40 Stylish Ways to Wear Hijab with Jeans for Chic look

Hijab with Jeans outfits – Hijab is a symbol of modesty for Muslim women. Yet being modest has never meant (and never will) that you need to give up on looking after yourself. Your hijab can be styled in different ways with other outfits to get any look that you want. Earlier, we talked about modern ways to wear hijab but today’s article is specifically for those hijabis who want to get a chic or little funky look with jeans.

That is why we bring these cool ideas to style your favorite hijabs with jeans. There are plenty of options to style hijab with denim pants, of course. For your simple day to day routine, you can wear jeans with heels, sandals or loafers. You can also make a combination of abaya with skinny jeans and a long top for day to day look. To get street style look with hijab, the hottest trend these days is boyfriend jeans with long boots. You can find more details about boyfriend jeans over here. You can also pair your hijab with distressed or ripped jeans for the pure funky look. Teenage girls who’re looking for more of a sporty look should go for the nike sports hijabs and outfits.

 How To Wear Hijab With Jeans

Considering the latest trends, we further recommend that you try to incorporate more bold colors into your hijab. There are a lot of printed hijab designs these days like animal print hijabs, graphic designs, etc. So don’t just follow the mainstream hijab fashion. Always try and experiment with new designs and you might come up with the latest trend that everyone would want to follow. From the following images, you will get a lot of ideas about what has been explained till now. By the end of this article, we hope to have answered all your queries like How to wear hijab casually? Or how to style hijab with other outfits for a chic look? And how to make jeans and hijab combination for different occasions etc.

hijab with jeans outfits

↓ 40 – The Basic Hijabs That You Must Have

We interviewed hijabis from around the world and asked them about the must-have hijab colors that every hijabi should have in her wardrobe, here’s what we concluded:

  • 1-2 White Hijabs
  • 1-2 Black Hijabs
  • Printed Hijab
  • 2-5 Hijabs In Neutral/Nude Colors

According to most hijabis, if you have these basic hijabs colors, you can pretty much always find something to match your outfit.

how to wear hijab with jeans

↓ 39 – Blogger Style

how to wear hijab with jeans

↓ 38 – Airport Style

how to wear hijab with jeans

↓ 37 – Hijab for Disneyeland visit

how to wear hijab with jeans

↓ 36 – What Hijab To Wear With Black Jeans?

how to wear hijab with jeanshow to wear hijab with jeans

↓ 35 – Choosing Hijab With Colored Jeans

how to wear hijab with jeans

↓ 34 – Ethnic Style

hijab with jeans

↓ 33 – What Hijab To Wear With Printed Jeans

hijab with jeans

↓ 32 – Turban Hijab

hijab with jeans

↓ 31 – Smart But Casual

2019 is the year when the 70s style bell bottom jeans have officially made a comeback. These are also known as the flared jeans, and the best thing about them is that they are not just trendy, but they are also incredibly modest so you can easily wear them without revealing your body shape. Pair them with a nude shirt and a black hijab for the perfect smart casual look. In the case of Winters, you can easily layer such outfits with either a black coat to match your hijab or even a black colored front open gown abaya. For more outfit ideas, you can check out these 26 Cutest Styles to Wear Flared Jeans.

hijab with jeans


↓ 30 – High Waisted Denim Jeans with Hijab

High waisted jeans look great with any solid colored top. You can always layer these outfits with an abaya or jacket if you want.

jeans with hijab

↓ 29 – How to Wear Hijab and Jeans on a Snowy Day

How cute is this snowy day outfit of the famous hijab blogger Melanie Elturk. She’s wearing an incredibly comfortable looking sweater dress, and she has layered it with a toggle coat that comes with the cutest fur hoodie, both of which can be purchased from Abercrombie. For the shoes, she went with Sperry boots that you can buy here for $122.99. And last but not the least, for the hijab she went with the haute hijab’s signature chiffon hijab in Tawny color. Wearing a scarf around your neck with the hijab always provides you with some extra chest coverage and the choice of a plaid scarf here is definitely on point.

hijab with jeans for snowy day outfit how to wear hijab with jeans

You can find complete details for this outfit from the picture below:

how to wear hijab with jeans

↓ 28 – Weekend Outfit with Hijab

Here’s a cute and chic look for the weekend, whether you’re going out for lunch with your significant other or for brunch with your besties, this is the most beautiful combination for day wear. It’s also always a good idea to wear a printed shirt with your jeans, then you go with a plain or a solid colored hijab.

