21 Best Floral Cardigan Outfits & Tips On How To Style Them

Floral cardigan outfits: One of the most iconic fashion statements of the 70s was the one the only floral cardigan! These bad boys are not only a blast from the past, but they are diverse, functional, extra comfortable, and will glam up any look you pair them with.

These pieces offer a wide variety featuring some longer ones with a more retro-like aesthetic, some shorter crochet cardigans that have made a huge comeback in recent years, or even a blend of vintage and contemporary styles merged into one.

What To Wear With Floral Cardigans?

Floral cardigans can be paired with many of the staple pieces you already have in your closet.

You can pair them with classic blue denim jeans, throw them on top of your favorite plain lace maxi dress or you can even pair them with cute pencil skirts!

Accessorizing the outfits is an absolute must so you should definitely lean into the 70s oversized glasses and printed bucket hat trend or you can throw on chunky thick black loafers to complete the fit.

Tips on How to Wear Floral Cardigans like a Stylist

  • Avoid Oversized Pockets. Most women aren’t looking to add bulk to their thigh area which mid-length to long-styled cardigans will most likely do so it is better to avoid those that do have them.
How To Wear Floral Cardigans


  • Big Flowers Don’t Look Good. While floral prints are very cute and cheerful, huge flowers covering the entire piece do not look good and make the outfit give a cheaper phony look.
How To Wear Floral Cardigans


  • Find The Right Fit For You. If you’re someone who’s like me and you don’t think you look flattering in a floral cardigan, you should try to find a more streamlined fit that basically will go with any body type.
  • Don’t Go Overboard. While bright funky colored pieces make you stand out, it is important to balance the entire fit with a neutral piece of clothing. If you’re pairing it with a dress, make sure the dress is plain to avoid clashing colors and prints.
How To Wear Floral Cardigans


Crochet Outfits

21 – Pair The Crochet Top With A Plain Dress

This first look features a pink crochet floral cardigan with block-style patches across the piece.

The bright and funky hot pink top is balanced out with the white mini chiffon dress with a frilled hem.

The off-shoulder dress is matched with classic pearl white sneakers, some mini blue-tinted shades, and a textured ruffled pink mini purse.

Add in some cute pendant necklaces and a couple of thin rings to bring the look full circle.


20 – Add On A Lovely Navy Blue Headscarf

This outfit features a bright blue short-length cardigan that has white crochet flowers going across it.

Paired with this, is a white full-length maxi dress with a crew neck at the top and pleats going down the bottom.

Pair the fit with a traditional navy blue headscarf wrapped around your head – add in a shimmery bracelet, a smartwatch, and a gorgeous white ruffled mini handbag to go with the outfit.


19 – Throw It On Top Of Skinny Jeans

Simple but cute look, this outfit features a u-neck black bodycon tucked inside skinny blue jeans.

The hero piece of the look is the peach-colored sweater with long flowy wide arms that have a stripe of white at the cuffs. It also has cute mid-sized flowers crocheted all across it.

Match the outfit with some classic pearl white sneakers and get ready to take on the world.


18 – Match Some High-Waisted Trousers With Them

Next in-store, we have a green outfit to relay those positive nature vibes.

This fit showcases a cute mini crochet grass green cardigan with flowers for buttons.

The textured piece is paired with a matching bralette which spaghetti straps and a high-waisted dark green straight-fit pant.

Throw on some pearl-dangling earrings and a smartwatch to give the look a modern vibe.


Vintage Outfits

17 – Rock That 80s Retro Aesthetic

This look is perfect for you if you’re looking to bring back more pieces from the past.

It highlights a Retro style deep maroon, oversized cardigan with flowers embroidered on top and a pine green stripe across each sleeve.

Paired with it is a collared laced button-down that is neatly tucked into a green plaid pencil skirt.

To accessorize the look, add in chunky black combat boots, wear black smokey makeup and you’re going to look like a queen!


16 – Add Leather Pants

No matter how old you are, you just need to style your outfit right to rock the look.

This is one of the most perfect outfits for women over 40, featuring a white vintage floral cardigan which a deep v-neck and maroon and pink flowers on top and cuffed sleeves.

Paired with it are classic straight-fit maroon leather pants that are high-waisted.

The look would not be complete without cute gold hoops and pointy-toed grey suede-heeled sandals.


Plus Size Style Inspiration

15 – Balance Out The Outfit With Some White

Floral cardigan outfits don’t discriminate against body sizes!

This outfit embodies just that with its pale teal green long buttoned slipover with white flowers across it matched with a basic white short u-neck t-shirt and classic light blue bootcut denim jeans with a drawstring and elastic waistband.

Match the outfit with white sneakers and cute earings.

Wearing your hair with a center part will also really add that oomph to the entire aesthetic.


14 – Match It With A Pencil Skirt

The outfit features a cute black buttoned sweater with multicolored flowers on top.

Worn under it is a graphic tee with a crew neck and a skull print on top.

Tuck this shirt in a camel brown zipped pencil skirt with a matching black and gold belt and look extremely stunning.

