20 Kitenge Long Dress Designs & Styles That You Need to Try

Kitenge Designs for Long Dresses- When we talk about style, bold prints, and colors, the one thing that grasps our attention is the typical Kitenge and Ankara style. Africa itself is known for its rich culture and tradition. Kitenge designs have been known for their tribal prints and bold colors across the world. It has been making its mark on the fashion industry as well.

So many fashion icons and stylists are opting for Kitenge and Ankara mashes in their everyday wardrobe, formal and even choosing the unique prints for their big days. Read on to see some of the most beautiful and trending styles for kitenge long dresses.

Latest Styles For Kitenge Long Dress Fashion

Kitenge is utilized and designed for its uniqueness and turned into beautiful pieces of fashion art. You must be thinking of what are the latest designs for kitenge dresses? Or How can you wear kitenge designs for long dresses?. Before moving on to them, you need to know a few things regarding wearing and styling long dresses.

  • Always consider your body shape and skin tone before picking up any dress.
  • Check the length of your dress before buying it. If you are going for a full-length dress that it must hit your ankle.
  • Wear heels to give your dress a little height and prevent tripping.
  • Highlight at least one part of your dress, be it by keeping the color bold or adding a belt or accessories.
  • Kitenge is all about bold prints; hence to balance your look, keep your footwear and bags dull or in neutral shades.
  • Add on a blazer to your long kitenge dress for a professional look.
  • Long flowy and embroidered kitenge dresses are ideal for weddings and fancy moments.

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27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (1)

Here we have compiled these 30 amazing Kitenge designs for long dresses. We are sure you’ll love them if you.

↓ 30 – Long Kitenge Cocktail Dress

The best thing about such designs is that you can style them any way you want without looking like a hobo. This chic white below-the-knee dress proves it. It seems on point with its stylish off-shoulder design.

Moreover, the maroon and yellow color on the white base makes the dress ten times chicer.  For the latest and modern styles and ideas, give Modern Kitenge Dress Designs a quick look.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (17)

↓ 29 – Add a Belt and Statement Sleeves

African designs serve attractive-looking patterns with a range of ways to style them. A stylishly fitted the single-sleeve dress is a perfect look for your evening date. We love the ruffled sleeve. Ladies, if you are fashion enthusiast, then you must know that adding a belt to a long dress is the secret of making it on point. Add on neutral footwear and match your bag with the color of the belt. Also, don’t forget to wear your loop earrings and complete your look with a smile.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (13)

↓ 28 – Long Kitenge Dress with Tail for Wedding Guest

What else would look best in Kitenge design than a tail dress? The amazingly sophisticated yet comfy outfit accentuates the patterns and gives you the perfect day outlook. Tie your hair in a had band printed similar to your dress. You’ll love to wear such outfits, especially at someone’s wedding.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (16)

↓ 27 – Funky Maxi Dress with Kitenge Pattern

Kitenge is all about bold patterns and bright colors. We love how the deep magenta dress has been styled. It brings out the uniqueness in the design and gives that extra feminine touch to your look. Style your outfit with a pair of hoops and some bangles, and you are good to go.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (15)


↓ 26 -Contrasting Colors

Along with intricate prints and patterns, Kitenge also offers a vast range of designs in all sizes printed over the fabric. The contrast between the beautiful red and blue hues speaks volumes of style in this flowy, off-shoulder dress. Add an edge to your style with a long slit over the leg.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (19)

Give these amazing contrasting shades a look as well.

long kitenge dress


↓ 25 – Embroidered Kitenge Dress

Kitenge is not limited to prints and patterns only; Kitenge embroidery makes its mark rapidly over the fashion trends. What’s not to love in this mustard jacket with kitenge pattern and necklace embroidery worn over ripped jeans and accessorize with a belt? You can wear it to your friend’s birthday or even to an office meeting. Always style the best no matter where you are headed to.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (14)


↓ 24 – Sexy African Fashion

Take that feminine touch-up a couple of notches with dipping your entire outfit in Kitenge designs. The Jasmine blouse looks beyond chic and elegant with a flowy skirt. The slit adds an extra oomph to the outfit, along with the kitenge print headscarf. Complete your look with bold accessories and heel sandals.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (20)


