Lug Sole Boots Outfits: 21 Ways to Wear Lug Soles

Outfits with lug sole boots: If you are keeping up with the trends for 2022, pay specific interest in the shoe section. You most likely know about these shoes. They are a unique, and super stylish shoe option. Not to mention they are perfect for the spring season. So if you don’t have them yet – you better find the perfect color for you and add them to your closet.

Lug Sole Boots come in a variety of heights, therefore can appeal to anyone with any style. Short or long these look fantastic. Moreover, they are the next best alternative to sneakers. Since it is so easy to pull on and off whenever you need to run out the door. Not to mention that their late 90’s aesthetic is highly simplistic, and just what we like.

What to Wear with Lug Sole Boots?

Apart from the highly trendy detailed outfit ideas, you can find them later in the article. We first wanted to go over some crucial elements. These are essential to consider if you wish to style these shoes in a high fashion way. Especially if you want to look like you just stepped off the runway.

  • Monochrome Look: These shoes come in all types of neutral colors. Black, white, beige, brown, grey. Even if you get just one pair in one colorway, try pairing the rest of your clothes directly to it. This works best if you wear an all-beige or grey look. It will look unique.
  • Contrast with Full Dress: The overly simplistic and minimalist style of the shoe allows for a very fun mix when paired with a dress. Not to mention a full, knee-length one. The contrast of super slick and subtle with the girly voluminous dress will have you stand out.
  • With Skinny Jeans: The shape of these boots allows for skinny jeans to fit perfectly inside. Wear with light blue skinny jeans and you will not only be highly comfortable but also super stylish.
  • Hidden Under Pants: Alternatively, if you wish to pair these shoes with wide, office pants. There is a possibility to layer the pants over them. This is a cool way to not only blend these shoes into office wear. But also have only the statement piece sole stand out in your outfit.
outfits with lug sole boots

21 – Match a Pair of Denim Shorts to Your Shoes

Starting the list off with a couple of warm summer options to wear style these shoes. First off we have a very casual, easy option. The key to this outfit is pairing your shorts with your shoes through color. For example black denim to an all-black boot. Inversely this look is possible in a lighter color palette if you have white denim shorts and find white shoes to match. You can also wear these shoes with one of these Beautiful Denim Dresses To Inspire Your Daily Fashion.


20 – Pair Black Boots with an All-Grey Outfit

Alternatively, to the previous look, we also suggest mixing the colors up sometimes. For instance, don’t worry if your shoes don’t match your outfit. The most important thing is matching them to your accessories.

For example, even an all-grey look works with black shoes, if you tie it in with a black purse and possibly even sunglasses. Similarly, you can show you’re not afraid of the color difference by deliberately adding another color to your socks.


19 – Diffuse an All-Black Look With Gold Jewelry

On the days you want just want to wear all black but still want to remain stylish – use this tip. Go for a pair of comfy shorts, a top, and even fully blacked-out sunnies. Match to black boots. Also if you choose the Lug Soles in a short length, pair them with black socks – so they peek out from beneath. This adds layers and makes your outfit look fashionable. Lastly, play it up with some gold layered necklaces.


18 – Pair Tall Boots with Biker Shorts and a Blazer

Alternatively, to the previous look, these boots also come in a long version. These are perfect to mix with some slick biker shorts. Which have been in style the previous summers, so it is possible you already have them in your closet. As you may know, the best way to style biker shorts is with a crop top, and a blazer. In this case, the blazer is brown, which adds a lot of dimension to the look. If you like this look then here are some more Ideas on How to Wear Bike Shorts.


17 – Pair With a Playsuit and a Faux Leather Jacket

This is the more edgy alternative to the all-black outfit present earlier in the list. There are two crucial elements in this outfit. The all-black playsuit. And the faux leather jacket. An additional style tip is if you want to make this look less dressy and more casual, simply add some white socks. Preferably with a sports logo.

If you want to also add a vegan bag to your look, check out this selection of super stylish vegan bags!


16 – Pair With Your Favorite Oversized Flannel

These shoes look amazing if you pair them with an oversized flannel. As well as with a flannel dress. Match the colors on your flannel to your shoes. For example, this flannel is deep green, grey, and black. Therefore it fits into the look, with the black shoes and bag.


15 – Make a Statement with White Boots to Contrast Your Clothes

Since these boots come in a variation of colors, which include white, you can take advantage of that. For instance, create a contrast to an all-black outfit with sticking white boots. Moreover, pair a mini white shoulder purse to match.

If you want to find out more ways to pair mini bags with outfits, check this article out!


