Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers Every Hijabi to Follow in 2021

Top Hijab Bloggers. With the growing trend of hijab fashion, young fashion bloggers have taken over the social media world by storm. At outfit trends – where we have a vast collection of Muslimah latest fashion – we have been receiving many messages regarding the outfits and hijabs that bloggers wear.

You asked, and we delivered. Here are some of the top Hijabi fashion Street style bloggers that are a must-follow for your daily fashion inspiration. Check them out below.

List of The Top Modest Hijab Fashion Bloggers

Read on to find some of the best hijabi bloggers and follow them to stay updated on the latest fashion trends.

top hijabi bloggers to follow on instagram

↓ 20: Farah Emara

Farah Emara is an Egyptian beauty who gives us some major #hijabgoals. The petite lady is well known for her turban-and-sunglasses combo. She is not one to keep her styling secrets to herself either; she often shares tips and tricks for tying a turban to suit different occasions. Her colourful outfits and the gorgeous smile can brighten up anyone’s Insta feed. You can visit her blog here to stay updated about the latest happenings in her life, along with her favourite fashion trends. You can also watch her videos on YouTube, which makes her fashion applications easier to follow. With such rigorous updating on all her platforms, it’s no wonder that she has raked in over 117k followers on her Instagram.


↓ 19: Nuha

Nuha is another famous Hijabi Queen who reigns over our ‘grams. She is Egyptian as well, currently living her beautiful life in Washington, D.C, USA. This superwoman not only successfully runs a blog and her own line of halal nail polishes, but is also a mom to two super cute girls who grace her Instagram every now and then. She is famous for combining her sleek hijab with her boho-chic outfits. What really makes her outfits stand out is that she goes for the minimalist approach, with an au naturale makeup palette and chic clothes, she gives off effortless elegance in every look.  She is famous for making her colourful heels the statement piece of her ensemble. With 134k followers, she is at number 19 on our list. Give her a follow @devotedlyyours.


↓ 18: Imane Alasry

Speaking of minimalism, how can one forget this stunner: Imane al Asry. The 24-year-old Economics student is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and regularly shares posts that look like they were taken straight out of a painting. Her cool neutrals make her a favourite among many Instagram users who have nicknamed her the ‘Modest Minimalist.’ She embodies her username by taking style and modesty hand in hand. The fashionista soon found her hands full with requests from eager fans and has since started a Youtube channel, where she shares different aspects and tips from her life. You can also visit her site at Or join her 155k followers on Instagram @fashionwithfaith

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (1)

↓ 17: Yasmine Simone

This green-eyed beauty is none other than Yasmine Simone. The girl can make literally anything look good. Her casually cool outfits are sure to make your jaws drop. And who can deny her mad cut-crease skills? Her immaculate glowing skin speaks for itself, and she shares tons of much-needed makeup advice, DIY skincare, and slip-proof hijab tutorials. She even has a video on how she edits her Insta posts! She has a huge following thanks to her helpful posts and receives a lot of love from the Instagram community. Don’t forget to subscribe to her Youtube channel. The fashion goddess also has over 158k followers on Instagram where you can follow her @___enimsay

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (2)

↓ 16: Heba Jalloul

Heba Jalloul is an Arab-American fashion blogger currently residing in New York, USA. She shares different picturesque moments from her colourful life in the big apple and visits abroad. Not one to shy away from experimenting, she constantly surprises us with her wide range of styles. From sequins to muted neutrals, to eclectic patterns – the girl can own it all with ease. She brings together all her looks with a chic handbag. The lovely sceneries, paired with her fashion sense, have brought her 166k followers on Instagram. Make her a part of your daily feed @heba_jay

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (3)

↓ 15: Osob

Osob’s glittering makeup tutorials have been garnering all the love on Instagram this year. The Somali make-up artist lives in Canada and frequently shares makeup tutorials. She proves that being a hijabi does not limit your beauty at all. With a casual outfit, she almost always goes for a nude lip and flawless contour. The gracious diva shares her contouring hacks freely, and you are sure to have chiseled cheekbones after subscribing to her Youtube Channel  or following her on Insta @osobbeauty She reigns at number 15 on our list with 173k followers.

