20 Ideas On What To Wear With Kitten Heels This Year

What to wear with kitten heels – Kitten heels have been a refreshing addition to the shoe trends in 2022. While everyone out there is fond of high heels and prefers them for their gatherings, we assure you that kitten heels look equally beautiful.

These heels got famous around the 1960s as they replaced long heels and stilettos. People started loving them as they were less elevated and easy to walk in.

For long and tiring days, when you have to walk around a lot, these heels are a perfect pick. So for the love of kitten heels, we are here to show you some amazing outfits you should be wearing with these heels.

Best Outfits With Kitten Heels

These heels are a timeless staple because they can stay in your closet for years. You can wear them to work with a plain buttoned-down shirt and high-waisted pants.

You can go for a family dinner and wear it with your long dresses. Being a comfortable shoe pair, it can definitely accompany you on your brunch day with friends.

It gets difficult to carry stilettos sometimes, and you still want to include heels in your fit for a more toned down and stylish look. In that case go for these heels, they will keep you comfortable, they are easy to carry, you can play with colors, and most importantly, they suit every body type.

Tips on How to Wear Kitten Heels

  • Pointed-toe pumps and closed-toe kitten heels are considered best for the workplace because they look more formal and sophisticated.
  • On the other hand, Mules, sliders, and open-toe kitten heels work well for casual hangouts and everyday meet-ups.
  • If you are a petite girl, choose pointed-toe mule kitten heels. Mules give a seemingly lean and elongated look to your legs.
  • For ladies who are afraid of high heels and want to take baby steps, go for kitten heels. These are super beginner friendly and will train you on how to carry heels. Later you can shift to higher inches if you like to do so.
  • A pretty pair of kitten heels paired with your outfit boosts your confidence and makes you feel good. So do stock up on at least two or three pairs of these heels for that gorgeous look.
  • Unlike stilettos and other long heels, kitten heels usually don’t cause a foot ache. They are mostly two inches or less and hence the feet are less elevated making them less prone to pain.
  • These heels are not restricted to a single design. They come in all kinds of designs including multiple colors, prints, shapes, and silhouettes. So you have a huge variety to choose from. Whether you have to go to a grocery shop or a birthday party, the options are unlimited.

20 – Slay An Off-shoulder Dress With Pump Heels

Wearing an off-shoulder dress is the best option when you want to give a toned look to your arms. This vibrant pink strapless dress should be a must-have for all the ladies who want to flaunt their arms in style without getting uncomfortable.

With the dress being this much gorgeous, you should definitely pair it up with matching sling-back kitten heels.

20 Ideas On What To Wear With Kitten Heels This Year


19 – Puff Sleeve Dress for Summer

Dresses are a staple for everyone, considering the fact that it suits every body size, you all must have it in your summer closet. You can go for either brighter colors or light colors as per your liking but make sure the print is in smaller patterns as it gives you a lean look.

Larger prints give you a fuller look and can work for skinny girls but not for curvy women.

20 Ideas On What To Wear With Kitten Heels This Year


18 – Neutral Tube Top And Beige Pants

Straight pants look great with tube tops and crop tops. For maintaining a balance, always pair your fitted tops with straight pants or wide-leg pants instead of skinny pants.

Go for beige color heels in accordance with your pants because your heels should match at least one part of your outfit, either with the pants or with the top. Open hair looks amazing with tube tops but if the weather is slurry or hot, tie your hair in a bun and wear hoop earrings.

20 Ideas On What To Wear With Kitten Heels This Year


17 – Create A Monochromatic Look With A Black Romper And Black Heels

Rompers have been adored by women since day one. They are stylish, give a neat and pulled-together look, and are easy to style. If you are going to dinner, go for this black romper. Tie a matching belt around your waist and open your hair.

This outfit will already make you look tall so you don’t need high heels, instead kitten heels will look great with this dress. Add a pop of color by wearing a brown bag.

Women with lean bodies will love this fit as it’s not too loose not too tight and hence a subtle option for skinny ladies.


16 – Pairing A Black Floral Dress With Matching Heels

Tell us about someone who doesn’t love floral dresses. We are sure you can because all the girls out there are as fond of florals as they are of food and makeup.

When you opt for a floral dress, don’t go over the board with accessories. You can opt for a light pendant if you are wearing a round neck but if you are wearing a full-coverage neck don’t opt for a necklace.

Add hoop earrings. A headband or a plain bandana in your hair will spice up your outfit. This floral dress is a perfect choice for curvy ladies as it is flared from the hemline and the matching belt around your bust will add more flare to the fit. Wear it on a casual day out with braided kitten heels.


15 – Pair Your Tiered Dress With Plain Strapped Heels

It’s summer and you want to choose the comfiest option of all. So here we are with a suggestion. Go for this pastel blue tiered dress. The fabric will keep you sweat-free as cotton allows the wind to pass through. Add accessories like a minimal pendant and stud earrings.

Wear strapped kitten heels in Black and enjoy while being comfortable and relaxed.


14 – Red Heels With Black Pants And White Net Shirt

Going with a basic outfit can be too boring sometimes. Add bright red color to your attire to look more stylish and radiant. You can add red lipstick or a red bag. But most importantly, a pair of red kitten heels to this basic outfit will instantly accentuate your look and your simple outfit will turn into a classy one.

You can add accessories like a pendant or some bracelets. Don’t forget to paint your nails with red or black nail paint.


13 – Add A Tinge Of Neutral Into A Basic Work Wear

Sometimes, choosing an outfit for work can be a tricky task but going with an all-black outfit requires no hassle and no extra effort. This monochromatic look is an easy pull-together look for a day at work.

