How to Wear Boat Shoes for Women? 16 Outfit Ideas

Boat shoe outfits. If you’re looking for shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable enough to last for years then what you need are boat shoes. They are ideal for a casual and effortless look and the recent interest in them has led to heels and even wedges that are shaped like boat shoes.

How to Wear Boat Shoes and Look on Point

Of course, these tips are just some tried and tested suggestions and not some rules that must be followed. You should always feel free to experiment and come up with your own style.

  • Use the right accessories: Since boat shoes are a type of menswear-inspired shoe, they’re not very feminine. So to add girly touches, you must be careful when selecting your accessories. For example, choose floral bags with boat shoes instead of solid-colored ones.
  • Avoid socks: Another way to add feminine touches to your boat shoes is by letting your ankle show. This can be achieved by either not wearing socks or socks that don’t show for example the loafer socks. However, if you’re wearing them for someplace wet like the beach or on a rainy day, you’ll obviously opt for not wearing socks.
  • Plan your outfit: Since boat shoes are more of a casual style, but this doesn’t mean that you need to feel restricted, as we’ll also be sharing with you some party outfit ideas with boat shoes. But if you’re planning to wear them for a special occasion, ensure you’re well prepared and plan all the details well ahead of time.
  • Bottoms to wear : Jeans and denim are always the best shoes for any boat shoes. For the best look, wear them with cropped ones or cuff up your jeans. Other than that, you can also wear them with khakis, skirts, and shorts.
  • When to wear : These shoes are best suited for the Summer and Spring. Since they leave most of your feet exposed, they won’t be a good shoe type for chilly Winters.
  • Choosing the right colors. With boat shoes, you never need to worry about matching the colors as they are simply made to stand out. But unless you’re wearing white boat shoes, avoid wearing pants in a color that’s darker than your shoes. One awesome combination would be to wear navy blue boat shoes with khaki pants, you should have a look at these Women Shoes with Khaki Pants.
  • When to not wear . Always avoid wearing them in winter or for any black-tie event.

So here are our favorite ways of styling them for every season. And they’ll be followed by a list of the best places to shop for boat shoes.

what to wear with boat shoes

↓ 16 – For the Boat

Where else would the boat shoes be more perfect for than a boat? The shoes you see here are the most classic Sperry boat shoes in tan colour. For more ideas, check out our earlier post on what to wear for a boating trip.

outfits with boat shoes for women

You can buy these shoes here for just $94.95.

outfits to wear with boat shoes for women

And of course, you can wear your boat shoes for any water activity.

women boat shoes

↓ 15 – Elegant Party Attire

Wear your boat shoes with a sequin tunic for a cute party outfit.

outfits with boat shoes for women

↓ 14 – For Travelling

When you’re packing your stuff for a trip, you have a limited choice of shoes that you can take with you and it is in such scenarios that the boat shoes prove their worth.

outfits with boat shoes for women

outfits with boat shoes for women

↓ 13 – Celebrity Style

Many celebrities including Blake Lively, love wearing theseshoes. This is an outfit of her from a set in Paris and it looks like the perfect casual outfit for everyday wear.

what to wear with boat shoes

↓ 12 – Casual Homewear

If you’re having a casual get together at your place or you have some friends coming over then this is a superb look to go for. A comfy sweater, sweatpants and boat shoes, topped with a messy bun, in one word, this look is all about ‘comfort’.

what to wear with boat shoes for women

↓ 11 – How to Wear Boat Shoe at Work

Metallic colored boat shoes can easily be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion and place you’re dressing up for.

how to wear women boat shoes

↓ 10 – Date Night Look

A simple yet effortlessly romantic look for dinner date. Here are some more gorgeous Outfits To Wear On A Date.

what to wear with boat shoes

↓ 9 – Spring Outfit

As mentioned earlier, boat shoes work really well with floral print scarves.

what to wear with boat shoes

↓ 8 – Prints

outfits with boat shoes for women

↓ 7 – Beach Style

A refreshing look for a beach day.

outfits with boat shoes for women

↓ 6 – Couple Goals

outfits with boat shoes for women

You can easily find boat shoes that will match with your significant other’s shoes and outfits. They create the perfect combination for photoshoots.

↓ 5 – White Coloured Sperry Boat Shoes

outfits with boat shoes for women

↓ 4 – The Perfect Weekend Look

outfits with boat shoes for women

↓ 3 – College Outfit

outfits with boat shoes for women

↓ 2 – Minimalist Living

Boat Shoes just have to be a part of your wardrobe if you’re into minimalist fashion. You can easily find neutral colored boat shoes that can be worn with absolutely any outfit. Its always best to invest in good quality shoes though so they’ll last longer, which means that you need to prefer quality over quantity.

outfits with boat shoes for women

↓ 1 – Best Boat Shoe Brands of the Year

Here’s a list of our favorite places to shop for women boat shoes.

  • Sperry. Starting with the classic brand that has been around since ages and continues to be at the top of the boat shoe game. They were the original boat shoe brand from America and they can be found in many different locations throughout the country. The price for their women’s boat shoes starts from $89.95 and goes up to $174.95. The best part is that they have 8 different types of boat shoes, each of which has some unique characteristics.
best brands of sperry shoes for women
  • Quvel. Customised boat shoes are the cutest idea for couples who like sharing things. And Quvel is definitely the best place for this type of stuff. You can choose the type of shoe you want from three different boat shoe styles for women and then go on to choose your shoe’s color, embroidery graphics and add any text of your choice. This makes these shoes a really cute gift for weddings and other occasions.
best shoe brands for women boat shoes

Check out these gorgeous and summery customized boat shoes that we created using their website. You can also design your own and buy it for just $95. How fun is it to wear customized shoes that you’ve designed yourself? So they’re definitely worth the price.

outfits with boat shoes for women
women boat shoe brands
  • Dubarry. For boat shoes that are designed for comfort, this is the brand to go for. They have many different styles and awesome colors to choose from. The price ranges from $149 to $179. women boat shoe brands


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