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (4)

↓ 14: Melanie Elturk

Melanie Elturk is the entrepreneur behind Haute Hijab. She launched the brand which encompasses her love of classy vintage fashion. She shows the world how it’s done by pairing her own hijabs with stylish wear. Her clothes are usually sculptured and masculine in nature, but she feminizes them with her grace ala Prada. You can buy the hijabs she wears at HauteHijab. Her Instagram account has a whooping 227k followers, and you should get in on the fashionista’s feed as well @hautehijab

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (5)

↓ 13: Shahd Batal

The 20-year-old Californian is fast becoming our go-to blogger for creating graceful, casual looks. Shahd really knows how to rock the nude look and is a pro at including stylishly over-sized clothes in her ensemble. Hoodies, sweaters, blanket scarves – there is nothing the girl can’t pull off. She keeps up with all the latest fashion du jour, which have earned her 231k subscribers on Youtube and 268k followers on Instagram. Follow away @shahdbatal

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (6)

↓ 12: Manal Chinutay

Canada-based Chinutay has gained a following of over 281k followers on Instagram thanks to her quick-and-easy beauty tutorials. She incorporates her hijab effortlessly with her outfits, often styling it as a turban, bandanna, or even beret. Her outfits are usually accompanied with pops of prints and color, paying homage to her Nigerian roots with a Western fusion. Thanks to her huge fan following, the blogger continues to work with major brands like Loreal and Lancome, while successfully running her own scarf company. Buy them at Visit her Youtube channel and be sure to give her a follow on Instagram @chinutay.

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (7)

↓ 11: Soha Muhammad Taha

This beauty is famous for her elegantly draped hijab and modest dressing. She not only wears modest but sells it as well on Her site also includes cosmetics, handbags, and other products. Soha regularly posts pictures of herself and embodies modesty and grace with her frequent use of pastels, vintage, and drapes. She currently resides in Dubai, where she enjoys her newlywed life. Follow her for some amazing fashion inspiration @sohamt, where she boasts over 399k followers.

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (8)

 ↓ 10: Maria Alia

Maria is another Hijabi blogger based in New York. She posts aesthetic pictures from her life, traveling around the world. She mostly opts for sleek Western cuts, dangling earrings and a swept back hijab. She shares many of the beauty hacks behind her dewy, clear skin and has worked with Loreal and Dior among other major cosmetics brands in her makeup tutorials. Visit her Youtube channel: and be sure to add her fabulous posts to your Insta by following @mariaalia joining her 409k fans.

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (9)

↓ 9: Basma

Basma is one British-Somali gal who really knows how to reinvent culture with style. Her outfits pay homage to her rich heritage while gracefully combining them with Western cuts. Her highlighter is always on fleek, just like her dresses. What’s more, she owns her own line of hijabs by the name of Basma K, and she’s often seen styling hers as a turban, draping it, or even wearing it with a straw hat. Only she can pull that look off with such grace! Her immaculate fashion choices have attracted 422k Instagrammers, where you can follow her @basma_k

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (10)

↓ 8: Sahar Foad

Sahar Foad is an Egyptian hijabi blogger with an eye for art and fashion. She’s considered one of the emerging Muslimah street style bloggers on social media. The iconic woman is known for dabbling with various trendy hijab styles, and it comes as no big surprise that she was the face of ‘Hijab In style’ magazine for the Winter ’18 edition. The gorgeous girl keeps her feed interesting with eccentric, playful poses and a girl-next-door personality. Don’t forget to follow her Instagram @saharfoad, which is already followed by 458k followers and visit


↓ 7: Sabina Hanna

This 22-year-old has brows to die for. The gorgeous London-based blogger pairs her sleek hijab with bold makeup looks. From dramatic smoky eyes to halo effects – she owns them all. She often combines her South Asian patterns with modern styling to create one-of-a-kind looks. On her YouTube channel, you can watch the magic happen in the tutorials. Her unique fashion sense inspires over 516k followers from all around the world.