hijab with jeans


↓ 27 – Vacation Vibes

We all love jeans because of how comfortable they can make us feel, and when you’re traveling or vacationing, you just can not leave them behind. Another great thing about jeans is that even if you pack a single pair of jeans for your entire vacation, you can easily create a number of different looks with it by using different tops, different hijabs and different layering options.

how to wear hijab with jeans


↓ 26 – Road Trip Ready

A cute, cozy, and budget-friendly look for the road trip. Here are some more Women Road Trip Outfits.

how to wear hijab with jeans

↓ 25 – Spring Fashion in Hijab

Here are some cute outfits and color combinations to try this Spring.

hijab street style

Stylish look with hijab

↓ 24 – Minimalist Hijab Look

Minimalist fashion is the rage this year. You might have seen lots of monochrome outfits on Instagram lately, and they sure look spectacular with hijab. This look too is all about the minimalist statement, so do give this a try.

spring hijab fashion

↓ 23 – Ripped Jeans with Hijab

Ripped jeans that do not show the skin are perfect for hijabis, and for a sporty look, you can pair them with a sweatshirt and a printed hijab.

Sports look with hijab


↓ 22 – For Girls Day Out

Mulsim models with hijab


↓ 21 – Jeans and Jacket Combination

Also, have a look at these Simple Makeup with Hijab Tutorial and Hijab Makeup Tips.

Hijab with boyfriend jeans

↓ 20 – Modest and Beautiful

Hijab style with long boots

hijab fashion

↓ 19 – Tunics with Jeans and Hijab

hijab fashion 2015

Muslim women fashion

↓ 18 – Abaya with jeans and Heels

fashion hijab

↓ 17 – On Point Accessories

When wearing simple shirts with jeans for everyday wear like going to college or work or just casual hangouts, your accessories matter a lot. You can add in some funky colors through your handbags or go for hijabs that match your shoes. There are simply unlimited ways to experiment.

Elegant hijab fashion

chic style hijab

↓ 16 – Simple party Outfit with Embroidered Jeans

Try pairing your embroidered jeans with self-printed, tucked in a sweater and a matching colored hijab. If you’re going for a turtleneck sweater, then it’s always a good idea to tuck your hijab in too.

how to wear hijab with jeans

↓ 15 – Preppy in Printed Hijabs

Hijab fashion ideas

Hijab with skinny jeans

Hijab for office look

↓ 14 – Shopping Ready

Hijab with ripped jeans

↓ 13 – Hijab, Jeans and Knee High Boots

Hijab with long boots

↓ 12 – All Black Swag

Hijab with jeans

↓ 11 – Hijab with White Jeans

hijab with jeans outfits


↓ 10 – Casually Cool

Hijab with denim pants

↓ 9 – Hijab Look for Universities

Here are 30 Cute Hijab Styles For University Girls.

hijab fashion trends

↓ 8 – College Outfits with Hijab

You can totally wear a blue shirt and hijab with blue jeans, but you need to be careful when selecting the shades of blue. To play with colors, add in some statement jewelry like the gold necklace seen here. For the makeup, add a touch of blue to your eyes by either wearing a blue mascara or eyeliner and top it all off with a nude lipstick.

Cool hijab ideas

Baggy Jeans Look

Hijab with baggy jeans

Cute look with hijab

↓ 7 – Sporty Look

Cool looks with hijab

↓ 6 – Work Outfit

Streetstyle hijab fashion

↓ 5 – Street Style

how to wear hijab for chic look

↓ 4 – Winter Travelling in Hijab

Tuck your shirt in the jeans and layer with a long and flowy cardigan when traveling in Fall or winter. A dark blue hijab looks great with any light blue jeans.

Hijab with sneakers

↓ 3 – Street Style With Hats/Caps

The latest street style trend is about wearing hats with your hijabs and trust us; it looks spectacular. For more ideas, you can check out these 18 Modest Ways to Wear Caps with Hijab

dian pelangi style hijab style

↓ 2 – Wearing Hijab with Skinny Jeans

When wearing skinny jeans, it is often suggested that you go for a longer shirt or tunic for the modest look that you want. An asymmetrical ethnic shirt would work well too, and you can match the color of the hijab with the shirt.

↓ 1 – Best Hijab Color with White Top and Jeans

When wearing a white top with hijab, you could either go with a cute hijab in a floral print that has some white color in it. Or you could go for any of the nude colored solid hijabs.


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