↓ 23 – Bold and Unique Colors

One thing in Kitenge and Ankara designs that is to die for is the freakish colors. From orange to blues to hints of green and aqua, the randomness of the pattern is what attracts one the most. It is every bit of an outfit for your summer evening as it can get. You can wear all these colors in the scorching sun as well as in blooming flowers. Have a look at these Kitenge Dresses for Young Girls.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (18)

↓ 22 – Wearing Kitenge to Work

We have, unfortunately, limited the patterns to long flowy dresses to skirts only. Change your style game with this chic kitenge cape worn over a plain white dress. Accessorize your look with a narrow belt, and you have an A-list outfit right there.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (24)

Whether it’s a presentation day or high-level meeting time, wear this patchwork maxi with a white collared button-down shirt along with comfy footwear and ace the look. Do you have an idea of what makes this dress feasible for work? Well, it’s the gatherings, zip at the back and pockets in front: perfect fitting and a place to slide your phone and notes in.

Kitenge long dress

Buy a similar maxi skirt.

PATCHWORK MAXI SKIRT Size Guide Rs.10,140.02 PKR / 65$

↓ 21 – Perfect Party Look

Girls! We think it’s time to experiment with the otherwise bland ideas of dresses. Adding a collar to the bodice and an edgy cut of the skirt looks like one of the best ways to take your taste in patterned dresses up a notch. We love the sleekness the look offers. How about you?

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (26)

↓ 20 – Bold and Beautiful

No outfit can go wrong with a peplum shirt especially when it is paired with a straight skirt. Having it styled in Kitenge design is a cherry on top. The chic and stylish outfit is perfect for your prom, grad party, or your day out with the girls.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (21)


↓ 19 – Kitenge Mermaid Dress

Tired of seeing the plain old organza-silk gowns? This bold patterned Kitenge design mermaid gown is perfect for any formal occasion. The quirky dress adds a rather sophisticated charm and accentuates the curves in a very delicate fashion. Pair up a gold choker with your mermaid dress and slay!

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (22)


Here is another strapless mermaid dress for you to try out. It has a plunging neckline and an eye-catching fishtail. Rock the look with a golden choker and bracelet. How about painting your nails in the dress’s color?

Kitenge long dress

reign Ankara- kitenge gown $130.00

↓ 18 – Luch Date Outfit

Need a bright outfit for your lunch date? The blue and sunshine yellow Kitenge silhouettes look mesmerizing in a pin-up below-the-knee dress. The half puffy sleeve designs add up to the charm ten times. It is, in every way, a perfect outfit that screams spring. Put on some fresh makeup and finish the look by wearing slingback heels.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (23)

↓ 17 – Accessorising Kitenge Outfits

Elevate your work style with this Kitenge pleated, waist-high skirt. Pair it up with a plain or striped white or black shirt to add that extra charm to your everyday outfit. Pearl studs would be the perfect accessory to have with this outfit.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (25)


There are times when you are supposed to dress up a little funky. And kitenge is the best option for sure. You must give Kente headwrap a try, at least. It is a chance to look and feel like the queen you are! What are you waiting for, girls? Crown your head and protect your hair from dust and pollution with this beautiful African kitenge print headwrap

Kitenge long dress


You might also want to try out an African print bonnet that is lined with silk on the inside for maximum hair protection. You can wear the bonnet to go to the gym, to run errands down the road, during days you do not feel like wearing your wig, or to guard your natural hair. You can also use it in replacement for hijab. It is a multi-purpose thing.

