How to Trim Beard – Step by Step Tutorial and Trimming Tips

Trimming a  Beard. Trimming a beard does not always come off as something as easy as it sounds. Gone are the days when growing an impressive beard was just a matter of days, and all you had to do was stop shaving, but little periodical instances of pruning the beard are now necessary, or else today’s trends won’t let you get much ahead in social scoring.

With today’s demanding fashion culture, an overgrown beard may show outgoing manliness but may not favor you much in dating, employing, etc. Having a long beard and maintaining it for the long run is like taking care of your hair. You need to trim and shape your beard, even when it’s growing or fully grown, to keep it looking sharp at all times.

How to Trim Your Beard Like a Pro

That said, there’s a big difference between trimming a grown beard and shaping a fully grown one. And this is why you need to know why rightfully trimming a beard is a lifeline of an option. Philips USA said that trimming gets the beard to shape, and a beard without a shape looks like hair swelling from the face. If you want a proper way to trim a beard, consider an even length all over, and aim for a proper beard neckline, cheek line, mustache, lipline, and sideburns.

Try not to look like a medieval character, as Esquire said. Instead, aim to look like the leading man you were meant to play. These tips will surely assist you in keeping your face fur in check at all times, and never would you outcross the limits of a socially acceptable beard look, no matter which style you prefer with your face cut.

History. The beard was then viewed as a symbol of status and power. However, the Romans were passionate about having a clean-shaven face. They believed that long beards were associated with “uncultured barbarians.”
They considered personal grooming a sign of a sophisticated civilization. On the other hand, the Gauls claimed that having long, braided hair and beards meant good social standing and health.

With the Renaissance period, beards made a quick comeback in England that soon faded when wigs from France came into style. Beards have been in and out of the fashion culture. And some experts believe that having beards was more customary during times of economic hardship.

Tips on Trimming your Beard

  • Hygiene and Maintenance. Victory Barber & Brand founder Matty Conrad says that it’s imperative to keep your beard clean. And to prevent flakiness, moisturize with a gentle beard cleanser that you can use every day. After wash, pat the beard dry with a clean hand towel. You can also apply a few drops of beard oil to condition and nourish the facial hair and the skin itself. Be aware that a standard-length beard needs 1-2 drops of the product.
  • Comb Choice. Change your standard comb to a wide-tooth pick one. A wide-tooth pick puts less tension on the beard. To use, hold it upright to your face and run it through the beard from below the chin to the edges. And then slowly change this motion from one side of the face to the other.

What is the Proper Way to Trim a Beard

So, have a look at these handy tips to keep your perfect beard look locked and never miss out on all the great first impressions. Follow these steps and tips and match your beard look with every single swag look you put on. From nailing the first dates to the impressionable interviews and all the instances that require your best look.

Here’s a list of all the different Types of Beards Styles.

Above all, you should keep in mind some handy beard-trimming tools that will assist you in every way possible.

  • A comb or brush so you can easily detangle your hair strands.
  • Scissors for detailing and cutting the layers accordingly.
  • For trimming, you can get high-grade clippers which are the best option.
  • For softness and utter moisturization, beard oil or a standard moisturizer would be best.
how to trim beard

We will be briefing you with some steps on how you should go about trimming your beard from scratch and not mess up with something as crucial as this.

Quick Steps

  • Starting. Wash and dry your beard first before starting the trimming process. The best way to trim your beard is by starting with the longest hair length, bringing it down slowly. After that, trim the bulk of the beard opposite to the frame where it meets the neck, cheeks, and lips.
  • Defining your neckline. To have a great beard neckline, put your finger in a horizontal position, just above the Adam’s Apple, and then trim a vertical strip below this line.
  • Shaping the beard. Follow your beard shape by using a shaver. And then shave off the trimmed hairs below your new beard neckline.
  • Choosing the cheek line. If a natural beard doesn’t bother you, then leave it as it is. But if you want a fresher look, aim for a straight or slightly rounded line to the bottom of your sideburns. Know that the lower your cheek line is, the more length your face would have.
  • Shaping up your mustache. You can trim your mustache the same way you did your beard. But you can also make it a bit longer to make it different.

    Applying Beard Conditioner

  • Spread the oil in your palms before applying it to your beard in an upward direction, and then massage it throughout the area.
  • Next, brush the oils throughout using a bristle beard brush. It will spread the product to the skin well to give it a nice natural shine.
  • Make sure the entire beard area is conditioned and brushed. GQ said that the oil could also help tame the hairs of your beard.

