How to Fix Patchy Beard – 7 Tips to fix Patchy Facial Hair

How to Fix a Patchy Beard? The constant popularity of thick or light beard has made almost every man of every age around the globe to give it a try at least once to see the drastic change in their look. Being associated with the masculinity and maturity.

It’s a fact that stylishly kept beards have changed baby-faced guys look like older hunks and older pals appear younger and handsome. But there is one common problem that most of the men have faced when they decide to grow their beards; Patchiness. You might notice that your facial hair is not growing properly or totally missing from some parts of your face, especially the cheeks area or just below it. You don’t need to worry about this facial hair patchiness problem as there are many famous celebrities who have patchy beards and they have damn sexy looks because they know how to fix this problem while marking it as their own style statement. Have a look at these Celebrities Beards Styles and you’ll know what we mean.

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How to Style Patchy Facial Hair

how to fix patchy beard

There are many reasons why the beard gets patchy and facial hair seem missing from many parts of the face. This can be a genetically inherited issue or a slight deficiency of beard growing hormones (testosterone and DHT). The lesser blood flow to some parts of the skin such as chin or upper lips area may cause the thinning or baldness to some parts of the face. The good news is that there are many ways to cover up this patchy beard and look perfect. You wouldn’t want to miss out these Patchy Beard Styles- 40 Best Patchy Facial Hairstyling Ideas

Whatever is the reason, the good news is that there are many ways to cover up this patchy beard and look perfect. Here we are going to share the most authentic and practical tips and solution to fix patchy beards. Let’s start with a small video tutorial:

Step by Step Video Tutorial-How to Trim Patchy Beard and Make it Look Thicker

↓ 7 – Don’t Shave and Let It Grow

Growing your beard should be your milestone indeed if you want to fix your patchy beard. The facial hair growth gradually improves by time, but you have to let them grow and flourish constantly. Once you find the first clear glimpse of patches get them shaved but then again give them another chance to grow out fully. This is called the stubble cycle and for maintaining a handsome look during this phase you can adopt one of the many stubbles or goatee beard styles. RECOMMENDED: How to Trim a Beard- Step by Step Tutorial and Trimming Tips

let the beard grow


↓ 6- Comb or Brush Patchy Facial Hair

Next step for improving the patchy beard is to comb or brush it softly but regularly. It might sound weird to you but the fact is that the improved blood circulation results in improving the volume and hair growth in the areas of the face where lack of blood circulation or dead cells a have prevented natural growth of facial hear. To serve this purpose, you can buy a beard brush/comb and comb your beard often. This practice will improve the skin, increase the volume of hair and it will also work as a filler to the patchy areas of the beard. This will also give your newly grown beard a neat and well-maintained.

combing to cover patches


↓ 5- The Natural Ways To Improve Patchy Beard

The patches of facial hair can be covered by using natural methods. You have to be regular and full of patience if you want to go by the natural ways to improve your hair growth. Because you will never get overnight results but you will find the gradual and everlasting results without any side effects. Here’s a complete guide on the Types of Beards Styles; Their Name with Pictures; A Complete List

The lesser blood flow in the cheek areas can cause the patchiness, to cure this problem, you should get the pure organic oils such as coconut oil or castor oil and massage the required areas regularly and leave it there for some time.

If you are looking for full and heavy beard than you must work on improving your diet. You should start regular intake of foods good and beneficial for the hair growth. The ingredients in some types of food are needed for improving hair growth. Biotin is needed for better hair growth and it’s available in foods such as eggs, carrots, and milk. Fish such as Salmon or Tuna are really good for te better hair, skin and nails

how to fix patchy beard natural oils


↓  4- Supplements for Better Growth of Patchy Beards

To speed up the facial hair growth, you can also consult the physician and get the supplements that are really useful for the betterment of hair growth and cover the patchy parts of the face.

If the level of testosterone hormones and DHT is increased, it stimulates the hair follicle to grow faster.

Another prescription free medication that stimulates the growth of facial hair is Minoxidil. It has no side effects and can increase the hair growth.

You can also discuss the doctor to recommend you suitable multivitamin’s tablets for this purpose.

how to fix patchy beard suppliments for growth of facial hair


↓ 3- Workouts and Losing Excess Weight

It’s a proven fact that regular exercising and losing excessive weight can raise the blood circulation and testosterone which has a great effect in increasing the growth of facial hair follicles. You must do some intense full body workouts regularly to raise the testosterone level faster and keep it well balanced. RECOMMENDED: Beard Styles 2017- 15 Epic Facial Hairs for Men this Year

how to fix patchy beard workouts to reduce wight


↓ 2 – Use Filler Pen Or Go for Transplant

If you are looking for the faster cure of your patchy beard you can go for hair transplant. Beard hair transplant is not for everyone. It’s only suitable if you have scarce hair or large patches hair on your face and don’t seem to cover the face. The beard transplant will provide you full coverage as you desired.

There are two famous procedures of beard transplant, Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The results of beard transplant start showing within three months and then you can enjoy a full bush beard and style it as required.

Another option, if you want to avoid the surgical transplant of facial hair, is cosmetical filler pen or dark pencil to use as a filler with light strokes to cover the patchy areas of face.

how to fix patchy beard Fillers of patchy beard


↓ 1-  Choose Best Beard Styles to Cover Patchy Beard

The best ever option is to embrace the uneven hair of your skin and style them fashionably. The patchy beard’s styles are in vogue and you can find so many trendy designs and styles for the patchy beard. such as The thin strap, Strap and Goatee and Fade chin strap.

trimming and styling to cover beards patchiness


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