Goatee Styles-25 Popular Goatee Beard Styles for Different Face Types

Goatee Beard Styles for Different Face Shapes. Men and the fashion trends that they have started to follow in the last decade has changed the course of men style statements. Not just with clothes now men also experiment their looks with innovative hairstyles and facial hair newest trends.

So if you are wondering what kind of goatee would suit your face shapes? Beards are a kind of nature-gifted accessory for men, that can help you reinvent and enhance your looks. Different kind of goatee styles can add or balance something in your face shape. They are great for all ages. Goatees can be really slim, heavy, or messy. So whatever style you want to create, go through this list of 25 beard styles for different face shapes.You will also get to see some top celebrities goatees styles in the list too.

What is  goatee? Why is it called ?

 It is in relation to goat . Simply like the hair on chin of a goat – The word goatee was referred only to a beard formed by a tuft of hair on the chin—as on the chin of a goat .

Best Goatee Styles for Face Type

#25- For a Small and Round Face

If you have a round shaped face then a goatee is the best facial hair that you should have. It will not only give you the benefit of making your face look slimmer and a little longer especially if you keep it in Van Dyke fashion. Go a little extra mile with hair fringes. Again it will suit you better.



#24- Robert Pattinson’s Goatee

Robert Pattinson has a long angular face with a wide forehead;square jawline mostly preferred in men. So people with a similar face shape should adopt his style. Some stubble and a goatee will look perfect for any day. You can have spiked up hair with the look or just simple decent boy look both go really well.



#23- Chin goatee with light mustache

A little square but a thin face is difficult to style with decent facial hair fashion but this celebrity has done it so well that it sets and example for young teenage boys to follow his lead. Soul patch added with the goatee and a sort of pencil mustache are perfectly complementing his look. Hair can be decently cut down or kept a little long but gelled back in pompadour fashion.



#22 – For Oval Face

This beard style is good to give an oval face bit of triangular look at the chin as the facial hair slightly traces the jaw at both sides mostly known as chinstrap beard with a horseshoe mustache. You need to have this hair style with it as it focuses on the face and the style.



#21- Chin Strip

Oval faces are quite difficult to style in terms of hair and facial hair fashion as some want to have a long face look and some want a thin look.  This goat patch is going to bring the focus on it making your face look a little thin and long.


#20- Robert Downey Jr.’s Goatee

Another really stylish goatee from Hollywood; Robert Downy has a strong chin and wide, medium length face. Also check out Sexy beard styles-15 latest beard styling ideas for swag.



#19 -For Larger Face Shapes

Angular but a large face takes some time to find the perfect match. But this guy here is showing an excellent choice in a pencil mustache and a goatee to bring attention on them rather than the size of the face and to cover it up a little more neck length hair will be good.



#18- Oval Face

A full beard with a goatee and a mustache are men who want to look like professionals. Closed shaved beard with a flattop crew cut is going to make you look dapper. Perfect for any formal gathering.



#17 – Square Face

Stubble mustache and a goatee with combed back hair is good for a square jawline.



#16 Round Face – Perfect style for round faces those who want a little weary look. Messed up hair with a shadow of a beard will be good to attract the opposite gender.600full-marlon-teixeira


#15 – Goatee without moustache

Round face looking handsome tricks are rarely known and this chin strap with a goatee and  no mustache is rather  looking good. Buzz cut for the hair. If you belong to the R’n’B then ear studs will be awesome.



#14 -Triangular Face with a Wide Forehead Hidden in Front Swept Bangs

Bangs and fringes for men with wide foreheads and who can easily manage is common. A beard with a soul patch and a mustache is enough for a person as taking care of all this hair is also hard.



#13- Slim Goatee

A light, chin-strip goatee style for any face shape. Italian guy look. Swept back hair with gel and a pencil mustache and a goatee in the same style.



#12 – Chin Facial Hair With Thick Mustache

Can add volume to a weak chin for a triangular face. Handle bar mustache can give a powerful and a dominating look to the person. And a van dyke styled goatee is what is needed to complete this powerful persona. Since suits look great with this look, check out 16 amazing men’s suits combinations to get a sharp look.



#11 – Messy Triangular Beard

Good for you if you want to make your face look bit longer. As you don’t want to look old fashioned so the puffed up hair.



#10- Diamond Shaped Face

A really slim diamond shaped face with a prominent jaw looks fabulous in this beard style



#9 -Hugh Jackman’s Messy Goatee



 #8- Oblong Face

If you have an oblong face, you can make the jaws look bit  narrower compared to the forehead using a proper beard style.



#7 -Triangular Face

New-Beard-Styles-For-Men-to-Try-in-2015-33 (1)


#6 Wolverine-Inspired Beard – Want to go a little crazy? Check out this wolfish hairstyle and beard Hugh Jackman pulled off for his character “Wolverine” in X-Men. This look makes his face look bit smaller by hiding the both sides of his jaw into thick hair.



 #5 – Leonardo DiCaprio’s Facial Hair

DiCaprio has a rather full and round face which he has often covered with different kind of beard. This light handsome beard is one of his most stylish looks.



#4- Johnny Depp’s Goatee

Johnny Depp has also tried many kind of beards. His famous, strong-jawed face looks amazing in all of those styles. Especially this below-the-chin goatee with moustache is one great styles for this face shape.

johnny depp


#3-Small Square Faces

A face smaller in length with square jaw looks amazing in beard, check out the beard style below and see if it feels like the right style for you.



#2- Brad Pitt’s Grey Goatee

Prad Pitt likes to amaze us with his different goatee styles, this one suits him well with the grey strands that look really graceful.

news brad pitt washington 3 050309


#1 – For a Wider Jaw and Narrower Forehead

Let the facial hair cleanly trace your jaw to balance the width of your jaw and forehead.





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