What to Wear on Thanksgiving ? 30 Outfit Ideas

Cute Thanksgiving Outfits for Women. Summer is just about over, which means autumn will soon be upon us… and with autumn comes that wonderful holiday season, a time of family, fun, and the creation of new memories!

Before we get started, check out our pro tips to help you determine the perfect Thanksgiving day outfit:

What to Wear on Thanksgiving?

  • Keep the weather in mind. Thanksgiving tends to be the catalyst around which we notice winter settling in. For some, that might mean a snowstorm; for others, it can be like any other cold autumn day. If you are driving or traveling on or around Thanksgiving, make sure you take the weather into account when planning your outfit. However, if you plan to stay indoors all day, you needn’t worry!
  • Add a pop of colour. November is often a dull, somewhat gloomy month for many people. Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful opportunity to bring a pop of color and brightness to the people around you by adding bright and welcoming colors to your outfit! For example, a rich and vibrant red looks great when paired with a monochrome shade or warmer tones. Not only will a pop of color brighten your outfit, but it may also lift your mood!

what to wear on thanksgiving

  • Are you a hostess or a guest? Your chosen outfit depends on whether you’re attending or hosting the dinner. As a guest, you’ll have to factor in the weather as you will likely be driving or traveling; as a hostess, you should keep in mind that looking the part is important, but so is remaining comfortable and accessible as you run from the kitchen to dining room, adding the last touches to the dinner! Keep this in mind when planning your outfit.
  • Stick with a theme. This works especially well when you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner party. Choose a color theme for your decorations, table setting, and outfit. Maybe you want to emphasize the harvest aspect of the season. You could opt for burnt oranges, deep browns, and warm reds like burgundy. Or, if you want to stay in a monochromatic range, you could choose a more wintry palette, like greys, whites, and neutral tones.
  • Add layers. As mentioned earlier, the chilly weather necessitates that you remain warm, so use smart and classy layers to keep yourself warm. Long coats, plaid prints, and bomber jackets are great seasonal options!
  • Consider your audience. It would be best to choose an outfit that would blend well with your audience. Your outfit choice will naturally be fancier if you spend Thanksgiving with your husband or boyfriend than when you spend the night with your best friends.

↓ 30 – How to Wear a Dress on Thanksgiving

A lovely look for attending Thanksgiving dinner with friends, this is one look you could so easily pull off!

Opt for a wool or knit dress with solid colors and a fun, eye-catching pattern. Black and white is classic and goes with pretty much everything. Layer it with a lightweight brown jacket and knee-high boots. Loose hair suits this look well, as would a chignon or ballerina bun!

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how to dress for thanksgiving


↓ 29 – Matching Outfit for Couples

Get cute with your significant other in coordinating outfits! You and your guy will don a couple of cute plaid shirts for this look. Let your guy style his face as he normally would (jeans, a light jacket, and combat boots are solid) and go ahead and get girly with an eye-catching skirt like this one! Add some strappy heels and let your curls down. This is one look you and your guy will want pictures in!

how to dress for thanksgiving


↓ 28 – Last-Minute Party Dress

It happens to the best of us. A holiday or family event rolls around, and we’re left scrambling at the last minute for an outfit! If that’s you this Thanksgiving, never fear! Outfit Trends is here!

Here is a super simple look you could easily throw together, even if you only have 10 minutes to get dressed! Pop on a cute dress (this shirt-dress easily bridges casual with seasonal, making it a top choice!) and add your favorite blazer. Zip up some thigh-high boots and twist up your hair in a top-knot. Swipe on lipstick and pop in your favorite gold earrings, and you are ready to go!

what to wear for thanksgiving dinner


↓ 27 – Thanksgiving Dinner with Friends

When celebrating Thanksgiving with your friends, you want to wear something a little more trendy, edgy, and, most of all, a little more you!

If this is a look that resonates with you, why not give it a try? Opt for a midi wrap skirt and a rich red knit sweater. Knee-high boots and a cute hat combine the look, leaving you instantly chic and fabulous.

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how to dress for thanksgiving

↓ 26 – Festive

Feeling fancy? Wear a festive wrap dress for this season’s holiday party!

This gorgeous deep emerald velvet dress will draw every eye in the room, especially when paired with black tights and (you guessed it) knee-high boots. You can keep accessories minimal, opting for a simple gold necklace and loose hair. With a bold look like this, keep your makeup muted with peachy lipstick and a natural brow.

how to dress for thanksgiving dinner


↓ 25 – Outdoors

All-white is a classic and elegant choice when hosting or attending an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner. Stay warm and stain-free by layering your white sweater and pants with a tartan or checkered coat.

These colors are perfect for the season; you will be picture-ready when taking family photos! To tie this look together, go for bright red lipstick and long, loose curls!

how to dress for thanksgiving dinner


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↓ 24 – What to Wear to a Family Thanksgiving Dinner

As aforementioned, knowing your audience is important when choosing your holiday outfit! If you and your family prefer a laidback, casual affair, check out this simple, casual, stylish look!

