How to Wear Orange Pants? 40 Outfit Ideas & Styling Tips

Orange Pants Outfits. When we think of fall, orange is the only color that pops up. Autumn has a healing aura, with the sky bleeding orange and leaves turning pale. So, why not style this autumn color into our life and spice up our fashion game with this magic spell? In addition, orange color outfits are stylish and have very positive energy associated with them.

What to Wear with Orange Pants?

You can style orange pants with almost any color. Orange is quite a versatile color, and the best thing is that it can look good with almost every color you can think of black, blue, green, pink, mustard, and you can even go with a monochrome modern style.

While orange is usually associated with the fall, you can also wear the color in other seasons. Bright orange pants will give you more of a summery vibe, whereas the darker contrasts are perfect for winter. Honestly, the possibilities are endless!

Styling Tips

  • Try to keep it simple: accessories, jewelry, and makeup.
  • When in doubt, wear a monochromatic orange top with the pants
  • Do not be afraid to play around with the colors! Match different colors together and create a chic outfit yourself.
  • Printed orange pants are perfect for festival looks
  • Do not add too many accessories to the outfit. Let your outfit shine
  • Only wear a single printed item -if you are wearing printed pants, wear a simple top, and vice versa
  • Wear white shoes if you can’t find anything else to wear with an orange outfit. Orange and white look phenomenal together
  • Try to wear golden-colored accessories. Silver accessories usually do not go with this color.
  • Wear minimal makeup with orange, as the outfit has a vibrant vibe.
  • If you want to play safe with your outfit, style it with black or white. You will never be disappointed.
  • Wear a cross-body bag with your outfit to instantly enhance your look.

Although styling these pants is tricky, these are the most multifunctional outfits. You can style them with multiple colors, like blue, purple, green, pink, ivory, and gold. But these pants are best styled with colors black and white. Moreover, you can create any look you want with this outfit. For instance, you can pair a casual crop top or shirt with orange pants and slay any other casual day in style, and for a trendy party look, wear it with a stylish glam top and be a head-turner.

orange pants outfits

40 – With Sneakers

If you like wearing casual attire and roaming around the city, you can try this outfit. In this outfit inspiration, orange straight-leg waist pleated pants are paired with a white striped T-shirt. In addition, style this look with trendy white sneakers. Lastly, complete this attire with some casual accessories, preferably a wristwatch. Here are some more of my favorite Outfits to Wear With White Sneakers.


39 – With Blue Top

orange and blue is a very versatile yet risky color combination. Not everyone has the confidence to pull off this combo. But you can surely try this look to play safe with this style. We have styled high-waisted, crop orange colored pants with a blue full sleeve, cross halter neck crop top. In addition, style this outfit with some golden-colored jewelry pieces and a stylish pair of sunglasses. Lastly, wear a decent nude pair of pointed-toe heels to complete the look.


38 – With Purple Tops

Suppose you are a risk-taker and fond of trying new fashion trends and looks. Purple and orange is a unique yet difficult color combination to style. To ease this styling strain, we have come up with this unique look. Pair an orange high-waisted wide-leg pants with a purple balloon sleeve top to recreate this look. In addition, style it with a wristwatch and a stylish pair of sunglasses. Moreover, complete this look with a pair of gold-colored heels, and lastly, carry a fashionable cross-body bag to tuck in all your essentials.


37 – Orange Leather Pants Outfit

Leather pant is the ultimate style statement. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd with your fashion game in check, this is the look for you. Style a white knitted sweater shirt with your orange leather pants and embellish it with a black leather waist belt. In addition, carry an orange chain crossbody bag with some gold-colored accessories. Lastly, complete this look by wearing a pair of pointed-toe black pumps.


36 – The Savage Joggers Look

This is the absolute slayer and the most comfortable look you can ever carry. In this effortlessly stylish look, we have paired orange jogging pants with the same colored oversized sweatshirt. In addition, style it with a green P-hat and a stylish pair of black sunglasses. Moreover, carry a white cross-body bag to enhance this outfit, and lastly, wear a pair of green pointed-toe pumps.


35 – The classic black and orange T-shirt Outfit

This is the simplest yet vogue outfit on our list. A simple black t-shirt is styled with orange crew pants in this outfit. In addition, style it with some golden accessory pieces and a pair of sunglasses. Moreover, style your hair in a sleek hairstyle for a more neat look. Lastly, wear lace-up black boots to complete this beautiful outfit.


