How to Wear Hippie Pants for Women – 25 Outfit Ideas

How to wear Hippie Pants for Women- The 60s fashion trends are back in the industry with full force and you would never want to miss on these classy vintage silhouettes after going through this article. Dressing like a hippie is like the new mantra among the fashionistas of the 21st century and believe me none of us expected that the grace and funk of the 60s clothing trends will ever get back.

Well, gypsy dress up is no more restricted to thematic parties only rather it can now be seen everywhere, from clubs to streets to even universities and colleges. Although the designers have blended their own specialties in the vintage cuts and prints to give them a contemporary texture, however, the essence is still there. Hippie pants play a vital role in accomplishing the ultimate Boho look and sometimes these are the only articles you require to have a look hippie.

Outfits with Hippie Pants

The article is going to be the ultimate guide for you if you are a lover of hippie pants want to try them in different ways and combinations.

Pants in a Hippie Style (14)

↓25- Spring Style Hippie Pants

Spring is all about trying different tones of fresh shades like green, orange, purple, pink and yellow. Patterns also get much hype during spring. Patterned palazzo pants or a wide-leg pants in one or two fresh pastel tones of the colors mentioned can be worn with a simple chiffon crop top in white or beige to have an impudent and bold look during spring. Do not forget to add a pair of heels in a neutral color to this ensemble to enhance its grace. Also, have a look at these 20 Ideas On How To Wear Red Pants.

Pants in a Hippie Style (5)


↓24- Bohemian Pants Attire for Summer

The blistering sun during summers asks for a light and loose ensemble which inculcates both style and comfort. Hence straight cut or wide-leg printed Boho pants seem quite appropriate to wear with simple plain crop tees and flat sandals. Get rid of any accessories other than a classy sling bag and keep your hair tied up sleekly in a ponytail. Do check out these 12 Chic Style Bohemian Outfits Combinations for this Season.

Pants in a Hippie Style (24)


↓23- Wear Gipsy Pants on Festivals

Gypsy pants are ideal for festivals and summer concerts as you can go for various catchy accessories like anklets, long chains, and various floral straw made headbands with these elegant bottoms and get that funky festival style.

Pants in a Hippie Style (4)


↓22- Monochrome Ensemble with a Hippie Look

For those who usually run away from too many shades can have a monochromatic hippie look with black and white printed hippie bottoms and a plain black tee or black luxe shirt. Add a choker in simple black color and black stiletto pumps to enhance your statement further. Here are 25 Celebrities All Black outfits Styles for Fall to Copy.

Pants in a Hippie Style (9)


↓21- Boho Pants for French Riviera Look

Linings are the highlight of the hippie fashion, so are the straw hats. Bell-bottoms with lining and a sexy straw hat makes you perfectly ready for a travel to the beach states and hill stations.

Pants in a Hippie Style (21)


↓20- Frilly Look with Boho Pants

A frilly off-shoulder white top can be worn with simple blue or mustard wide-leg hippie bottoms to look super cool and Boho. A pair of embellished heels will look exquisite with such a graceful ensemble. Check out 18 Ways to Dress Like Boho Chic.

Pants in a Hippie Style (16)


↓19- How to Wear Floral Pants in a Hippie Style?

Floral bell-bottoms are a perfect option to go hippie during summers or spring with beige or white cotton tops and leather block heel sandals. A matching floral necklace made of crystals and pearls will look exquisite and super Boho.

Pants in a Hippie Style (11)

↓18- Hippie Pants with Denim

Faded denim jackets are ideal for a perfect Bohemian street style and also enhance your look if worn over a simple plain tee. Here are 23 Ways to Style Black Denim Pants.

Pants in a Hippie Style (13)


↓17- Yoga Style Gipsy Pants

Yoga lovers can now turn all hippie into sexy printed hippie style yoga pants and pair them up with stylish sports bras.

Pants in a Hippie Style (2)


↓16- Amp Up Your Vintage Style with Boho Pants

Boho-chic is the most favorite style to get a vintage look. Hippie style bell-bottoms with a retro print on them can be paired with frilled tops to look all vintage. Add a floppy hat to this ensemble to further enhance the look. Do have a look at 22 Ideas How to Wear Hats with Different Outfits.

