Hijab Style With Abaya-12 Chic Ways To Wear Abaya With Hijab

There are different styles to wear a hijab. One of the famous way is to wear an abaya with hijab. These two are the most important factors for all the Muslim females. These two garments are worn in order to cover the body. Whether it is a trendy or a traditional way. Many of the ladies like to wear it with an abaya. For those of you who want to know ideas on how to wear an abaya with a hijab shall read this post.

Hijab is a veil or a piece of cloth which covers the head and chest. It can be worn on the head or around the neck for a more trendy style. This is particularly worn by females and is compulsory for women in many Muslim countries. It can worn with both, eastern and western clothes. In the current century, many girls wear hijab as a sign of fashion whereas many wear it since it is compulsory for all the Muslim girls. You will find new incoming trends that are worn with abaya’s.

If you are a true lover of abaya then you should scroll down to see plenty new ways of how you could style the hijab with the abaya’s. Many girls adopt this tradition as they get inspired by it and wear it as a fashion statement. Dubai style abayas are pretty in these days to wear with scarf. It can be styled in several ways according to individual preference. You can also get the turkish style abaya’s which look alluring with the embroidery done on them. Accessories on top of the the head scarf can also increase the beauty of the it. Earlier the women only preffered to wear the black coloured abaya’s but now the tastes and styles have changed. Variety of colors are available. The fashion designers have changed and introduced some interesting styles. Other than that the hijab’s can be styled with headbands, pins, funky clips or laces. A colourful printed scarf with a simple outfit can make you look graceful. Check out the abaya and hijab styles below for more ideas. The styles have transformed and changed in many different ways. It is now not only considered a simple ritual but also a stylish trend that add sparks to the abaya. Hope you loved reading the ideas.

Black Morrocan Hijab Style Abaya

Black Moroccon Style Abaya

 Kaftan Style Abaya with Hijab

Kaftan Style Abaya with Hijab

Egyptian Style Abaya

Egyption Style Abaya

Hijabs can be used and wrapped around the face in different styles. Wearing a hijab with an abaya can add more grace to the appearance. Now a days different types of hijabs are available such as net ,one piece al amirah, sequin , spanish wrap, triangle scarf. You can find hijab in stitched form also. Turkish hijab style are perfect for round shaped face also. It will further enhance the features.

 Turkish Style Abaya And Hijab

Arabic Style Abaya with White Hijab

 Glittery Fancy Abaya Style

Abaya with Heels

Designer Inspired Abaya

 Two Tone Style .

Two Tone Abaya with Hijab

 Morrocon Style Abaya

Cross Stitch Abaya

 Black Silk Design Embossed Abaya

Couture Hijab Style Abaya

Black Embroidered Style Abaya

 Kaftan Style 

Silk Abaya Style

 Embroidered Style Abaya

Elegant Abaya Fashion

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