Outfits with Velvet Bags- 20 Ideas to Wear with a Velvet Bag

Outfits with Velvet Bags. One thing that we can say with certainty about handbags is that a beautiful one can boost the style whereas a dowdy one can ruin the overall look. This is why it is crucial to carry a bag that is elegant and trendy.

Velvet bags hardly ever miss the mark of leaving an impression. They enrich the beauty of every dress and are very in vogue these days. Since, the fashion radar is on them, let’s have a look at ways you can rock these velvet bags with your attire.

How to Carry Velvet Bags Elegantly

Here are some tips in this regard that can be of help to you

  • Don’t overdo the look and end up looking like a wannabe
  • With your velvet bag only one other item of clothing can be of velvet
  • Choose color combinations that go with each other
  • Don’t be afraid to try new styles!

↓ 20 – Off-Shoulder Shirt with Velvet Bag

Off-shoulder shirts give a delicate look. When paired with ripped jeans they bring a balance between the delicacy and toughness. Adding a velvet bag to the look is like mixing a spoonful of sophistication. This makes for a versatile appearance that maintains the right amount of sass. For ideas on how to carry the trending bags to work, check out this complete guide on How to Wear Clear Bags and Purses to Work

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↓ 19 – Velvet Dress with Velvet Bag

One would think double velvet could go wrong. But it won’t if you pull it off right. A short velvet dress that shows good amount of skin looks lovely with a velvet bag. It gives a lush and vibrant appearance that never fails to seize hearts.

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↓ 18 – Velvet Shoes with Velvet Bag

You would have heard what they say about shoes and bags; that one should match both of them. Velvet stilettos and a velvet bag together look very chic. Try this look; you are bound to make a style statement. Since velvet is indeed the classiest fabric on Earth, here are some Cute Outfits with Velvet Leggings

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↓ 17 – Velvet Blazer with Velvet Bag

A velvet blazer and velvet bag can look extremely glamorous together. Make sure the colors of both complement each other.

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↓ 16 – Velvet Hat with Velvet Bag

Taking a trip back to the past when the royal families would sport velvet attires and accessories. Wear a velvet hat and pay a tribute to those days. Combined with a velvet bag of a contrasting color you’ll surely turn heads your way. For a gorgeous hat look like this, here are 22 Ideas on How to Wear Hats with Different Outfits

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↓ 15 – Velvet Shirt with Velvet Bag

Take the vintage vibes further and blend them with your ultramodern style. Don on a velvet shirt and carry a velvet bag with it. You’ll look absolutely chic and impress people with your style.

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↓ 14 – Velvet Pullover with Velvet Bag

For a trendier look, throw on a velvet pullover and sport a velvet bag with it. It looks extremely gorgeous. The velvet pullover is one the most fashionable clothing items of the century and should have a place in your wardrobe. Can’t get enough of Velvet? Check out these awesome Velvet Outfit Ideas.

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↓ 13 – Flannel Outfit with Velvet Bag

The comfort of flannel combined with the lush beauty of the velvet bag makes for a very snazzy appearance. Pair the two together for a cozy yet enchanting look.

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↓ 12 – Fur Outfit with Velvet Bag

For a change make magnificence the aim of your look. Fur and velvet together can give you your desired style. Together, but in minimal amounts, they look classy. Don on a fur coat and dial a notch up on the glam by carrying a velvet bag with it. If you’re a fan of fur outfits, then what you need most this winter is a fur vest, here are the most amazing Fur Vest Outfits.

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↓ 11 – Long Skirt with Velvet Clutch

Long skirts are a symbol of elegance if worn correctly. Make the look even more stunning by carrying a matching velvet clutch with the long skirt.

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↓ 10 – Long Coat with Velvet Bag

Rewind back to the era when the British would rock the long coats majestically. Enhance the style by carrying a velvet bag. Long coats are definitely one of the winter essentials so if you’re confused about how to wear them with a new look every time, check out here the best Ways to Wear Long Coats This Winter

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↓ 9 – Skinny Jeans with Velvet Bag

Skinny jeans are so in these days, that when we talk about fashion, they always pop up somewhere. Rock the skinny jeans with a velvet bag and look even sharper!

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↓ 8 – Leather Boots with Velvet Bag

The velvet bag must be carried by you at least once while you are wearing long leather boots. The pair is a smart and exotic one that always wins. RECOMMENDED: Outfits with Leather Jacket-19 Ways to Style Leather Jacket

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↓ 7 – Leggings with Velvet Crossbody Bag

Crossbody velvet bags are easy to carry and look extremely graceful too. With leggings, they look modish and chic.

Outfits with Velvet Handbags (8)


↓ 6 – Animal Print Outfit with Velvet Bag

Animal prints are an all-time favorite. They look fun and fancy. Combined with a velvet bag the look is even fancier. Animal prints are timeless so do have a look at these Cute Animal Print Fashion Outfits for Women this Season.

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↓ 5 – Workplace Outfit with Velvet Bag

Offices are where one should look sober yet sophisticated. You can go for a smart and decent yet fashionable look. Add a velvet bag to your work attire to amplify the style.

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↓ 4 -Party Outfit with Velvet Bag

Party with the velvet bag. Wear a cool and funky outfit if you want or something that’s simple yet trendy. Wear a velvet bag with the dress of your choice for a pinch of royalty.

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↓ 3 – Casual Outfit with Velvet Bag

You can rock the velvet bag with a casual outfit as well. Wear what you usually do and carry the velvet bag for added style. A black velvet bag would look perfect with blue jeans and a black jacket.

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↓ 2 – Best Velvet Handbag Color

No matter of what color, velvet never fails to look posh. Among dark colors, deep greens, bright pinks, cool and royal blues, striking reds, maroon, black and brown look very appealing. Among lighter shades, tea pink, sky blue and camel color look very stylish. But one color that looks exceptionally stunning is Fuchsia. This reddish pink is one that is eye-catching and looks very pretty. RECOMMENDED: Louis Vuitton Animal Design Handbags Collection

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↓ 1 – How to Carry a Velvet Bag with Style

For the ultimate stylish look, be yourself. Make sure your color play is on point. Experiment with different styles. Don’t just follow the trend; set it!

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