25 Girls Athleisure Outfit Ideas That Are Trending This Year

Athleisure Outfit Ideas. This article is dedicated to those ladies who enjoy a sporty outfit. Or even those gym girls who enjoy working out, and would benefit from being able to incorporate their workout clothes into daily life. Especially in a fashionable way.

Although not only for these two categories, as athleisure has become a recent trend. Therefore if you simply want to stay on top of your fashion game in the upcoming months, this article will be useful for you.

The beauty of athleisure is the comfort level that it allows for. Workout or sporty clothes as we all know are extremely unique in their quality to hug around your body in a way that leaves you worry-free. Not only that, an additional quality is the fact that this style of clothes is largely flattering to any body type.

However, we do recommend being careful about mixing athletic clothes with regular items. As certain clothing items simply will not work cohesively together. Fortunately, this article will not only talk about how to make an athleisure look but also show some examples of chic athleisure looks.

How To Put Together Athleisure Outfits?

The following tips will help you put together the best athleisure outfits ever:

  • Accessorise: Do not overlook the power of accessories, nor the compatibility of accessories and jewelry with certain athletic items. Yes, not all will match well with your favorite jewelry pieces however there are sporty clothing items and jewels that might strike a good balance.
    The core benefit of such a mix is to try and dress up and integrate sports clothes into daily life. Therefore a belt, earrings or necklace might be that missing link that is going to take your outfit from miss matching to stylish.
  • Balance: Balance must also be achieved through the type of clothes chosen as well. You can easily mix up to two clothing articles in both a casual style and an athletic style. However, when that ratio becomes skewed, the outfit will begin to look more awkward.
  • Bring Your Signature: One thing that many people overlook and forget when they try to create an athleisure outfit is their own personal style. Perhaps it’s the ambiguous style of a sporty look that makes people think that there is no space for their own preferences. However, they couldn’t be more wrong.
    The more space you give to your own personal style in these athleisure mixes, the more confident and thus stylish you will appear. Additionally, this will only make it more efficient to pair with items from your closet.
  • Avoid Overbearing Colors: Try to avoid very bright or highly patterned sports items.
  • Mix a Plethora of Fabrics: Especially if you go for a street-style look, try to play around with fabrics. For example – denim, or faux leather.

Athleisure Outfits for Travel

25 – Pair Comfy Sports Clothes with Black Boots

Sometimes all you need to add to an athleisure outfit of normal clothes is the shoes. In this particular case, we recommend pairing some black ankle boots.

Athleisure Outfit Ideas


24 – Go For an All White Outfit with a Cap

Although this might not be the most practical outfit for traveling, it certainly is the most fashionable. Go for all white and finish off with a cap.

Athleisure Outfit Ideas


23 – Match Your Sneakers To Your Sweatshirt

The ultimate traveling clothes include a sweatshirt. However, you have the option to be original and match the color of your sweatshirt to your sneakers.

Athleisure Outfit Ideas


22 – Wear an All-Black Sporty Outfit with a Denim Jacket

A great traveling clothing item is a denim jacket. It is light enough to not overheat when you are on the move. But keep you from getting too cold as well. So include it in your next athleisure traveling outfit.


21 – Wear an All-Black Sport Look and Tie a Nude Sweatshirt Around the Waist

To stay comfortable while traveling, stick to your basic black leggings and shirt. However, try to pair a nice sweatshirt with the look to remain stylish and functional. It can hang over your shoulders or be tied around your waist for when it’s warmer. But if you get cold on the go, you can always put it on.

Athleisure Outfit Ideas


Athleisure Outfits for Work

20 – Try Matching Workout Pants with a Shiny Finish and a Blouse

Nothing says office outfit like a white button-down blouse. Although to add to that, by taking advantage of workout outfit characteristics you can add some texture.

For example, many workout leggings come in a shiny finish, if you get your hands on them, they will make it very simple to wear for work-appropriate athleisure looks.

Athleisure Outfit Ideas


19 – Pair Leggings with a Cropped Sweater and a Thick Belt

We have already mentioned that using accessories can make you transform your outfit from very sporty to more day-to-day. This is one example of how that can be done. Try wearing black leggings, and pairing them with a cropped sweater. Then add a thick belt to secure the sweater. This will immediately make the outfit look more put together.

Athleisure Outfit Ideas


18 – Pair a Loose Black Base with a Long Camel Coat and White Sneakers

If you want to look professional, you might be surprised but even loose black sports pants can look professional. Although make sure they are quite tailored. However, more than leggings they will give you a more put-together look. Pair with a long coat in a color of your choosing, and some white sneakers.

Athleisure Outfit Ideas


17 – Try a Long Grey Sweater Over Black Leggings

This outfit is especially useful for colder seasons. Try pairing a long sweater or a sweater dress. Although to avoid looking too relaxed we recommend choosing this sweater in a more professional or unique color. For example, a stone, cold grey.

Black leggings are definitely a must-have for your wardrobe so here are some of the most stylish Outfits with Black Leggings.


16 – Pair a Brown and White Flannel Jacket Over Leggings

A more leisure work outfit in this style entails pairing a flannel. However, try to maintain a professional appearance by going for a flannel printed jacket or flannel of a thicker material. That way the outfit will refrain from looking messy.

Athleisure Outfit Ideas


Athleisure Outfits for Summer and Spring

15 – Create an All White Biker Shorts Look with a Blazer

Staying to an all-white or all-cream color palette for your athleisure outfit will make it immediately look put together. Especially if you pair it with a going-out purse, and a fancy-looking blazer.


14 – Pair Some Biker Shorts with a White Blouse

This is an iconic athleisure look. All you need is a pair of flattering black biker shorts, a matching black sports bra, and a crisp white button-down. You can let the blouse hang loose, or tie it on your waist.