34 – Styling A Bell Bottom Pants

A bell-bottom pant is an evergreen fashion. It has the quality to go along with every type of outfit and enhance the overall look of the attire. We have tried to style orange bell-bottom pants with a white crop vest and a black formal coat over them. In addition, carry a nice plaid handbag and a pair of sunglasses with some delicate accessories to enhance this look more. Lastly, complete this look with a pair of white and orange sneakers.


33 – How to style an overall orange look?

An overall orange look is a bit experimental but worth all the risk. We have styled high-waisted pleated wide-leg pants with an orange tube top in this outfit. In addition, we have adorned this look with an orange satin blazer coat. Moreover, wear your favorite jewelry pieces to add more to the beauty of this look. Lastly, complete this look by wearing a pair of heels.


32 – Orange And Mint Green Outfit Combination

Orange and mint green is another adorable outfit combination, especially for fall. Pair a vibrant orange crop pants with a mint green balloon half-sleeve top, for this outfit inspiration. In addition, wear a pair of stylish white frame sunglasses and other suitable accessories to enhance this outfit. Lastly, complete this look with mint green sneaker boots, and you are ready to beat autumn cold with this hot look.


31 – Street Style

This is the ultimate chic street-style outfit that everyone will surely want to add to their closet. Wear a turtle-neck knitted sweatshirt with an orange wide-leg crop top trousers to recreate this look. In addition, do not wear any unnecessary jewelry with this outfit, as it will dull the overall vibe of this outfit. Lastly, complete this look with lace-up sneaker boots.


31 – With Biker Jacket

The biker jacket is an evergreen fashion to slay your every casual day in style. You can surely try this look if you are also a biker jacket lover. You can wear orange palazzo wide-leg trouser with a faded tank top and a black leather biker jacket to style this look. In addition, wear multiple chain accessories and a pair of stylish sunglasses to enhance this look more. Lastly, complete this entire outfit with leather boots.


29 – Work Wear

If you have no clue what to wear to create a fashion statement among your colleagues, then you can surely get your hands on this look and impress everyone with your style at the office. You can wear orange with a blue top and a white blazer to recreate this look. In addition, wear a few statement accessories like a thick gold-colored chain necklace and style your hair in a sleek bun to give a more subtle look. Lastly, wear nude heels and a same-color handbag to compliment this outfit.


28 – With Leopard Print

Leopard print has become a very popular fashion trend in recent times. So, we have tried to style a leopard print look with orange in this outfit inspiration. In addition, we have added a long black cardigan to enhance this look more. In addition, wear a pair of nude pink boots and a stylish orange bag to complete this entire look. Lastly, wear some gold-colored jewelry pieces to compliment this outfit.


27 – With Trucker Jacket

A trucker jacket is everyone’s favorite fall fashion accessory. We have styled a trucker jacket with wide-leg pants and a white top. In addition, wear some suitable accessories to style this look, and lastly wear a pair of white winter boots to complete this look.


26 – Plazzo Pant Royal Blue Outfit

Royal blue is a color that does not go well with too many colors, but orange and royal blue is a match made in heaven. We have styled a tube top, button-down navy blue shirt, and wide-leg palazzo-styled pants. Lastly, complete this look by wearing faded orange pointed-toe pumps.


25 – The Classy Orange And Pink Look

In this outfit inspiration, a stylish pink top is styled with high-waisted pants and pink pointed-toe pumps. In addition, style this outfit with pink pointed-toe pump heels. Lastly, add some glamour by wearing a stylish pair of sunglasses and a nice clutch.


24 – The Summery Beach Look

If you are looking for a decent beach look, then this is all you need. In this look, a vertical stripe spaghetti top is paired with pants. To add more fun to this look, wear a pair of sunglasses, a beach hat, and beach slippers. Lastly, carry a straw beach basket with this outfit to enhance this look more.


23 – Checkered Pants

Styling checkered pants is not a very difficult task. Wear orange and black checkered printed pants with a white full-sleeve crop top and a small white handbag. Lastly, wear a pair of white boots to complete this look.


22 – Modest Look

You will surely love this orange pant look if you belong to a modest culture. We have styled wide-leg pants with a white headscarf and white top. Moreover, the look is enhanced by wearing a black winter coat over it.


21 – The Savage Colour Block Look

Usually, a color block outfit is very difficult to style, but this is a effortless color block look for you. Simply wear a red button-down shirt tucked in orange wide-leg pants with white pointed-toe mules. In addition, wear a yellow coat with a printed scarf to enhance the look more. Lastly, carry a pink bag with a stylish pair of glasses.


