20 Latest Hijab Styles & Trending Hijab Ideas For This Year

Latest Hijab Fashion, Hijab style, and trends. Islamic ways of leading our lives are perfect and beautiful. Being born as a Muslim is a blessing of Allah and every Muslim should be thankful for it. The teachings and beliefs of Islam are very simple to follow and let us live a peaceful life. According to Islam women should keep their heads and bodies covered.

Hijabs are usually used to cover the heads and you can use scarves, dupatta, mufflers for this purpose. Mostly, girls think that wearing hijab would make them look ugly but this is not the case. Today there are several different and stylish ways to carry hijabs that make you look decent yet chic. In this article, we’ll basically focus on this growing trend all around the world. The Arab ladies look elegant while wearing hijabs and keep themselves updated with the latest trends going around.

In this modern and fast growing age of today, a certain fashion trend comes and goes within different intervals of time. Today’s generation loves to do everything with glamour and style and love to make their own style statements. in the old days, women used to cover their bodies with simple single stitched abayas in only black colors. But today every lady prefers to wear abayas that are perfectly stitched and black is not the only color considered for abayas nowadays.

What are the Latest Hijab Fashion Trends For 2018

Hijab is an identification of a Muslim lady and plays an important role in her life. Muslim women are provided a respectable and secure life by Islam. Hijab basically is something that covers the head of a lady. Apart from this, young girls love wearing hijabs according to the trending fashion styles. This piece of accessory enhances the overall personality of a girl and is also very comfortable to wear.

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#20. A Perfect Mix And Match For A Wedding

This picture is a perfect hijabi wedding photo of the bride and bridesmaids. The bride looks elegant in an all white gown with embellishments in silver on the shoulders and waist line and is covering her head with a hijab that is white too. While the bridesmaids are also in the same look but in a different color.

Hijab Styles (1)


#19. Hijab Idea For Sporty Girls

Wearing doesn’t mean that you can’t lead a normal life like any other girl. You can do all the stuff that you desire and still maintain your style statement with a hijab so that people look up to you as an inspiration.

Hijab Styles (2)


#18. Princess Style

Every girl grows up watching Disney movies and dreams of leading a Disney kind of life filled with gowns and crowns and jewels. You can make this dream of yours come true by wearing a flowered crown on top of your hijab.

Hijab Styles (3)


#17. Use Scarves For Cutely Wrapping Up Your Hijab

Colorful printed scarves can be used as hijabs and they give a very girly and chic look to the lady wearing it.

Hijab Styles (4)


#16. Classy Hijab Style

A perfect combination of pink and black, heels, bag, a hat and all of this while wearing a hijab. A style statement that everybody would praise.

Hijab Styles (5)


#15. Comfortable Turban Hijabs for Summer Heat

Turban hijabs are very comfortable as they do not fall around your shoulders and you can easily do your everyday chores in them without getting tangled or irritated by a hijab.

Hijab Styles (6)


#14. Add Glamour To Your Beachy Look With A Hijab

Who ever says that beaches are all about bikinis is totally wrong. You can carry a chic and effortless look to a beach and be all sandy while enjoying the water waves.

Hijab Styles (7)


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#13. Braided Winter Hijab

If you do not want the loose strand of your hijab disturb you in your chores all day then the best way is to make a braid out of it. It would look classy and will also help you do your tasks easily.

Hijab Styles (8)


#12. A multi-colored Braided Bun Style

Hijab Styles (9)


#11. Look Dapper With This Different Style Statement

Hijab Styles (10)


#10. Cover It Up With Matching Gloves – Winter Style

Hijab Styles (11)


#9. Rock The Kuala Lumpur Style

A perfect combination of light colors for your summers. The white and blue shades definitely look and feel cool and the umbrella is a perfect addition to your overall hijabi look.

Hijab Styles (12)


#8. A New Norm: Match Your Hijab color With Your Shoes

It is an old and a very common trend that the color of your shoes and bag should match. We can add a bit of transformation in this trend by taking the bag out of the equation and adding the hijab in.

Hijab Styles (13)


#7. Add A Bit Of A Colorful Touch With Your Hijab To Your Simple Plain Dress

Hijab Styles (14)


#6. You Can Definitely Wear Necklaces With Your Hijabs

Mostly girls do not understand how to wear neck pieces while wearing hijabs. This picture perfectly shows how to wear a hijab so that a necklace can be worn with it.

Hijab Styles (15)


#5. A Chiffon Layered Hijab for Short Height Girls

Chiffon scarves are the best addition to your summer wardrobe. This material is breathable and very light and you can add layers to your hijab with this material as shown in the picture.

Hijab Styles (16)

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#4. Turkish Hijab Style Looks Very Elegant

Hijab Styles (17)


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#3. Don’t Shy Away From Accessorizing

You can add head accessories to your hijab and add some sparkly touch to it for a wedding or some desi party.

Hijab Styles (18)


#2. Hijabs With Bows

You can tie a bow with the loose strands of your hijab. It is your choice you if you want to add it to the side, in the front or at the top of your hijab.

Hijab Styles (19)


#1. Desi Weddings, Sarees And Hijab

Desi Weddings are all about traditions and customs. Brides are usually seen wearing a red colored outfit at their weddings. Sarees are also quite traditional but the combination of a saree for a bride with a hijab is not so common but it definitely looks amazing on this girl in the picture.

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