13 – Pair a Navy Tennis-Like Fitted Dress with a Grey Cardigan

Try finding a navy or black tennis-like fitted dress and pairing it with an unusually colored grey cardigan. For an additional stylish look, tie it uniquely, as opposed to just over your shoulders.


12 – Go For a White and Beige Outfit

Try out pairing some white sneakers, and tall white sports socks, with a white sports jersey. Although add casual clothing elements in a contrasting beige. Like some cotton beige shorts and a matching color cap. This is the ultimate summer athleisure look.


11 – Create a Tennis Inspired Outfit

One of the best parts about athleisure wear is playing the part of someone that does a particular sport. Moreover, they are highly trendy. Since we have all witnessed the past large trend of tennis skirts, this outfit is dedicated to recreating one.

All you need is a tennis skirt and a white cropped tank top. Some tall white socks – preferably sports ones. White sneakers and a nude cardigan to throw over your shoulders.

It is that addition of the cardigan, layered on your shoulders that makes this outfit more fashionable, and appropriate for daily wear.


Fall & winter Athleisure outfits

10 – Go For an All-Black Turtleneck Look

We are all acquainted with the desire to wrap ourselves up in something warm on a fall or winter day. We also do not pay attention to the color or sizing of the outfit as the main objective remains to stay warm. This outfit is one of those particular ones.

It is super simple to put together. All you need is a turtleneck black fleece top. It will really give that athletic edge to the outfit. Pair with some black sweats or, better yet – leggings.

Here are some more turtleneck outfits that you should try this year.


9 – Pair a Long Cardigan with a Knitted Hat

An easy way to style a fall, or winter-appropriate outfit with sports clothes is through the use of knitwear. Try pairing a matching knitted hat and long jumper/cardigan, with simple workout clothes. Like a basic white t-shirt, and leggings.


8 – Go For a Stylish Trench Coat and Leggings Combo

One item we all know is notorious for being a fall wardrobe staple – is a trench coat. Thankfully it pairs very well with athleisure outfits. For example, grab some workout leggings, and pair them with a white t-shirt and shoes. Match a black and white cap to the look, and finish off with a camel-colored trench coat.


7 – Match the Color of your Leggings to a Puffer Vest

This outfit is a very trendy option. Try finding matching color leggings and a puffer vest. Preferably keep this outfit in brown color, although admittedly it is far more simple to do a perfect color match in a black. Regardless of the core color, pair with a refreshing white long sleeve.


6 – Combine an all-black Outfit with a Nude Long Coat

The combination of black and nude is very stylish and very notorious for fall. Try and find a comfortable sporty black co-ord. Then add a nude long coat to complete the look, with ease.

Athleisure Outfit Ideas


Plus Size Athleisure Outfits That We Loved

5 – Keep a Nude Color Palette at the Top of Your Outfit

In case you are looking for an athleisure outfit that is more on the dressy side. Perhaps one that you can wear to the office, or out.

Try out this trick: we recommend you get some leggings in neutral black or brown. Next, we recommend that you concentrate on casual clothing at the top of your look.

Try pairing a nude coat with a nude sweater.

Lastly, we recommend you transfer that casual clothing element to the bottom of your outfit with shoes. In this particular example, the shoes are an unusual snake printed boot.

Complete your look by going for one of these Ideas on What Shoes to Wear with Neutral Colored Outfits.

Athleisure Outfit Ideas


4 – Pair an Athletic Base with a Cute Cardigan

Another way you can effortlessly style an athleisure outfit with a glamorous edge is with a cardigan. Especially if the cardigan is in a rich brown shade. This colorway will always bring across the impression of a put-together outfit.


3 – Go For an All Grey Tailored Sweat Suit

This is an example of an athleisure outfit that requires minimal casual clothing. Instead, the outfit is added to thoroughly through accessories. Like shoes, glasses and a handbag for example. This outfit is very easy to create and you will highly enjoy wearing it.

Here are some more of my favorite All Grey Outfits.


2 – Combine a Denim Jacket with Printed Leggings

Although it is best to avoid avid sports prints when creating athleisure outfits. If you find a pair of leggings that is dark and has a neutral print, similar to that of regular clothing you can try pairing it with a denim jacket.


1- Pair a Black Cap with a Black Fanny Pack

If you have a very cute light beige sporty outfit. Perhaps a pair of matching shorts and a sports bra. Or a matching set with leggings. You can easily pair it with some black accessories. In particular, we recommend that you try out pairing it with a black cap, and a fanny pack. These two accessory items are the perfect option in a sporty style.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an athleisure outfit?

An athleisure outfit is the perfect mix of function and fashion. Athleisure is the combination of sporty clothes or sport-like clothes. With your basic casual clothing essentials. Therefore this type of style lets you express yourself and yet remain within a new scope of style.

Not to mention that athleisure outfits are notorious for being very comfortable, and efficient. For instance, they can be the perfect option for people who have to go to the office during the day. But want to visit the gym in the evening.

Q. Where to shop for athleisure outfits for women?

If you are looking for clothes that would fit well into athleisure outfits we recommend that you find certain basic pieces. This is possible at Zara or Urban Outfitters. Whilst the sporty clothes can come from actual athletic brands. Like the likes of Lululemon.

Q. What type of people wear athleisure?

Athleisure is perfect for both people who work out or follow trends. It is the perfect option for girls who gym. As it allows for an easy transition from your daily life to when you want to work out.

Similarly, people who are highly fashionable, and want to stick to new trends can be inclined to dress in this style. For example,, if you want to follow this trend you might add a few pieces to your closet which would allow for it.

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