14 – Pair With a Maxi Ribbed Dress in a Unique Color

Moving on to the several outfits that contain dresses and these wonderful shoes. One unique design element of these boots is that they come in options of fully one color. This allows for them to be these super easy and effortless items to work into any outfit. For example, pair it with a dress in a rich chocolate color.


13 – Pair With a Striking Bright and Patterned Dress

Similar to the previous outfit, the advice remains the same. Take advantage of the simplicity that this all-black leather boot gives you. Play around with the dresses you pair with it. Don’t stop yourself from wearing a flaming red, flowy dress. These shoes allow for it.


12 – Pair With Difficult Colors Like Cream

We have all bought that one clothing item that looks so wonderful but is so difficult to pair. Well if it is a dress similar to this one, that has several difficult colors in it. Wear it with ease, when pairing it with some fully black boots.


11 – Don’t Think Too Hard, Just Pair them with Jeans

Although some of the outfits on the list are more elaborate, some really are highly simple. After all these shoes are known as the second-best sneakers for a reason. Pair with some cool ripped jeans, and a skinny collared shirt and you’re all set.


10 – Create an Effortless Chic Outfit with a Pantsuit and Black Boots

Similar to the previous outfit, keep it simple. Even more simple than before – with just one article of clothing. A pantsuit. If you want to add some chicness to the look, find a pantsuit that has a bandage top. This way you can wear a large statement piece necklace with it.


9 – Pair Cream Boots with Patterned Pants

We have taken a lot of time to show you outfits with black and white boots, however, this outfit is more complex. It includes shoes of a unique color, that can be at times hard to style. However, this option is simple. Pair with flannel pants, that contain a bit of cream color, or which are fully dark. Finish the outfit with a cream blouse. Here are some more Plaid Pants Outfit Ideas.


8 – Pair with a Vest and Oversized Blouse

We always recommend mixing between trends. The woven vest has become a large trend this past fall-winter season, and it coincidentally works very well with these shoes. Pair with some simple jeans, a blouse, and boots of any color.


7 – Go For an All White Trendy Outfit

This is a more elevated, more chic alternative to the previous outfit. Most importantly note that all the pieces in this outfit are the same color of cream. It is essential to maintain that balance. If one piece of clothing happens to be white, it will ruin the cohesion of this outfit. Moreover, note the office pants that cover the top of the boots, but reveal their prominent sole.


6 – Spice It Up with a Patterned Jumpsuit and a Beret

Create a show-stopping outfit with a patterned jumpsuit. The biggest advice is to select a jumpsuit that contains black in its pattern. Therefore will pair easily with the shoes and accessories.


5 – Pair with a Trench Coat For a Unique Outfit

If you find yourself drawn to the white option for the boots, try styling it in the following way. Pair with matching white sweatpants and bralette. Finish the outfit off with a trenchcoat. This outfit is great for midseason looks, therefore is perfect for the springtime.


4 – Create Prolonged Legs Look by Pairing Boots with Leather Pants

If you get your hands on black boots, as well as a pair of black faux leather pants style them together. This will give you the illusion of a very long leg because the materials are so similar.


3 – Pair with a Ribbed Dress and a Jacket

For those of you who live in colder climates, this outfit is perfect. Pair a maxi ribbed dress, and layer a blazer or coat over it. This outfit works best if the dress is a lighter color, and contrasts the boots and jacket.


2 – Pair with White Pants and a Tweed Jacket

Similar to the previous outfit, this option is perfect for those of you who are in colder climates this spring and summer. Pair with a refreshing pair of white jeans, and your favorite tweed jacket.


1 – Tuck Your Pants into Your Boots

Take advantage of the length that these boots are famous for. Use that length to create a unique style out of your seemingly simple black office pants. Do this by tucking them in, and creating unique fashionable volume.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What color is best to get Lug Sole Boots in?

Lug sole boots have the amazing option of being fully one color, like fully black or fully white for instance. These are the colors we recommend to get if your personal style is casual, or chic. Because they are super easy to style in with absolutely any clothing item.

However, if your style is more elegant, and you like to play around with clothes. We suggest you get a more unique color – like a cream, brown or a grey. These are slightly harder to style, although they make for very fashionable outfits.

Q. What are the benefits of lug shoes?

Lug sole boots offer more stability and support than regular boots which is why they’re an excellent choice for hiking and similar outdoor activities. They’re also slip-resistant so they can be worn with your rainy day outfits.

Q. Where to shop for women's lug soles?

There are a number of brands and online marketplaces selling some unique and beautiful lug sole boots. Here are some of my personal favorites:

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