Outfits To Wear With Red Pants-20 Tips How To Wear Red Pants

Outfits To Wear With Red Pants. Well, for most women wearing red pants comes down to just one thing; Confidence. While the classic and most frequently seen style of trousers is the blue denim jeans, red is in a league all of its own. With red being a very bold, warm color it is not uncommon to spot it during the spring and summer seasons.

With this in mind, why not extend their usage into autumn and winter for a jaw-dropping and attention-grabbing look? Most people with stray towards the cooler tones such as blues, silvers, greys, and purples during winter, but red is guaranteed to get you noticed.

So how to style red trousers? Well, it depends on what style you want. Formal two-piece suit? Simple and casual jeans and a t-shirt? The possibilities are endless. This post has 20 great ways on how you can look great and pull off those timeless trousers.

What To Wear with Red Pants

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when wearing or buying pants:

  • Red and white is the classiest combination especially if you’re wearing red for the first time.
  • Avoid wearing red accessories with pants as it seems over-done, instead go for gold, silver, rose gold or white accessories.
  • Nude and neutral colors too, work well with red.
  • Avoid wearing loud colors with red pants such as orange.
  • Since red pants are loud enough to make a style statement on their own, keep the rest of your outfit simple.
  • You can use the red pants to create a loungewear look, as well as, a formal look.
  • Remember that red pants are most suited for Casual Wear.
  • Layering, however, can help you dress up your red pants for a more formal look.
  • The shoes you choose to wear with red pants depends on two things, the top you’re wearing and the occasion you’re wearing the outfit for.

↓ 20. Bohemian Style Pants

An easy way to pull off the red trouser look is to keep it simple. The bohemian style is so easy going and looks stunning. With a lace white top, this look is a breeze!  Prints are super easy to style and a must-have for every girl’s wardrobe. If you’re looking for a comfortable yet chic school look or simply a casual summer outfit, this is it! The bangles and bracelets sure add a quirky look to it.

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↓ 19. City Smart Casual for School

This look incorporates red suit pants with a plain white top and a black blazer. Accessorize it with a chunky necklace and heels and you’re good to go.

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↓ 18. Business Woman Look

If you want to give your office wear a revamp to look your stylish best, what better than to add a pair of red pants to your wardrobe? Some formal red pants in a cropped look will surely brighten up any boring day. Wear it with a white. blouse and a soft-toned blazer to keep it professional. For the accessories, add in a pair of red heels and an envelope bag to finish it to perfection.

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↓ 17. Boot Cut Pants with a Tee

The 90’s trends seem to be making a comeback this year and how! We love some boot cut pants and the number of ways they can be styled in. Red suits are the best way to get noticed. Striking red with contrasting black printed t-shirt and nude toned heels are a great combination. You can wear the outfit to work or even out to an exhibition. The outfit’s modern vibe is surely speaking to us and we wouldn’t mind investing in a suit like this one. For those afraid of trying a blood-red color could easily opt for the lighter wash.

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↓ 16. Plus Size Style

Who says fashion is only for petite or skinny girls? A curvy girl can sure rock a pair of red pants however she wants. We love this casual and comfortable style featuring a loose beige top. For curvy girls, we recommend investing in a stretchable fabric that gives you the perfect fit. If you love wearing red, you wouldn’t want to miss out these Red Outfits For Women.

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↓ 15. Summer Travelling Style 

A fantastic look using high-waisted trousers with a cute button-up denim shirt.

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Here’s another super hot and attractive outfit idea to wear with your red pants. A lace-up top and some blazer can sure add in a modern take to any outfit. Wear it to a date or a fancy dinner and score yourself some brownie points. We love how well the black, block heels and the bag complement the outfit.

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↓ 14. Summer Street Style

Summers are all about looking your stylish best while beating the heat. What better than choosing some cutesy crop tops to allow your body to feel cool. If you’re looking for ways to re-style your red pants this summer, this seems like a great idea. The outfit can be worn while running errands or even to a casual date. The sneakers will surely keep you comfortable while the crossbody bag adds some style element. Oh, and don’t forget to add in some classy eyewear to keep up with the Summer vibe.

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By now, you must be aware of how white is the go-to color when styling your red pants. Anything like a crop top or a blouse seems like a great choice. Get your summer style sorted with this convenient and sexy street style outfit. The off-the-shoulder look and the red pants seem like a killer combination to wear when outside. We especially love the belt around the waist and how minimalistic it all looks together.

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↓ 13. What to Wear with Red Pants to a Wedding

Burgandy red trousers with checked heels and black top and blazer.

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We’re blown away by the beauty of this gorgeous red suit. Perfect for formal occasions, you simply cannot do without it. Get dressed in this super hot and sexy two-piece for any wedding or formal occasion and watch everyone go gaga over you! We wouldn’t want to change anything about this look and would surely recommend similar silver danglers and a box clutch to go with it. For the heels, opt for something glittery and silver to complete the look.