20 – With a Black Checkered Button-Down

Straight pants have become the latest fashion trend. Here, we have straight pants styled with a black and white checkered button-down shirt, simple nude sandals, and a green bag. Note how the contrasting color of the bag elevates the entire look of the outfit. If you want a more professional look, ditch the sandals and tuck the shirt in!

19 – An Orange Monochrome Two-Piece

Looking for a classy monochrome two-piece? Well, here you go! The orange silk sweatpants and the loose blouse are the perfect outfit to wear if you are looking for casual wear while you run around the town doing your mundane tasks. It is elegant yet boujee. Pair it with a brown bag and white shoes, and you are ready!

18 – A Bold Purple Top with Bright Pants

Here, we have straight pants with an off-shoulder purple blouse. The puffed sleeves add element to the outfit and enhance its sophisticated and bold look. So if you are looking for an outfit for the club, this is the one! Make sure to keep your hairstyle and makeup minimal so your outfit becomes the main focus.

17 – Pair the Pants with a Graphic T-Shirt

Who does not love a graphical tee for a casual day out? I love the color of the shirt, and how it complements the oh-so-normal pants! Pair the outfit with a small green bag and white chunky sneakers, and you can wear an outfit while hanging out with your friends.

16 – An Orange Drawstring with a Printed Shirt

If you are a fan of wearing drawstring pants, you will love this look. Since the pants are so simple, you can pair them with any colorful patterned shirt of your liking. We have paired light orange drawstring pants with a beautiful darker-toned printed button-down. Furthermore, you can wear any shoes that you like—going for a walk through the woods? Wear your favorite ankle boots! Want to make it a bit classy? Wear golden hoops and basic black court shoes.

Orange pants with printed shirt

15 – Orange Checkered Pants Outfit

Orange straight pants are a must-have for winter. And if you like going creative with your looks, buy a checkered one. We have paired orange and yellow checkered pants with a yellow crop top and an orange blazer. To accessorize the entire look, you can wear yellow shades and golden-colored jewelry since gold compliments the tangerine color. Lastly, wear your favorite heeled white boots to complete your entire look!

14 – Wide-legged pants with a Simple White Shirt

Are you looking for cute loungewear? Well, here you go! Here, we have simple yet beautiful dark orange wide-legged pants, paired with a simple long-sleeved white t-shirt. I love this look! It is simple, and you can wear this anywhere you want. Whether you are going to hang out with your friends or go to university or work, you can slay this outfit anywhere and at any time of the day. The white sneakers look perfect with the outfit; they pull the casual look together. If you like this look,, you must check out these Fabulous Ideas on How to Wear White Wide Legged Pants.

13 – Orange Sweatpants with a Dark Blue T-Shirt

Who doesn’t like a comfortable outfit that you can wear any time of the day? This outfit is perfect for all those ladies who love comfort fashion. Here, we have bright orange sweatpants with a dark blue half-sleeved t-shirt. I like how the shirt is tucked into the pants because this makes the outfit look more stylish. Again, the outfit is paired with white shoes. Honestly, if you have anything orange in your closet, you must buy white shoes. Orange and white are the perfect color combination.

12 – Orange PVC Pants with a Satin Blouse

Miss Kylie Jenner is here to make a fashion statement again. She is wearing a bright red satin blouse with elaborate padding on the shoulder and skin-tight, shiny PVC pants. The pants took the whole outfit to the next level! The pants hug her curves perfectly and make her look lean and tall. If you love outfits that showcase your curves, then this is an outfit for you. It is festive and will look perfect for a nighttime event!

11 – Satin Pants with a Wool Sweater

Time to get a little cozy! If you are looking for warm and comfortable clothing,, this outfit will look perfect on you. It looks adorable and effortless! The satin striped pants with the brown sweater bring out the holiday vibes, making it ideal for the holiday season. Wear a nude-colored cami underneath it and enjoy comfortable fashion to the fullest. You can pair this outfit with brown or black high-heeled boots to make it look classy. Moreover, keep the jewelry to a minimum. Small, chunky gold hoops will look amazing with this outfit!

Orange satin pants with sweater

10 – With a Pink Off-Shoulder Top

If you are looking for a daytime outfit,, you need to try the combination of orange and hot pink. Look how chic they look together. We have wide-legged side slit pants with a bright hot pink off-shoulder top. Pair it with a contrasting colored bag, like light blue, and wear open-foot shoes to complete the look.

