20 Professional Plus Size Interview Outfit Ideas

Plus size interview outfits – Women’s interview apparel is a challenge because your outfit shows your personality and gives you confidence. Besides, the interview day is one of the most significant in a person’s life.

As tough as selecting an interview outfit is, you should have an idea of what to wear beforehand. Choose the ideal clothing from a variety of plus-size outfit ideas that the candidate feels beautiful, confident, and at ease in.

Keep in mind that your clothes are a way of communication. You can visibly communicate to others what’s going on using your attire. We believe that if you dress with purpose, you’ll ace your job interview.

How Should Plus-Size Women Dress for An Interview?

For wardrobe options, you can also look outside of traditional retail outlets, for example, at plus-size clothes boutiques, thrift shops, and internet boutiques. However, the extra work is worthwhile because you’re ultimately making a smart investment in the success of your profession.

No matter your size, dress stylishly and comfortably so you feel and look your best.

It’s challenging to decide what to wear to interviews, whether they take place in person or via Zoom. Therefore, we’ve provided 20 plus-size business atires below and advice on what to consider.

Tips and Tricks To Style Plus Size Interview Outfits

  • You ought to look into the company’s dress code. Both men and women should wear a suit to work in an office. You can try looking online to see if you can find employee group images on LinkedIn or the company’s about page. Check out their attire.
plus size interview outfits
  • Choose components that complement your physique when choosing attire; don’t rely your decision on a particular size. The most crucial factor is that your clothing fits properly, without being too tight or loose.
plus size interview outfits
  • Always try on your attire before the day of the interview. Choose something else if you discover that the fit needs to be adjusted frequently.
  • Dress shoes go with any outfit. Depending on the season, loafers, ballerina pumps, or black boots are the finest shoes to wear to an interview.
plus size interview outfits
  • For a great work outfit, balance is crucial. Don’t wear all black, but also refrain from wearing all vibrant hues. Choose more neutral tones like white, burgundy, or brown for the essential parts of your outfit, including your bottom wear, and jacket. Consider wearing an electric blue shirt under a navy blue suit and vest for a splash of bright color.
plus size interview outfits

20 – Camel Coat Outfits for Winter Interview

When the weather gets colder, everyone should try knee-length camel coats. These coats can be worn casually as well as during your professional meetups.

Camel coats are like the holy grail for plus-size women. They fit perfectly while giving you the comfort that you are looking for. If you dress up right, you can easily look professional too.

Minor efforts are needed, as all you have to do is wear your simple black shirt and jeans underneath your coat.

Hang a cross-body bag around your shoulder, put on white shoes, and you are good to go.


19 – Half Zip Collar Jumper

On colder days, when you are not in the mood to wear a blazer or coat, you can also wear a below-the-knee jumper.

The half-zip jumper’s cream or beige color will give you a sophisticated look. You can always pair your sweater with fishnet leggings if you want to cover your legs.

Don a brown clutch and matching brown and white sneakers, and you are good to go.

plus size interview outfits


18 – Cream Joggers and Trenchcoat in Winter

Here’s another outfit that is comfortable and gives you the perfect mix of casual and formal. You do not always have to wear skirts or dresses for your business meeting.

You should dress according to the employees who already work there, and check for the colors and styles that they usually wear. You can also dress according to the nature of the job that you have applied for.

Wear your cream-colored dress pants or trousers and match them up with a brown mock neck or turtle neck top.

You can wear any beige or brown blazer if your job is more academic, but if you are going for a more art-related position, you can also try wearing a trench coat.


17 – Pair Your Blue Suit With Black Turtleneck

The perfect formal attire is a proper suit with dress pants and a blazer, just like this one.

The blue color will make you stand out and look as professional as you can. Such an outfit will definitely make you look confident. It will give the interviewee the impression that you are all set to work in the office from day one.

You can go for a white tank top or a mock neck shirt and carry a matching hand bag.

Try wearing black boots to complete your office look.

plus size interview outfits


16 – Ribbed Mock Neck and Jeans With a Hint of Patterns

This is a winter business outfit that will look good on you while protecting you from the icy winds.

Too many patterns are not preferred for formal meetings, but there are no restrictions on adding just a hint of pattern to your fit, just like the cheetah print on the belt and the shoes.

The neutral shades of the clothes will help complement your printed belt and shoes and tone down your outfit according to your liking.

plus size interview outfits


15 – Pink Sweater and Jeans for Walk-in Interviews

plus size interview outfits


14 – Sleeveless Coat and Wide Leg Jeans

These days, sleeveless coats are the talk of the town. These checkered blazers are ideal if you want to wear something that is both casual and formal. You can wear any simple, solid colored shirt underneath.

To go for a more loose fitted look, there are several options you can go for.

If you want some baggy clothes that also look stylish on you, wide-leg jeans or slouch jeans are the best options.

This complete outfit—and not to forget, your favorite black boots—will not only be comfortable but also make you feel a hundred times more confident and carefree in your dressing.


13 – Long Coat and Skirt

You can always wear a long coat over a skirt and any blouse or tank top, for your comfort.

Mix and match your outfit with beige, white, and black colors. The simple look would be perfect for a more low-key interview.

plus size interview outfits


12 – All White Look

Wearing white would be the safest option for you if you are still confused about what colors to try on.