It’s all about textures with this outfit. Go for a sweater that looks and feels expensive. Whether that’s a cable knit or a thick, soft wool sweater, remember that color plays a part too! This unexpected pale pink brings a pop of color to an otherwise gloomy season.

Style your hair in curls and pull it back into a low-pony. Swipe on some bright red lipstick and pop on your favourite jeans. Voila! You are family-dinner-ready!

how to dress for thanksgiving

↓ 23 –  Dinner at Home

Are you spending the day with your loved ones at home? Like this awesome knit turtleneck paired with corduroy sweatpants, go for something nice and cozy. Plus, you can’t forget your favourite socks and blanket scarf!

how to dress for thanksgiving

↓ 22 – Dinner with Boyfriend

Here is an outfit board walking you through every piece of this bright, sunny look!

how to dress for thanksgiving dinner


↓ 21 – Family Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Here is a classic look that would work well for any holiday dinner. Opt for monochromatic shades, and keep your lines streamlined and elegant.

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what to wear on thanksgiving dinner


Want some a little more casual? Switch up the look and add jeans!

what to wear on thanksgiving dinner


↓ 20 – Thanksgiving Night

Here are two outfits you can easily pop on this Thanksgiving when you need something warm and cozy! It’s all about the colours and materials with these looks. Whether you choose the more businessy look on the left or the more soft and warm outfit on the right, both ensembles keep you looking and feeling like a million bucks.

↓ 19 – Winter Party Wear

This ensemble right here is hands-down our top choice for festive holiday style!

This beautiful and feminine look brings together so many wonderful and fitting elements. The soft, iridescent sweater will catch both candlelight and firelight and brighten a gentle glow to your skin. This deep red velvet skirt is girly and chic, especially worn over black tights. Long, loose waves of hair further enhance the femininity of this ensemble and make it an unforgettable and highly desired choice for this season’s Thanksgiving dinner.


↓ 18 – Denim Jacket

A simple way to say happy Thanksgiving is with modest jeans and a cute denim jacket.

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↓ 17 – Sophisticated Look

Here is another wonderfully feminine look that brings together so many classic lines! A fitted, well-tailored blouse is a life-changer, especially with a loose, beautifully patterned skirt. A blazer and a pair of stylish boots add structure to the look. Accessorize with stud earrings, a handbag, and a stack of bracelets.


↓ 16 – Casual Jeans

Are you a gal that appreciates some pink? If so, look no further. This soft, cozy look remains seasonal but untraditional and lends gentle, feminine warmth to the dinner table!

↓ 15 – Ariana Grande Style

Take a page from Ariana Grande’s book and check out these AG-inspired outfits!


↓ 14 – Casual Style

Do you like staying outside the box? Well, here’s your chance! This is one color that will make you stand out!

↓ 13 – Leggings

This outfit with sleek, slim tights and a warm muffler is a fantastic winter look.


↓ 12 – Teen Girls

You may want to feel a little more comfortable and cozy when you’re staying in for a family dinner. That’s where this outfit comes in handy! Simply tie a striped top to some high-waisted shorts and top it off with a maroon-coloured cardigan. Accessorize as pictured.

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↓ 11 – Fall Outfit

Nothing screams autumn like a burgundy sweater and chunky scarf! Add a forest green sweater and ankle boots to round out the look further.


↓ 10 – Perfect Holiday Outfit

I was wondering what to wear for a dinner date. Check out this gorgeous ensemble. The deep red of the dress is perfect for the season and will keep you looking elegant and classic, especially when paired with matching heels. These holiday earrings are small and delicate enough to keep from being tacky and look especially nice when paired with this cowl-necked dress.

↓ 9 – Hipster Look

This is the look for all your teenagers and college girls!


↓ 8 – Night Outfit

You can’t go wrong with a simple, classic look like this. Simply copy from the board below to put together your classic look!


↓ 7 – Holiday Party Ensemble

Outfit boards are just the best, aren’t they? Pick and choose from the eye-catching pieces below!


↓ 6 – Untraditional

Some Thanksgivings are unduly warm; others are expected when you live in a warmer climate! Dress for the weather with this cute Bohemian-style look.

↓ 5 – Formal

This outfit has it all.


↓ 4 – Short Winter Dress

Here’s an edgy look you’ll love trying this year!


↓ 3 – Feminine Holiday Look

It’s all about the details of this ensemble! Let your inner old-fashioned girl loose in a flurry of lace collars and ballet flats!


↓ 2 – Cute and Girly Hat + Long Skirt Look

What could be more darling than a flowing skirt and a cute hat to match?! Try out this look with a patterned long-sleeve blouse.

 ↓ 1 – 3-in-1 Sweet and Simple Thanksgiving Day Looks

The title says it all. If you haven’t found your inspiration, check out these options below! There’s something for everyone here.



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