9 – Wide Legged Pants with a Green Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are a winter essential. We have wide-legged burnt pants with a simple white shirt and a hooded bomber jacket. The green looks phenomenal with the pants and makes the entire outfit look casual yet sophisticated at the same time. You can pair this with chunky white sneakers and light jewelry.

8 – Bootcut Pants with a Cropped T-shirt

The color combination of bright orange and a neutral color is to die for this season! Look at how amazing the brown cropped t-shirt looks with the bright orange bootcut pants! Pair it with a black bag and your favorite boots, and you are good to go!

7 – Orange Groovy Pants with a CCrisscrossTop

If you are attending a festival this year, you must get your hands on a ccrisscrosstop and printed pants. This outfit is the perfect mix of classic and modern clothing. The orange patterned pants and the simple white ccrisscrosstop will make you stand out in the crowd. Pair it with your favorite wedges and wear golden hoops to finish the look.

6 -With a Denim Jacket

You can pull off a blue denim jacket with pants. Here, we have burnt orange pegged pants paired with a white lowcut shirt and a gorgeous denim jacket. This is the perfect outfit for the colder seasons. You can pair this up with your favorite brown pumps if you are going to a party, or keep it simple by wearing brown moccasin shoes.

5 – Orange Cargo Pants with a Tube Top

I am absolutely in love with cargo pants! They are ideal if you are planning outdoor activities. So, if you plan to go for a hike or any other adventure with your friends or family, get these pants. Here, we have orange cargo pants, a dark brown tube top, and a black fanny bag. You can wear either black or white shoes with this outfit. Furthermore, even if you are not going for sports, you can wear them anywhere you want. It is a perfect casual outfit that shows a bit of your skin.

4 – Checkered Straight Pants with a Sleeveless High Neck Top

Are you looking for an outfit for Halloween? Well, I have the best one for you! Wear a black high-neck top with bright orange and black checkered straight pants. Accessories it with a thin black belt and ankle or combat boots, and you are good to go. If you want to make your look intense, apply thick eyeliner and dark-colored lipstick.

3 – Orange Palazzo with a Flowy Blouse

I am obsessed with this outfit! I love how the two contrasting colors make this outfit classy. Here, we have an orange palazzo paired with a lilac shirt with puffed sleeves. Wear warm-toned heels with it, and carry a bag with a gold chain strap to complete your look. This is a chic outfit you can wear with your girlfriends on a day out!

2 – Orange Patterned Bootcut with a Criss Cross Top

The patterned bootcut and the warm-toned CCrisscrosstop is the perfect outfit for a day out. If you are going to a daytime concert or a carnival, I recommend you to try on this outfit. The warm hues will look phenomenal during the day and it will compliment your skin tone. Pair this will some shades and a few overlapping necklaces to elevate the outfit. Moreover, you can wear chunky sneakers or ankle boots with this outfit. Here are some more fab Outfits with Boot Cut Jeans.

1 – Orange Straight Pants with a Black Top

This outfit caught my attention right away! I love how this black and orange combination looks together. Whether you are going out on a date or a fancy dinner, this outfit can be the star of the show anywhere. The V-neck crop top and the orange trouser look classy and elegant together. Pair it up with black high heels and you are good to go. For makeup, try to go for brown eyeshadows and a pink nude lip.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do you wear orange clothes?

Ans: Orange outfits are the most versatile and trendy clothes. You can wear an orange mini dress to a party and pair it up with gold-colored accessories and footwear. For a casual look, you can style white pants with an orange T-shirt and complete this look with a pair of sneakers or flat pumps. In order to create orange clothes sophisticated workplace look. Wear an orange office blazer with black or white pants and a shirt. Moreover, you can complete this look with a pair of Sillitoe’s shoes.

Q. Does orange look good with blonde hair?

Yes, orange does look good with blonde hair, especially warm blondes. Pale blondes can also wear orange, red, and gold undertones, however, it looks pretty bold. Unless the boldness is too much for you, you can definitely rock an orange outfit!

Q. What colors go with bright orange?

Bright orange can be used with many different colors. It can be used to form an autumnal palette; cream, reds, browns, and olive green looks amazing. Contrarily, you can also pair it with purples if you are going for a bold look. White also looks phenomenal with orange, although, this depends on the intensity of the color. Some other colors that work well include burgundy, blue, hot pink, and brown.

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