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↓ 12. Casual Combination

When putting together an outfit always keep the occasion in mind. If you’re looking for a trendy outfit to wear in a casual setting, this one’s a great pick. You can never go wrong with some stripes and a black blazer. If you’re hitting the coffee shop with your girlfriends consider picking this one for the day. Black and red is an ideal combination that is definitely hot and happening. For the accessories, stick to black and glam up to perfect with this super easy outfit idea.

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The super classy and chic style, red pants are most commonly sported in Summers. Which makes us wonder why this wardrobe staple is not worn during autumn? To help you style yours in Fall, we bring you this super cute outfit! Brace for the sweater weather by stocking up on a cute red pant to go with it. The outfit is perfect for when you’re out and about and need something chic and stylish. This leopard print sweater with a turtle neck seems like the perfect choice. We love how great the tan accessories look with the entire outfit making it a perfect package.

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↓ 11. Comfy and Casual Outfit for Home

Take a cue from current Duchess, Meghan Markle, on how to rock some burgundy red patterned flares. Style it with a turtleneck jumper and bright silver shoes. A great and simple look for winters to feel comfortable at home. Who thought loungewear could look this attractive and sexy? If you’re someone who likes keeping it lowkey when outside, this is a great outfit idea for you as well.

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↓ 10. Red Pants with Heels

What better than to rely on Blake Lively for fashion advice? Her stunning fashion appearances has sure made us a fan. We love this full red suit with a low, black top. The former Gossip Girl star is known for graceful fashion sense. If you’re a businesswoman in need of some fashion advice, you’re at the right place. We love how elegant this red suit is. With some soft makeup and a loose, messy bun, Blake does it effortlessly. The black gladiator heels are a perfect addition to this modern look and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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↓ 9. Stripes And Prints  

Patterns always bring out the colors so it’s not surprising that here the red flares stand out against the striped top and animal print bag. You could totally replicate this look for a casual street style by using a striped blouse or crop top. For accessories, you could ditch the envelope bag for a crossbody one or even a tote for a different style. While, for shoes, we would recommend a pair of ballet flats or some summer sandals to keep it comfortable and casual. However, if you’re looking for a more formal and fanciful style, we’d advise a pair of black stilettos to steal the show.

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↓ 8. Leather and Textures

Trust Gigi Hadid to wear unique combinations and still look effortless! Red leather looks rather attractive when worn with a textured red coat. You can add in a plain white top and nude-toned shoes to make the red stand out. Make this winter style yours by getting a similar long coat and wearing it over red leather pants.

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↓ 7. How to Wear Long Pants

Victoria shows us how it’s done with her soft red flares, white top and checked knee-length coat for a stunning look for winter. If you have slim legs then you can surely look great in long pants and heels are the easiest way to manage their length. Wearing long pants is also a good solution for short girls who want to look taller. Here are 17 Cute College Outfits for Short Height Girls to Look Tall

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↓ 6. Peplum Top

With the peplum trend doing the rounds, we can’t see why this shouldn’t be in the list. A peplum is a great take on the usual blouses and tops. Give yourself a much-needed style transformation by opting for something trendy and unique. These red flares look rather appealing with this black fitted peplum top. The chunky belt helps define the shape and style. For a different style, you could also opt for a leather peplum top this Fall/Winter season. The outfit seems like a great choice for coffee and dinner dates.

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↓ 5. Leather Pants

Red leather trousers are a must-have for every girl and you can wear them in any season, except when it’s too hot of course. Here are some do’s and don’ts of wearing leather pants, and for more awesome ideas, do check out 17 Cute Outfits with Leather Pants for Women this Season.

  • For a girly look, pair it with feminine colored shirts like pink.
  • Avoid wearing a shirt in the same color as your pants.
  • For layering, choose tailored fit items like blazers.
  • Remember that leather pants may be worn for casual office wear but they’re not a good choice for corporate events.
  • Shirts in longer lengths would work well with leather pants, so don’t be afraid of wearing them with flowy tunics in Summers.
  • For footwear, what better than a pair of black boots?
  • Go easy on the accessories and pick simplistic pieces.

how to wear red pants for girls


↓ 4. Celebrity Style

We’re obsessing over Jessica’s outfit featuring red straight leg bottoms and white blouse with a black cardigan. The embroidery along the collar gives it a unique look and sure is appealing us. A studded handbag and blue tip shoes sure complete this gorgeous style.

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↓ 3. Sporty Outfit 

Get super comfortable and sporty with this casual look. Tired of plain red pants? Well, worry not. These checked pants look like a great substitute. They can be worn with a striped top or a basic black tee. The black boots give it an edgy and cool vibe, taking it up a notch.

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↓ 2. For Curvy Women

Beautiful red trousers with a stunning floral print jacket and a plain white vest top seem like the ideal Spring outfit. A printed blazer can help fix any of your fashion woes.

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↓ 1.  White Shirt

The best combination of color is red and white. Red trousers with a white top and crisp white jacket seem like an ideal date choice. White shoes and a toffee toned bag seem like a great choice to finish the look beautifully.

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A great look with a white blouse and red cropped bottoms completed by a beautiful polka dot clutch bag.Stylish Outfits With Red Pants (20)



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