10 different types of shoes every woman should own

Shoes are the queen of accessories. They are the ultimate investment, if you maintain them in the right way, you can use them for years. You don’t need many options; you just need few right options that can be worn on many outfits. If you don’t want to stick on fast fashion and trendy footwear, you can choose timeless options that will excite you to wear when you pull them out from your shoe rack. 

Finding the right pair of shoes can be difficult.  Deciding on what footwear to wear is a common problem we face every day. Few styles are suitable for a specific occasion than others, whether it can be to the workplace or a party. 

There is a wide variety of footwear for women to explore, each with its own identity, and all the footwear is known to be beautiful, functional, and desirable.

Update your shoe collection with these 10 shoes and you will never feel like you will need another pair of shoes. 

  1. White Sneakers

Sneakers are now in trend for the last few years. You can pair your sneakers with almost anything. A good pair of simple white sneakers will go with almost anything. It always looks good and instantly gives your ensemble a laid-back chick vibe! They are appropriate for any season. Get yourself a good-quality leather pair that will be easy to clean. 

  • Flat Sandals

These are the most comfortable year-round staple but must-have for summer and spring. They go perfect with feminine dresses, shorts, and jeans. If you love traveling to beaches you need to have this in your travel bag the universal shades to go for are nude, tan, brown, black, and white. You can also pick a pair for more casual everyday chores and a formal pair of shoes for special occasions. 

  • Nude Pumps

A nude pump shoe is amazing for everyday use or work. They instantly make you look elegant and classy. It upgrades your casual look to more formal looks. There are many shades available in nudes, make sure to pick a shade that compliments your skin tone and try them before making a final purchase. 

  • Ankle Strap Sandals 

The ankle strap sandals are the most underrated pair of shoes. These make any outfit look sleeker, they look great on everyone with almost any outfit. They work well for events during summers by giving you a perfect look by allowing your feet to breathe in the heat. 

  •  Ballerina Flats

Ballerina Flats is a choice of every girl. There is a reason it is every girl’s go-to choice for daily wear. They are super comfortable while being very cute and feminine. You can pair them with casuals or formal wear. 

  • Boots

Boots are another most comfortable shoe, especially in winters. They give a chic look to your overall look and provide a perfect finishing touch. Pick some boots which suit your personality to inject some style into your wardrobe. The most popular styles of boots are ankle-length boots and combat boots both are practical and stylish for all your outfits. 

  • Statement Heels

Gold, Silver, or crystal bling, every girl needs at least one pair of statement heels. These pair of heels take center stage and compliments your cocktail dresses for special black-tie occasions. Pick classic gold or silver statement heels that are versatile and you can pair them with any outfit from your wardrobe. You can also wear them with your casual jeans or leggings to dress up your whole look. 

  •     Classic Loafers

Loafers came on the scene a few years back and now we are wondering how we lived without them. They make an outfit look more sophisticated and put together. And since they are flat, they are an alternative to ballet flats. If you love wearing loafers, a classic black pair is best. You can also try some fun colors and funky prints to spice up your basics.

  •     Slide Sandals

There is nothing better than having a slide sandal that you can slip on the weather warm without giving a second thought to it. The easy-slide sandals may sound like summer-only footwear, but this can be used during the fall and spring with the addition of a chick suit. You can opt for a simple slide sandal or something flashier, the idea remains the same. 

  1. Knee Boots

Knee boots look like riding shoes, which are absolute must-haves in winters. Flat knee boots will help you from chilly weather when worn with leggings or thick tights. Grab black or brown leather knee boots as they can stay in shape for years. 

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