Hijab with Saree – 8 Ideas on How to Wear Saree with Scarf

Best saree styles for Muslims. This post is exclusively for all Muslim girls who like styling saree. We are going to discuss some ideas for all the girls who prefer wearing saree that completely covers the body and makes one look elegant. Saree can be styled in several ways.

As mentioned in our previous post on elegant saree wearing tips and ideas, saree is an Indian piece of cloth, and it has several ways to be styled — Bengali style, Orrisa Style, Maharashtrian style etc. But for today the entire article is going to be related to saree styles that make you look modest. Also, see 30 latest style hijab wedding dresses this season.

How to Pair Saree with Hijab
For any Muslim girl, covering her body is the utmost priority. In that case, you need to make sure that the entire sari covers everything. If we talk about the blouse, you would also want to measure yourself beforehand to be sure that your midsection, stomach and back are completely covered and also that the neckline is high. Styling saree is not a tough job now as ready-made saree’s are also available in the markets. You can also look for some amazing saree designs online.

Ladies are usually concerned if it’s possible for them to look chic and elegant at the same time while wearing a covered saree with hijab. It is perfectly possible to look good while still maintaining the coverage you want. The style that you choose to wear your hijab when styling a sari is a personal choice, and it is entirely up to you. You will also see many different girls rocking the look in many different styles while wearing a sari. One of the real beauties in the sari is that if it is all covered, it is a garment that can be modestly worn by women of all age and size. A saree can be more beautiful and elegant with only a few well-placed pleats. You can go for the best tucking ideas and make sure that it is a proper fit.

Saree with Hijab gives us a perfect and a girly look. It looks delicate just by wearing a hijab on top. You can select some pastel or floral prints for the hijab. By wearing it with a saree, there is no point of wearing a dupatta, and one can easily do the job without taking tension of body covering as the saree covers the whole body. Hijab would be a style statement for a saree. Therefore you can use lace, ruffles, pearls, brooch and flower on top of hijab. Saree can be worn on different occasions such as at a party or a wedding.

Following images is a true illustration of what has been said above. From these images, you can get a clear idea of how to wear hijab with saree? Stylish saree designs for Muslim women? How to drape saree with hijab and much much more. Let’s see the collection.

 Hijab with Saree Styling Ideas – Saree Fashion For Muslim Women

↓ 8 – Wedding Guests

If your brother, sister or best friend is getting married, then this is the style to go for. Wear a heavily embellished saree with a contrasting scarf and a slightly visible under scarf that matches your saree. You can also match the colour of the hijab to the wedding theme or the colour of the bride’s dress for some extra points.


↓ 7 – Hijab with Maatha Patti to Match Your Saree

You can see here how a modest saree covers the Muslim girl from her head to her toe. She looks beautiful without exposing any part of her body. A silver Maatha Patti has been added to match the silver embellishments on the saree’s pallu and border. This is a great way to wear accessories with your hijab-saree combo so do check out Maang Tikka With Hijab – 17 Ways To Wear Hijab With Maatha Patti.

Hijab with Saree

Step by Step Video Tutorial – How to Wear Hijab with Saree

This video tutorial shows you some different, unique and really beautiful hijab styles to wear with your sarees.

↓ 6 – Black Hijab

The pink blouse is worn here as a jacket over a full black sleeves t-shirt With Saree. If your saree blouse has sleeves that are too short for you, then wear a shirt underneath. Similarly, if the saree blouse has a deep neckline that you want to cover then too, you can use a jacket to cover it in style.

Muslim saree Fashion

↓ 5 – Muslim Wedding Bridal Wear

For a wedding occasion, the girl can wear a higher neckline covered with a hijab. This style is perfect for a Muslim bride as well. It is simple for a Muslim girl to style a saree. All you need to do is lengthen the saree blouse a little, and lengthen the sleeves. The result would be a fantastic look. Hope you will have a fair idea from the pictures as well. You can also see 150 most romantic Muslim couples pictures taken during the wedding.

Hijabi Wedding photos


↓ 4 – Match the Hijab with Your Saree Blouse

Another adorable way of wearing sarees for young girls. Many schools and college girls want to wear sarees for their co-curricular activities or to attend a function such as their college farewell parties. In such cases, a saree style like this would be highly appropriate. RECOMMENDED: 12 Great Ideas for Organizing Hijab for Every Day Routines

Hijab Style with SareeHow to wear Hijab with Saree

 ↓ 3 – Match the Color of Hijab with the Pleated Part of the Saree

If you want to look taller in your saree, then try this style as it will give the illusion of a slimmer and longer figure. Wear a hijab that matches the color of the saree and wear a blouse of a completely different color. Let the saree pallu be longer and hang at your back.

Best Saree style for muslims


↓ 2 – Plain Solid Colored Hijab with Printed Saree

This is the perfect saree type for Spring season because floral prints look great in Spring. However, wearing a printed hijab with a printed saree will not have the same effect as the combination shown here. Have a look at Hijab Winter Style-14 Stylish Winter Hijab Outfit Combinations

Floral Saree Style Muslim

↓ 1 – Hijab in a Contrasting Color

Choose a bright neon colored hijab and add a matching border to your saree. Such colors would work best in Winter or Fall season.

Best saree Style for Muslim


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