Hockey Game Outfits- 17 Ideas For What To Wear To A Hockey Game

Outfits to Wear To A Hockey Game- Choosing an attire for a hockey game is a very tedious and confusing job. This game involves ice which is the reason for low temperature and the messy crowd at such a place makes it too hot for a person. People go on cheering up for the players, they scream and in return the temperature in the surroundings rises. Hockey jerseys are always the best option to wear when going out for a hockey game but there are certain other factors that also need to be considered.

what to wear to a hockey game

Ideas How to Dress Up For a Hockey Game

If you’ve got a seat near the rink, it would definitely be cold there. You might just feel the cold on your hands and feet and nowhere else because of the crowd. So, you better wear thick socks and warm boots so that you do not end up in a miserable condition while watching the game.  On the other hand, if you are sitting far from the rink you still can’t choose sandals or peep toes as the people around you would be steeping on your feet often.

#17. A Comfy Yet Stylish Look for School Game

A plain white loose jersey with black tights and brown boots is a perfect combination of style and comfort. A layer of scarf gives a much warmer touch to the overall look.

what to wear to a hockey game (17)


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#16. Layering Is Multi-Functional

A plain white t-shirt with a jersey on top and a jacket is best for staying safe from the low temperatures at the game. Pair it with thick leggings, matching boots and bag and you are ready to go to enjoy the game. In case, if you feel too hot, you can always remove the extra layers you have been wearing.

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#15. How to Dress Up for a Game with Your Date

You can wear a hockey jersey with plain thick leggings or even denims would work out with these jerseys. Thick socks and boots are a must with a beanie to cover your head and you are all set to enjoy your favorite sport.

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#14. Leather Leggings And Denim

You can pair leather leggings with a plain t-shirt and denim jacket. Wear a beanie on your head and heels only if you can carry them at a crowded place else boots are always the first preference for a game.

what to wear to a hockey game (14)


#13. Somehow Pee Caps Give A Very Sporty Look

A simple yet casual outfit for a hockey game. A pee cap, boyfriend jeans and adorable booties, what else is needed.

What to wear to a hockey game


#12. Accessorize Yourself

A plain black top with a jeans, pumps, a classy bag and belt. Pair this simple outfit with the accessories you love to wear and are easy to carry. Earrings, a necklace, some rings, bracelet or a watch.


#11. Pull Over Hoodies With Denims

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#10. Thermal Shirts With Flannel Pants

what to wear to a hockey game (10)


#9. A Knee Length Dress With A Sweater for Fall Games

what to wear to a hockey game (9)


#8. Long Boots And A Jacket


#7. Track Suit With A Scarf

what to wear to a hockey game (7)


#6. Tank Tops And Sneakers

what to wear to a hockey game (6)


#5. Shorts With Hoodies for a Chic Winter Day Outfit


#4. Hockey Jerseys With Long Coats for Winter Game Nights

what to wear to a hockey game (4)


#3. Mini Skirts And ties

what to wear to a hockey game (3)


#2. Ripped Jeans With Shawl And Boots

what to wear to a hockey game (2)


#1. Blazers And Booties

what to wear to a hockey game (1)


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