Kitenge long dress

African Prints Bonnet | IRE Bonnet – £19.99

↓ 16 – Halter Neckline

There’s nothing in this outfit that is not to die for. The halter-neck, joint sleeve dress in one of the intricate Kitenge designs that play around with the shades of blues, aqua, and purple. Wear your favourite strap heels and accessorize your outfit with a pair of dainty dangling earrings and make all the heads turn! 27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (6)

↓ 15 – Long Kitenge Skirts

Kitenge pleated skirts never go out of fashion. Match up your skirt with an odd shoulder plain blouse tucked in. Pair up your brightly colored earrings with the shades of your dress, and take your work style up several notches.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (8)


Alright, Girls!! This is something you all are going to love because I’m a fan of this dress already!  This kitenge double skirt that has a removable high low skirt is so amazing. You can put it on and off whenever you want. You can literally create two outfits, two looks with the help of this double skirt dress. It is ideal for a hectic day when you have to attend events one after the other.

Kitenge long dress

Ayeishi skirt 135&

↓ 14 – Picture Perfect

Put the entirely typical Kitenge pattern in a charming flowy, floor-length, century-old style dress that screams elegance and sophistication from afar. The dress fits any occasion perfectly and is a perfect blend of grace and charm. Ditch the beachy waves, curls, and straight hair. Go for the ’80s 90’s fashion hair updo. Put on bold lip color, and you are picture-perfect.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (10)


↓ 13 – Chic Look

I love the idea of Kitenge designs being pulled in a silk peplum shirt and straight pants. Say goodbye to your otherwise bland work outfits with these edgy yet chic outfits. Brava! Don’t miss out on Kitenge Dresses for Wedding.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (11)

↓ 12 – Dinner Date Look

A long straight dress with joint sleeves in Kitenge print is what every woman needs in her wardrobe. A perfect outfit for your dinner date.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (7)

↓ 11 – Unique Checkered Prints

Kitenge patterns offer a great deal of versatility, as it shows in this dress. The colorful checkered print has been transformed into a flowy floor-length gown with a halter neck.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (12)


↓ 10 – Travelling Outfit

Elevate your traveling look with this ruffled jumpsuit. The uniqueness of the designs is on another level.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (5)


↓ 9 – Overlapping Dresses

Overlap dresses are back in fashion, and we love them! The chic, summery Kitenge floral design serves as a delight to the sight in a drape-over dress with a slit.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (4)


↓ 8 – Charming Sophistication

We can’t limit Kitenge to patterns and colors. The embroidered and embellished part is even better! This Kitenge-designed embroidered mermaid gown is every bit of a sophisticated and charming outfit for your New Year Eve party.

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (2)


↓ 7 – Mix and Match

Mix and match Kitenge designs in a beautiful outfit comprising of a pencil skirt and a button-down shirt. Who said you couldn’t mash patterns together?

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (3)


↓ 6 – Kitenge Patterns for Daytime

Creating a stylish design out of a pattern is a tough job. This dress has made it look almost effortless with its chic halter-neck cut out of a Kitenge pattern. Love!

27 Kitenge Designs For Long Dresses (9)

↓ 5 – Kitenge Long Dress for Curvy Ladies

We love the sunshine yellow and Black combination styled into this stylish long dress. Also, perfect to accentuate your curves. This amazing Ankara-Kitenge dress has a plunging neckline, side split, and a full-length skirt. Not just this, but it has two pockets and invisible zip at the back as well. Complete your glam look with bold lips and chandelier earrings.

Kitenge long dress


↓ 4 – Hot and Happening

Take your style game up with mashing Kitenge designs into an amazing outfit of a BTK skirt and an off-shoulder top. Accessorize your look with a pair of hoops.


↓ 3 – Long Flowy Subtle Kitenge Maxi

Rock kitenge design in this subtle yet fancy lehenga maxi. To not make it so fancy add a decent white top. Set your hair wavy and put on your drop-down earrings and pumps. Grab your bag, and you are ready to leave from here and shine there.

Kitenge long dress


↓ 2 – Kitenge Twinning With Your Man

Wearing the same clothes as your man can be really cute. Why not wear kitenge and so a little bold and funky touch this year to your anniversary party? You can also gift your man this Ankara bow tie neck west set

Kitenge long dress

↓ 1 – Best Kitenge Designers

You need to visit the following stores to buy long kitenge outfits.

Long kitenge dress


We hope you liked the article and found your favorite outfit. Have a good day!


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