31 Ideas on What Shoes to Wear with Neutral Colored Outfits

What shoes to wear with neutral colored outfits? Neutral colors which are black, white, gray or perhaps the color nude are honestly the most wearable colors to wear to any kind of an event, whether it’s a beautiful wedding, a business meeting, a fancy dinner, or for a very casual day out.

These colors are so versatile, and almost anything in your closet can be paired up with your outfit if you are wearing nude or neutral shades. These colored outfits are also very easy to style, but if you are looking for something different, we have got you covered and bring you the best footwear options to wear with your outfits.

Best Shoes to Wear with Neutral Colored Outfits

Almost any color can be worn for shoes with nude or neutral-colored outfits as those colors are so versatile and look great with any other color. The best options are black, white, tan, beige, or brown shoes whether they are heels, mules, sneakers, wedges, etc. There are various styles of each shoe type, for example, you can opt for high heels, block heels, or kitty heels depending on the length of your required heel and the event. If you want to add a pop of color to your outfit, a perfect way is to pair brightly colored shoes or patterned boots such as snake print boots or cheetah print heeled pumps can be worn to add color and a touch of oomph to your outfit.

best shoes to wear with nude or neutral colored outfits

Tips for Styling Shoes with Your Nude or Neutral Outfits

-Wearing comfortable shoes is a must to avoid injuries or discomfort.
-Pick the right size of shoe for maximum comfort.
-Choose the footwear according to the event, heels for going out, flats for a casual look.
-Match the color of the handbag with the color of your shoes.

↓ 31 – White Loafers with Neutral Colored Outfits

Loafers look great and are extremely comfortable. A white pair of loafers will look amazing with almost any of your winter or autumn casual outfits. Here are some more Cute Outfits to Wear with Loafers.


↓ 30 – Black Lace Up Boots

A black pair of boots is essential to have in your wardrobe and looks great with all your winter outfits. Boots are also a great option for you to wear if you live in a region where it snows quite a lot. These lace up boots look gorgeous with this nude outfit.


↓ 29 – With Gold Heels

I personally adore gold heels, and if you are going to a fancy dinner, or a wedding you can wear beautiful gold heels with your nude dress and look like a million bucks. A great way to accessorize is to match the color of your bag with the color of your heels.

What Shoes to Wear with Neutral Colored Outfits

↓ 28 – Metallic Boots

If you love metallic like me and want to incorporate a statement piece to your outfit metallic boots might just be the most stunning and glamorous option you’ve got. Not only do these knee-high boots add color to your outfit, but they will also make everyone’s heads turn and make them wonder where you got them from.

↓ 27 – Animal Print Heels with a Neutral Outfit

Cheetah print looks so sexy, whether it’s a cheetah print top you are wearing, a bag or in this case heeled pumps. Don’t want to go for the solid-colored heels? Try experimenting with printed heels and you will surely not regret your decision. These look so chic and classy.


↓ 26 – Cute Sandals

Going for a stroll in the city, or planning to spend the day out running errands? Try opting for cute black sandals which provide a bit of height as well as the maximum amount of comfort in the heat to be able to walk around the entire day at ease.

↓ 25 – White Heels with a Neutral Outfit

White is the new black apparently; everyone seems to be rocking white shoes lately and it looks fabulous! White heels add so much class to your neutral outfit and if your outfit is mainly towards the brown or tan neutrals, white is a better option than black to opt for.


↓ 24 – How to Style Sneakers with a Nude Outfit?

Sneakers have become the trendiest shoes to wear regardless of an individual’s gender. If you are going for the street style look, pair Air Jordans or any sneakers with your outfit to achieve that look. Do check out these Best Sneaker Styles for more inspiration.


↓ 23 – With Yellow Heels

Are you feeling bold and want to experiment with color? Try pairing a plain white outfit with bright yellow heels and a bag to go with it. Accessorizing this way truly transforms your outfit into a high fashion, trendy look without trying too hard.

What Shoes to Wear with Neutral Colored Outfits

↓ 22 – Embroidered Mules

Want to try a different style of mules? Here we have beautifully embroidered mules that add the nicest touch to your outfit. These mules come in all sorts of different designs, and you can opt for your favorite one to make your plain outfit look way better than it already does. Here are some more Ideas on How To Wear Mules Shoes?


↓ 21 – Studded Flats Paired with a Nude Outfit

A great way to add a bit of a fancy, glam touch to your outfit without wearing a pair of heels is to wear studded flats. These look so cute and fashionable without making your feet hurt by the end of the day, as they are quite comfortable to wear as well.  


Where to buy: Studded Flats

↓ 20 – How to Style Nude Heels with a Neutral Outfit?

A nude heel which perfectly matches or is close to your skin tone almost blends in with your neutral outfit and adds to your height so much and that too so subtly. You can barely tell that you are wearing high heels from far away, plus nude heels also work well with the neutral outfit.


↓ 19 – With White Trainers

White Trainers must be an essential in everyone’s closet because they are so easy to pair with any outfit especially nude, or neutral-colored outfits. If it’s a casual day out with friends, or perhaps a day at the mall or a theme park white trainers look great as compared to black trainers which may stand out too much and clash with the light colors.