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (11)

↓ 6: Rianne Mua

Rianne is no ordinary blogger. This super-talented girl recreates looks of famous celebrities, paints art pieces on her face, and keeps up with all the latest ‘challenges’ and trends. For her outfits, she usually goes for a simple black hijab with an under-cap and muted colours for her clothes. She has 592k followers on her Instagram @riannemua. You can also subscribe to her on Youtube for in-depth tutorials.

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (12)

↓ 5: Amena Khan

If you’re looking for ideas on how to rock your hijab with style, be sure to keep this girl on your radar. Between running a scarf business and a lash line, the British blogger somehow still finds time for her blogging. She shares different aspects of her lifestyle and generous makeup tutorials. With over 611k followers, the girl’s not slowing down any time soon. Follow her instagram account @amenakhan. You can also buy her products from her site.

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (13)

↓ 4: Habiba de Silva

Habiba da Silva is a Birmingham-based fashion blogger. She is well known for going with pops of bold colours and having cheekbones to-die-for. The girl is all for women empowerment and encourages other girls to ‘be the CEO your parents wanted you to marry.’ She started small with a hijab collection and today owns a company by her own name. Habiba is arguably the best advertiser for her company. She styles her hijab to go with her outfits, always mixing it up. Shayla, Ankara, Turban – is there any hijab style which she can’t show us how it’s done? You can watch her tutorials on Youtube and follow her @lifelongpercussion, where she’s followed by 832k people already!

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (14)

↓ 3: Dina Torkia

Dina Torkio has been blogging for over eight years. The cheery blogger’s Instagram is a feast for our eyes. She shares her adventurous life around the world, her latest product, hauls, and reviews. Her success online – over 1.3 million followers – has encouraged her to start her own line of modern hip wear and write her own book titled ‘Modestly.’ You can shop for her clothes at The line is all about dressing funky while staying true to our modesty, just like her. She usually goes for daring, saturated colours and funny captions for her own clothes. Her hijab is usually styled as a casual beanie, which really complements the rest of her apparel. View her latest looks on Instagram @dinatokio or visit her Youtube page for insights on her day-to-day life

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (15)

↓ 2: Dana al Daoud

Dalal is one of the most recognizable faces on social media from the Middle East. She has been a blogger for six years now and has attracted 2.4 million followers in such a short span of time. Her secret? Every single one of her posts is a work of art in itself. Despite using mostly Arabic language, her beauty and style is universal. Dalal always dons a white hijab fitted snugly around her neck, which goes with all her outfits. The clothes she wears are trendy and elegantly simple. For her makeup, she goes for a subtle look with all the focus on her bold red lip and dramatic lashes. She often shares her signature hijab tutorial, makeup tips, and product endorsements. So be sure to get in on her tips by following @dalalid, and subscribe to her Youtube channel.

Top 20 Hijab Fashion Bloggers (16)

↓ 1: Ascia al Faraj

Last but surely not least comes Ascia al Faraj. The Kuwait based lady is followed by every fashion conscious Hijabi all over the world. The glamour queen is famous for wearing brands like Burberry, Coach, Louboutins, and Christian Dior. Her hijab is often loosely styled like a turban or beanie, with a few of her signature locks escaping. This super girl is not only our top blogger but also owns her own line of newborn’s clothing called Desert baby. Not just that – she also co-founded a Korean beauty brand called Seoul Kool. Would you believe she owns two businesses AND handles 2.5 million followers? Don’t forget to follow this wonderful woman for some useful fashion pointers @ascia_akf and do visit her blog as well:



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