown leather belt, and an expensive watch tie the look together.


Navy Blue Pullover Sweatshirt 35.99$

1 – Classic Modern Attire

Last but certainly not least is this classic-modern ensemble that incorporates a crisp white perfectly tailored button-down and a gorgeous charcoal gray suit.

It is all about the fit with this look so consider getting the whole thing tailored.


White Button Down Shirt 24.99$

And that wraps up our NYE outfits for men post! We hope you at least got some inspiration for whatever event you are attending and clocked some good ideas to tuck away for anything else that may crop up in 2020. Remember, whatever you do wear, it’s all about confidence and style. So wear what you feel good in and have fun with it. After all, the best outfits are the ones you enjoy wearing.

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