Hijab Engagement Dresses – 27 Beautiful Engagement Dresses for Hijabis

Hijab Engagement Dresses. Hijab is the symbol of a Muslim woman, one element which distinguishes them from others and reflects its importance in their lives.  It is a piece of cloth covering  Muslim girls heads but now it has added versatility and hijab fashion has become huge. Now girls can experiment with their looks, can wear it in an array of colors with stylish prints and designs. Being girls they also like to be fashionable and wear brilliant outfits not just for any day but also for their weddings. Muslim weddings and engagements are known to be extravagant and girls like to flaunt their dresses with beautiful hijabs.  We know that girls like to be the belle of the function. So to help girls who are soon to be engaged with glamorous dresses that will make your dream come true.

Latest Style Engagement Gowns for Muslim Women

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#27. Mermaid Dress in Mesh for Hijabi Engagement

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#26. Yolk Styled Frock for Muslim Engagement

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#25. Chic Patterned Engagement Dress

If you are not the type to go for embrioded or embellished dresses you can chooses this beautifully patterned dress for a day function. Accessorize it with a thin patent belt and heels.

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#24. Modest and Elegant

A very elegant choice for an engagement. Just wear a long gold necklace and a bracelet to enhance your overall look.

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#23. Peach A-line Embroided Engagement Dress

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#22. White; the Color of Purity

White net gown can go with many colors but to wear it with gold shows sophistication. Heavy Eye makeup will complete your look for your function.

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#21. Mesh Bodice Formal Dress

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#20. Touch of Gold for your Big Day

A body fitting a line dress for somewhat liberal girls with puffy sleeves.

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#19. Classic White Gown for the Summers

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#18.  Indonesian Styled Engagement Dress

Baby pink layered gown with intricately worked bodice of same color will give you a glow on your special day.

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#17. African Muslim Inspired Engagement Dress

African Muslims dresses for their engagements and wedding are very pretty like this one designed in a mermaid fashion patterned with a little trail of tulle.


#16. Classy Choice for a Night Function

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#15. All that Glitters is not Gold

Choose glitters if you want to look glamorous. Purple layered skirt with this pink glittery top is completing the look. Dont accessorize just let the dress do the talking.

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#14. Perfect Mix and Match

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#13. Tulle Skirt with Embellishments

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#12. Peplum Styled Dress for Your Day

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#11. All Girls’ Favorite Color

One color toned Kayra dress perfect as it gives you a look of modernity and cover.

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#10. Baby Pink Onsie Gown

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#09. Contrasts Go Well Together

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#08. Simple and Chic

A very simple choice for the girls who prefer simplicity yet elegance.

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#07. A Royal Choice

Engagment Dresses (38)


#06. Graceful in Appearance

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#05. A Fab Hijabi Dress for the Engagement

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#04. Japanese Inspired Layered Dress

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#03. A Lavish Dress

Engagment Dresses (33)


#02. Engagement Gown for Winters

Engagment Dresses (30)


#01. Plus Size Girl Engagement Dress

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