Beard Trimming Essentials

Every man is encouraged to own these essential tools and accessories: shampoo, conditioner, beard brush, beard comb, beard scissors, safety razor, beard trimmer, beard oil, and/or balm. However, your beard style does not need all of these. And mind that costly products are not required to achieve a nice beard. But whatever style you’re aiming for, a simple beard trimmer would do.

trimming a beard 2


↓ Finding Your Beard Shape

Since every beard is unique, there are really no rules in finding the ideal style for your facial;l structure. But this photo from The Manual might help you.

trimming a beard 1


↓ Step 1

Step 1 is all about getting your hands on the right kind of beard shampoo because once you do that, the rest would be much easier. The right beard shampoo will help your beard get conditioned all suitably and will surely soften the hair to the core, making step 2 much easier.

Image result for beard shampoo


↓ Step 2

This step is all about how you should trim your beard after you take a shower. Most men do it before showering but doing it after has its perks. Which are: your hair will be so much more hydrated and moisturized if you after showering, secondly because of the hydration, it will be easier for you cut them nicely and cleanly. Furthermore, you will have a much better idea of how it will look once you have tamed it. Like they do in haircuts. Also, have a look at Short Beard Styles-23 Best Tips on Styling Short Beards

↓ Step 3

For the ultimate choice of a brush that makes things easier for you, note down this step. So, for the precision in the previous step, what you should do is, get a brush and run over your hair strands before cutting them. This will stand them out and highlight each strand’s length so you can catch any disorder and trim them appropriately.

↓ Step 4

The next step is to ponder over how there is no undo to messing up beard trimming. A longer guide comb for trimming would be necessary to ensure that does not happen. You should always trim your beard comparatively shorter on the cheeks and neck for the best trimming and styling look. To get a perfect fade in the first attempt, keep the hair longer on the chin compared to your cheeks and neck. RECOMMENDED: Stylish Beards; 21 Beard Styles for Teen Guys to Look Cool

↓ Step 5

Now, you have successfully reached the phase of utilizing clippers. Clippers will help you trim everything to an even length. We know it could be a risky option because you can accidentally cut everything a bit too short, but it’s also the best guide. To trim your mustache, you can run the more temporary guard of the trimmer over your upper lip.

Step by Step Video Tutorial – How to Trim Beard with a Trimmer

↓ Step 6

The alternative to some mismanagement with clippers would be scissors since you cannot possibly mess that up. Would could happen with your use of clippers is that you may not have a steady hand which is not that great deal of a problem, but you can’t trim with clippers, then. But what you can do is comb all of your hair down over the upper lip and trim away anything that covers the upper lip. If that does not work out, scissors are your go-to option left.

↓ Step 7

Once you have entirely trimmed, you must remember to brush your hair downward and remove the guide comb with any traces over your upper lip. If required, scissors are not a bad option for this at all.

↓ Step 8

Another major step to getting this done and dusted, and all too flawlessly, is with the trimming of the neckline. The safest way to trim your neck while trimming the beard is to initiate with just the one-inch area above your Adam’s apple to ensure accuracy. You must be shaving in this area in a way that wraps around the jawbone and the underside of the chin.

↓ Step 9

Use scissors for detailing your beard. This step is all about how you should be cleaning up the strays of your beard once you are done with trimming and get on, giving yourself a more natural-looking finish. Don’t miss out on Full Beard Styles and Tips on Growing and Styling Full Beard

↓ Step 10

Now the final practice would be to just simply put on a suitable beard moisturizer or healthy beard oil to get the best results out of your effort. Your beard will indeed soft and healthy for hours and make up for all the rough trimming and cutting you just performed. Go for some lightweight oils that can retain moisture in your hair. Your skin will also soften and will get the charge of putting up with unruly beards and mustaches. At times, men also face itching and drying after shaving, so that can be avoided.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does my beard itch?

A. Men will begin to have an itchy beard during the first few weeks of its growth. And you may feel the urge to just shave it all off and be done with it for good. The skin underneath is not used to a new coat of hair. It is accustomed to regular shaving, and it struggles to hydrate itself. As it is unable to get the needed moisture, it builds up with grease, which leads to dryness and dandruff when washed. 

Q. How can I keep my beard from itching?

A. To stop your beard from itching (or minimize it at least), give it a thorough clean like what you do in your hair. Use shampoo to wash the beard even as soon as it starts to grow. Then apply some conditioner or beard balm to hydrate and nourish the facial hair and the skin itself.

Q. Are razors better than beard trimmer?

A. Bespoke Unit said that while a beard trimmer is easy to use, razors are more advisable when creating clean contours. And a “shavette” is a good option as its open blade has better precision. And unlike regular straight razors, they don’t need much maintenance and, not to mention – cheaper.

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