An all white look with a white bodycon dress, white blazer, and a pair of white heels or flat sandals will make you look competent and experienced for any sort of meeting.

To add a bit of a complementary color to your decent and simple look, you can carry around a handbag.

The rattan caning details in hand bags are super trendy right now, and you can easily find a handbag similar to the picture. The brown and white color combination of the bag goes with your entire outfit.


11 – Nothing Can Beat the Combination of Black and White

When having double thoughts about adding bright or vibrant colors with neutral tones, you can always go for your favorite black and white color combination.

A black dress and a white blazer give you the perfect professional look you need for your big day. With your slick back hair and a pair of sunglasses, you are all set.

Take no risks with your shoes. Wear something as comfortable as black or white boots. You can go for cut-out boots to make your outfit more stylish.

You can also carry a white bucket bag with you, and if you do not own one, any matching hang bag would work with this outfit.


10 – Orange and Black Fit

Wear an orange or brown blazer or coat on top of your black dress. This way, you will easily follow all the basic tips and guidelines for following the proper color scheme, and also look cute while doing so.

You can go for black or brown ankle-length boots to complete your outfit. Do not forget to carry a bag to hold all your essentials safely.

plus size interview outfits


9 – White and Yellow Fit

If you are not looking for something all white, and if you think wearing white would not suit you or be perfect for your d-day, then you can try adding in a bit of uniqueness, with vibrant colors like yellow.

It is easier than you think to wear brighter tones with white. All you have to do is wear any of your brightly colored tank tops. You can try wearing a yellow, blue, or green top and layer it up with a white blazer and white dress pants.

If you own a pair of yellow and white shoes, then with no second thought, wear them, or you can go for simple white boots or sneakers too.


8 – Green Pants and Black Blazer

You can experiment with colors. A bright color will look bold and attractive on you.

To try a different and colorful look, wear a pair of green dress pants. To make your outfit more toned down, you can wear a simple white t-shirt and layer it up with a black blazer or coat.

White or black shoes would go perfectly well with your apparel. To top it off, if you carry a leather hand bag, that would make a great first impression on the interviewee.

You can also further accessorize your whole fit by wearing a pair of sunglasses and a wristwatch.


7 – Create Flattering Outfits With A Skirt And Printed Blouse

You can also wear abstract or printed shirts for a meeting, especially a black and white shirt.

The pencil skirt is one of the most commonly worn bottoms wear to give you the professional look. You should definitely try wearing that with your shirt.

To complete your look, you can try on black ballerina pumps or go for heels if you stay comfortable in them. Carry a leather bag with you and you are all set to go.


6 – Mint Green Button Up Shirt and Stretch Pants


5 – Matching Plaid Coat and Skirt

Going for a matching plaid look should be your first option when you get the shortlisted call.

Not only do checkered or plaid patterns look good and give you a formal look, but they can also make you feel more confident about your outfit because of their style.

Any color of plaid skirt and coat would work with a white tank top. You can further accessorize it by wearing sunglasses and ankle-length boots. Pair your outfit with thigh-high boots if it’s cold outside.

You can carry around a branded handbag to make your fit a hundred times more attractive.


4 – Casual Blue Jeans and Button Up Shirt

Apart from your formal attire with blazers, coats, and skirts, you can also go for something casual like this.

You can wear your usual blue jeans and any of your favorite button-up shirts, though it would be best if you go for more neutral tones. To make it chicer yet seem professional, you can tuck one side of the shirt in your jeans while leaving the other out.

Carry a matching brown clutch or handbag and go for trendy platform heels for your job-seeking journey.

plus size interview outfits


3 – Blue Jeans and Off-White Shirt

plus size interview outfits


2 – High Waisted Jeans Outfits to The Rescue

plus size interview outfits


1 – Denim Jeans and Black Blazer

This is a casual outfit that can also be worn at formal gatherings. You can wear your formal blazer with a white or black t-shirt underneath and pair this up with your go-to blue denim jeans, and you are all set for your meeting.

If you struggle with cold weather then I highly recommend adding velvet blazers to your outfits.

You should go for sneakers with this outfit rather than your boots, to complement your jeans. Moreover, wear a wristwatch and minimal ear studs to elevate your look.

plus size interview outfits


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the general rule of thumb for clothing attire for an interview?

Ans. A great general rule of thumb is to present yourself as though you are interviewing for a position that is one level above it. Dress shirts, slacks, or neutral-color outfits are all secure and appropriate options.

Q. What should plus size females not wear to an interview?

Ans. Avoid wearing pointy-toed shoes, baggy, shapeless clothing, and anything that doesn’t fit properly. Avoid wearing clothing that doesn’t fit your shape. Avoid wearing only black or very small prints. Go for skirts, pants, blouses, and work outfits that give you an elegant look.

Q. What dress looks best on plus size?

Ans. Plus-size A-line dresses composed of stronger materials like cotton, rayon, denim, and polyester are preferable for full-figured women rather than flowing, clingy options like silk and satin. The dress’ flattering characteristics are suited for all body types because stronger materials maintain the garment’ shape.

Q. What colors look best on plus size?

Darker hues of colors, such as blue, purple, and brown, can also aid in giving you the body type you want. Conversely, lighter hues like white and khaki can make you appear to have a broader frame. If you want to cover your chest, stay away from white blouses.


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