Balance the darker shades with a neutral blazer and black kitten heels. That’s it! A chic look for a day at work is ready.


12 – Polka Dot Dress

This puff-sleeved polka dress is a great option for ladies, especially with curvy bodies. The frill on the hem will emphasize your lower body to give a lean look.

For curvy ladies, we suggest going for a pleated or ruched dress from the stomach instead of the satin dress that sticks to the body.

Add accessories like hoop earrings and studs. Carry a chained shoulder bag. And of course, wear this gorgeous pair of heels.

20 Ideas On What To Wear With Kitten Heels This Year


10 – A Tee Paired With Mini Skirt

This basic mini-skirt outfit is a stellar choice for your next coffee date with friends. Here is a pro tip mini skirts and pencil skirts already give an illusion of longer legs and a lean body so going with less elevated kitten heels is a wise choice.

Carry a mini chain bag in black color. Go for a no-makeup look and wear your wristwatch. That’s all! You are ready to rock this look.

20 Ideas On What To Wear With Kitten Heels This Year


9 – Black Mini Dress For A Minimalistic Look

You have to pick up your kids from school and you have no time to dress up. For a day like this, quickly change into this loose fit flattery black dress.

Wear slider heels in any of your favorite colors since black complements almost all of the colors and carry your bag. Your quick outfit for school runs is ready.

20 Ideas On What To Wear With Kitten Heels This Year


8 – Matching Your Top With Your Heels

One of the best ways to balance out your outfit is to match your footwear with the upper part of the outfit. This will instantly give you an elegant look.

We love how this black crop top is complementing the matching kitten heels. Plus the wide leg jeans are perfect for mid-body size when you want to de-emphasize your thighs and flaunt your shoulder and bust.


7 – Denim With Buttoned Down Shirt And White Heels

A combination of denim and white color is heavenly and you all should try this look. A perfect balance of color saturation and an eye-catching look is all that you need to slay this year.

20 Ideas On What To Wear With Kitten Heels This Year


6 – Pink Dress With Silver Heels

What if we say you have to attend a party in the evening? what’s the color that instantly pops up in your mind? We know it’s pink because pink is every girl’s go-to color whether it’s a birthday party or a casual hang-out.

Go for this pink halter neck dress made up of net fabric hence giving a fancy touch to the dress. Pair it up with embellished butterfly ankle strap clear heels.

These heels are in great trend these days and it is becoming everyone’s first choice when it comes to semi-casual or formal event.

20 Ideas On What To Wear With Kitten Heels This Year


5 – Flaunt A Green Bodycon Dress With Mule Kitten Heels

Mule kitten heels are really in trend these days. They are super comfy plus protect your feet from sun tan and dust. Here we have this beautiful green bodycon dress in chiffon that is paired with brown mule kitten heels and seems like a perfect match for a birthday party. Not too simple, not too over the top!

The square neck design of this dress allows you to add some chunky gold pendants or necklaces. Wear soft lipstick and you are all set.


4 – Go forPeplum Tops And Basic Pants

Who doesn’t love a peplum top? We all do. Peplums are extremely versatile silhouettes as they can be incorporated into any ensemble. If you are going on date night, pair it up with a skirt. If you are going on lunch, pair it up with moms jeans or straight pants.

This pulled-together look is a sign that you need to go on a brunch date with your best friend real soon, So call her, plan that brunch, and wear this gray peplum top with contrasting white pants. Match your heels with the upper part of the fit to give a neat look. Wear a bandana on your head and don’t forget to apply sunscreen because good skin complements every outfit.

20 Ideas On What To Wear With Kitten Heels This Year


3 – Printed Pleated Skirt With Classic Black Heels

If you are planning to go shopping and buy kitten heels, we suggest going for black and neutral heels. They save you time while choosing your footwear as they go with almost all the hues in an outfit.

Here we can see how well these heels are going with a patterned pleated skirt and casual black top. Add a gold pendant to enhance the beauty of this dress and keep your hair open. Carry a mini bag in black or brown.


2 – Keeping It Basic With A Sweater And Pants

Dressing up every day to go out of the house and run errands gets tiring sometimes. For such days, go for this basic outfit with a green sweater and high-rise straight pants. For a less elevated and cozy experience, we suggest going for these heels.


1 – Go for A Long Leather Trench Coat

You can style your trench coat in multiple ways but one of the easiest ways to style it is to wear it over a sweater and jeans. Purple is a vibrant color and it should not be restricted to summer or spring only.

Go for this purple turtleneck sweater paired with denim this fall. Add a brown trench coat to complete the look. Trust us, this amalgam of colors will make you stand out.

Don’t forget to wear your kitten heels and we suggest going for nudes to balance out the saturation of colors in this outfit.

20 Ideas On What To Wear With Kitten Heels This Year


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it easy to walk in kitten heels?

Ans. Yes definitely! They are not higher in inches like stilettos and everyone can wear them without having any problem walking. An elevated version of flats, these heels are most appropriate for running everyday errands, catching up with friends and family and walking around the city. For days when you just want to go for a casual outfit featuring a baggy t-shirt and skinny jeans, wearing these heels will add style to your fit without putting any extra effort.

Q. Are kitten heels in style?

Ans. Yes, they are in trend this year. From teenage girls to models walking on the runways, everyone has been choosing these heels for obvious reasons. They are easy to carry and look stylish just like stilettos. They go really well with all the outfits and make themselves a timeless staple. These heels also have boots and closed-toe versions for fall and winter seasons and one can opt for them in winter as well, to protect themselves from cold weather.


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