26 Cool Beard Styles for Short Hair Men for Perfect Look

Cool Beard Styles for Short Hair Men. There was a time when men were not interested in fashion, be it of any sort, were not interested in different types of clothes that changed and brought new trends but social media has been the contributing factor in bringing about this change. Now men are almost as much interested in their looks as are the females of this era. Every new trend is now being followed by men. Be it any trend especially of facial hair these days. Now a beard is synonymous with style and is a symbol of coolness . Men or for that matter any male will like to experiment with facial hair sometime in their life. There are so many styles to choose from.

 Latest Beard Styles for Men with Small Hairs

Every facial hair trend is unique. But you need to chooses according to your liking and your face shape which is a major factor. By the end of this article you will have a through knowledge of different types and which beard style will suit you better.

#26. Muscular Men with a Full Beard

If you are a muscular heavy weight man you should opt for a full beard.

beard styles (1)


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 #25. Mr. Natural

This style is typically adopted by urban men.

beard styles (2)


#24. Black Men Facial Hair Style

Commonly adopted by artists mostly RnB ones.

beard styles (3)


#23. Say Hello to Van Dyke Style Beard

beard styles (4)


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#22. The Italian Beard

Go for this style if you think you can pull this off look.

beard styles (6)


#21. Celebrity Style

The soul patch is quite common among men.


#20. Red Haired Men’s Preference; a Full Beard

A full beard looks really nice with this pompadour style.

beard styles (8)


#19. Goatee for Students

This beard style looks mostly good with high school students.

beard styles (9)


#18. The Skater Look

This dutch style beard not only gives off a subtle stylish cool look.

beard styles (10)


#17. Paint Brush Style

beard styles (11)


#16. Stubble Medium with French Beard

Stubble is also very common among men. As it gives them an edge and a handsome look. Combined with a French is guaranteed that you will pass off as a stylish man.

beard styles (12)


#15. Combat Style Beard

beard styles (13)


#14. Business Man Look

beard styles (14)


#13. Professional Style

Businessman bandholze is for the country men charm.

beard styles (30)


#12. French Beard with a Light Stubble

beard styles (16)


#11. Full Beard with a Handle bar Mustache

Handlebar mustaches with beards are not very common as they give off an imperial look and not many people prefer this look but once you adopt it you will not go unnoticed.

beard styles (17)


#10. Light Stubble

beard styles (18)


#09. The Dutch


#08. School Boy Look

beard styles (32)


#07. The Ambush with Handle bars

beard styles (21)


#06. The Country Charm

beard styles (39)


#05. The Nerd Look

Paint brush beard combined with glasses and you will pass off as a cool geek.

beard styles (48)


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#04. The Chin Strap for Oval Face

beard styles (46)


#03. The Duck Tail


#02. The Imperial


#01. Old Men Style

beard styles (44)


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