Pants in a Hippie Style (25)


↓15- Boho Bottoms for Casual Attire

Mix print elephant Boho pleated bottoms can be worn with crop tops and sneakers for a hippie casual look. A sling bag can be worn with this ensemble.

Pants in a Hippie Style (23)


↓14- Boho Style Clubbing Attire

A text print Boho harem pants can be paired with a contrasting plain tee and elastic floral or embellished hairband to give your ensemble a more fancy look which is quite appropriate for clubbing. Here are 27 Sheer Outfits for Clubbing.

Pants in a Hippie Style (19)


↓13- Celebrity Style Hippie Pants Outfit

Just like Selena Gomez and other celebs, you can slay in cute printed hippie pajama pants and stay super comfy as well as stylish.

Pants in a Hippie Style (18)


↓12- Glamorous Look with Hippie Bottoms

You can glam up your hippie pants by pairing them up with a classy matching jacket, it could be a silk made luxe bomber jacket or a simple blazer cut jacket. Wear them with peep toe heels to add grace to your look. Here are some awesome Spring Outfits With Floral Jackets.

Pants in a Hippie Style (15)


↓11- Boho Pants for Working Women

Tiger print classy Boho straight pants with plain base color or matching blazer will look perfect if you work for some fashion related industry. Go for colors like charcoal, black or navy to keep it formal.

Pants in a Hippie Style (20)


↓10- How to Wear Hippie Bottoms with Ponchos?

Cutely patterned ponchos look outstanding if worn over a plain crop top and pastel color wide-leg Gypsy pants. Here are 19 Ideas How to Wear Gypsy Skirts.

Pants in a Hippie Style (10)


↓9- Party Style Boho Pants

Deep V-neck sheer tops in neutral shades can be worn with luxurious harem pants for a hippie party look. You can wear these with a long chain or add a classy belt to add embellishments to your attire.

Pants in a Hippie Style (8)


↓8- Plain Hippie Bottoms Combo

For a modern style hippie look, go for nude color harem pants with a sexy shoulder-less blouse. Here are Top 20 Ways to Style Palazzo Pants with Sneakers for Women.

Pants in a Hippie Style (7)


↓7- Skinny Girls Boho Pants Attire

Skinny girls should try wide-leg Boho bottoms with plain fitted tops to have a charming hippie style. They can also opt for deep-neck blouses.

Pants in a Hippie Style (6)


↓6- How to Wear Boho Pants with Side Slits?

Side-slits have got super famous among fashionistas after these are worn by celebs like Kylie and many others. A bandage blouse with side-slit hippie pants is the ultimate option for a high-fashion look.

Pants in a Hippie Style (12)


↓5- Boho Bottoms for Oversized Ladies

Over-sized women should go for darker colors like navy. charcoal, black, dark purple wide-leg pants and pair them up with plain white fitted bouses for a hippie style. Here are 24 Palazzo Outfit Ideas for Curvy Girls.

Pants in a Hippie Style (22)


↓4- What Shoes to Wear with Hippie Bottoms?

Ankle boots in winters and block or stiletto heels in summers are the appropriate shoe options to be worn with Boho pants.


Pants in a Hippie Style (3)


↓3- Lacy Hippie Bottoms

Get a super classy look with lace bell-bottoms and luxurious tops, add further definition by wearing embellished necklaces. Have a look at 26 Beautiful Lace Dresses and Ideas how to Wear Them.

Pants in a Hippie Style (1)


↓2- Fall Style Boho Pants Attire

Fall perfect Boho look requires a fur coat and floral novelty hippie bottoms.

Pants in a Hippie Style (17)


↓1- Abstract Art and Hippie Bottoms

Abstractly printed harem pants with modern crop tops or cropped hoods are hippie goals.

Pants in a Hippie Style (26)


Do not forget to tell us about your favorite hippie pants ensemble in the comments section.


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