↓ 18 – Ankle Tie Heels       

Ankle Tie heels put less pressure on your foot and provide greater support as well, which helps you walk at more ease than the usual heeled pumps. Here we have a beige skirt paired with a white button up top and some beige ankle tie heels.

↓ 17 – Wedges with a Neutral Outfit

If you struggle with wearing or walking in high heels but still want to look tall, you can wear wedges instead. The thick block heel makes it so much easier for you to walk in.


↓ 16 – Neon Heels with a Neutral Outfit

I absolutely love this color, and for the perfect addition of a pop of color to your outfit wear neon heels with your plain white dress. This outfit is perfect for a summer or a garden party.


↓ 15 – Chanel Ballet Flats

However expensive, these Chanel flats are a great investment as they will last you for years and the neutral two-toned color, the black and tan contrast with look amazing with almost any outfit in your closet, especially the nude and neutral ones.

↓ 14 – PVC Heels

PVC heels make your legs look so long and give the illusion of you almost not wearing a shoe. Being transparent these heels will look fantastic with your neutral outfits.

↓ 13 – Brown Flats

These brown flats are so trendy and look great with your neutral, or nude outfits. Here we have a loose ankle-length dress which is paired with flats and a brown handbag.

↓ 12 – Best Shoes for Autumn

For the autumnal months, espadrilles are the best option as they cover your feet and look great with your outfits. They come in all sorts of colorways, as well as materials. A black and tan combination like this will look great with your nude, or neutral outfits.

↓ 11 – Black Heels with a Nude Outfit

You must have a pair of black heels in your closet. If you want to amp up your outfit, the most classic way is to wear black heels as they never fail to look good with your outfits. Here we have a chunky sweater paired with some trousers, with ribbon detail at the front, a cute Gucci purse, and some basic black heeled pumps.


↓ 10 – Best Shoes for a Formal Nude Outfit

Going out for a fancy date night, or a dinner? Here we have a beautiful nude dress paired with nude heels. You will surely make your date be enchanted by you in this stunning look.


↓ 9 – Black Strappy Heels

Strappy heels look effortlessly sexy, they wrap around your ankle and give you support and grip on the shoe as well. Black heels look great with any outfit, here we have a cream flowy dress, paired with a black purse.


↓ 8 – For a Business Formal Look

Neutral, or nude-colored outfits are usually the requirement for most business formal looks. Here we a beautifully tailored suit and a pair of black buckled loafers which are my forever favorite and are the perfect shoes for a business formal look. Here’s the complete Business Casual Attire Guide for Women.

↓ 7 – Snake Print Boots

Snake print boots are definitely a bold choice but don’t worry because you can rock them too. Want to add a statement piece to your look? Pair snake print boots with your blazer and a white button-up dress.

↓ 6 – Red Fiery Boots with a Nude Outfit

Looking for a Christmas look? Or perhaps a statement look with your red knee-high boots that you haven’t gotten the chance to wear? Here we have a nude outfit, a dress, and a coat on top with fiery red-hot boots which will definitely turn heads.  


↓ 5 – White Boots with a Neutral Colored Outfit

Leather boots are perfect for the autumn or winter months, as they don’t get ruined by the snow or the rain. These knee-high boots will make any of your outfits stand out when you wear them and make them look super cute and trendy.

↓ 4 – How to Style Black Heels with a Nude Outfit?

A very trendy way of styling your strappy heels is by wrapping them over your trousers. This way the design of the heels is not hidden underneath those pants and it’s a very high fashion way of styling your heels.

↓ 3 – Best Shoes for the Winter

Ankle boots are a must for the winter, and here we have some boots paired with a striped sweater and a pair of leather pants.


↓ 2 – Amina Muaddi Heels

Amina Muaddi heels took the internet by storm. Kendall Jenner is rocking her nude dress with a pair of Amina Muaddi Begum heels which are so gorgeous and have a crystal-embellished buckle right in the middle of each pump. These heels make the outfit look so glam and luxe. These heels come in all sorts of materials from satin to transparent and are a great way to style an outfit if you are going out and want to add a bit of bling to your outfit.

What Shoes to Wear with Neutral Colored Outfits

↓ 1 – Mules with Neutral Outfit

Here is a cute outfit paired with white mules. Mules are open back and comfortable, you can easily slip in and out of them as you please and they definitely help make the outfit look more stylish.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where to Buy Best Shoes for Nude or Neutral Outfits?

Nordstrom Shaye Ankle Strap Heels
Boohoo Croc T Bar Mule Loafers
Zara Heeled Slingback’s

Q. What color shoes to wear with a neutral dress?

A. Neutrals are colors that do not clash with most colors and look good with a variety of colors. Nude, Black, or White heels will look great. You can opt for embellished heels if it’s a fancy dress or an event. If you want a pop of color, neon green, pinks or oranges can look good. Snake or Cheetah print heels also look great.

Q. What color shoes do not look good with a nude dress?

A. The color nude is so versatile and there are no colors that would clash with it. From your neutral colors to pastels to bright ones, I believe all of them look great with a nude dress. The essential part is how comfortable the shoes are, and if they are wearable and walkable throughout the day.  

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