You can also add sheer leggings with modern black suede combat boots to complete the look.


13 – Wear It With A Messy Bun

Plus size floral cardigans have a lot of different cuts with this look featuring a white v-neck with colorful flowers printed on top and cuffed sleeves.

The piece is tucked inside staple dark blue bootcut jeans going down to the ankles.

Tie your hair in a messy overhead bun and put on a dark colored lipstick to make the outfit come full circle.


Casual Outfits

12 – Blend Summers With Winters

A fusion between a summery dress and a wintery sweater makes the perfect spring outfit.

This look features an olive green textured cardigan for summers that has white flowers on both of its side pockets and some down it’s full sleeves.

Added under it is a black dress with a pink printed floral pattern on top.

The dress is long and pleated and has buttons going down the center.

This look shouldn’t work in theory due to the clashing patterns but in fashion, everything is possible.


11 – Style Them With A Uniquely Cut Pair Of Denim Jeans

Bright and colorful v-neck buttoned sweater with colorful stipes going across the V and the bottom can be worn with pleated dark blue unique denim jeans. These denims have wide legs and a flare at the bottom that lifts up the whole outfit.

Be sure to pair neutral-colored accessorizes to make a well-rounded fit.


10 – Pair It With Distressed Denim Overalls

Women’s floral cardigans can be paired with a wide variety of complementary pieces and so we couldn’t miss out on the chance to feature an overall look.

This outfit highlights a gorgeous black fleece sweater with large off-white flowers printed across it. The rolled up sleeves add that extra character to the look.

Pair this with light washed denim dungarees that are ripped from below the knees.

Add in chunky black loafers and rings to complete the entire fit.


9 – Throw On A Pair Of Wide-Legged Pants

This outfit showcases a more elegant and toned down look with its square-cute laced cardigan neck, neutral beige skin tone color, white embroidery and a white ribbed hem.

Matched with it are cream wide-legged and high-waisted trousers that reach the ankles.

Add in square-toed matching block heels with a pendant necklace and you’ll be ready to seize the day.


8 – Wear It With A Middle Part

A very simple and basic look that you can wear to complete those chores in style. Pair a white V-neck floral sweater tucked inside dark blue, high-waisted denim jeans.

You can add thick color-block joggers to complete the look.


7 – Pair Them With V-Cut Long Suede Heeled Boots


Long Floral Cardigan Outfits

6 – Mix And Match The Color Pallet

We didn’t want to leave children out of this post so this outfit showcases a younger look.

The fit has a white oversized cardigan with pink flowers printed on top and a little blue.

Underneath this piece is a pastel teal colored spaghetti strap top that it tucked inside skinny light wash blue denim jeans.

You can tie your child’s hair into a cute pony and help the into comfortable white sneakers to complete the fit.


5 – Matching Co-Ord Set

This outfit highlights a long floral cardigan with full sleeves.

Paired with it are matching wide-legged black trousers with multi-colored flowers and a rustic design on the side.

The co-ord set can be paired with a plain black shirt underneath, a black headscarf, black combat boots and a black shoulder bag.

Don’t forget to add tinted shades to the mix!


4 – Add A Solid Colored Shirt Underneath

Featuring a more traditional take, this outfit showcases a long white cape like cardigan that has rustic boho patterns printed on top.

To make the outfit stand out, throw on black solid colored flowy pants and a black loose fit shirt.

Don’t forget to add black leather shoes and a more traditional black loose headscarf on top.


Celebrity Outfits

3 – With Denim Shorts

Taylor Swift is an absolute icon with her wide array of sweaters, vests, dresses and general sense of fashion so we had to include her in this post. Though this outfit is simple, it hits all the right marks.

2 – Accessorize Accessorize Accessorize!

No one does it like Kendal Jenner and this look is a testament to that.

The outfit features a collared and buttoned sweater with a dynamic shade of blue. Embrioded on top are a couple of cute little lady bugs and stemmed daisies giving off major softcore vibes.

Throw on those classic denims, a solid white tee, square-shaped shades and chunky black loafers to match the style.

1 – Rock The Grunge Aesthetic With This All Black Fit

I just couldn’t resist adding in another gorgeous and uniquely cut cardigan worn by Kendal.

She looks like she’s straight out of a James Bond movie with her chic high-waisted pleated pants, cropped cardigan and black shoes to match it.


Q. What tops to wear under floral cardigans?

Solid-colored tops like a basic t-shirt, blouse, or camisole go great with flowery cardigans. It is better to avoid busy patterns underneath since they may clash and take away from the overall aesthetic of the outfit. White, black, grey, or skin tones are always safe choices, but you can also play with the colors that are present within the floral pattern to see what looks good.

Q. How do you make floral cardigans trendy?

Balance is key here! To make your floral cardigan look more modern, you need to pair them with casual everyday plain pieces in your closet. This will help make the entire fit appear more well-rounded.

Q. Can you wear floral cardigans in the summer?

You can definitely wear them in the summers but make sure to keep your buttons opened to allow air flow that will keep your body fresh. You should wear something light like a camisole or a bralette to keep yourself cool in the summer heat.

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