15 Easy and Simple Hijab Tutorials -How to Wear Hijab Steps

Looking for ideas how to  wear hijab elegantly? Simple Hijab Tutorial? Tips to style hijab for beautiful look ? Well we understand that Hijab fashion is at its peak these days.Such questions are in every girl’s mind . That is why we bring answers for all these question in this post.

Hijab also known as veil or head scarf is often worn by Muslim women. Hijab is an Arabic word which means to hide from view. Hijab does have a significant role in Islam but is also famous in the western countries. There are several ways how hijab could be styled to add the finishing touch to the face.It can be styled in several ways according to individual preference. Al Amira and the Shayla style is famous in the Gulf countries. In western region hijab is styled in different ways like platted scarf, stylish twisted scarves, knotted scarves, fancy fabric scarfs etc.

Accessories on top of the hijab or head scarf can multiply the beauty of the hijab. It can be styled with headbands, pins, funky clips or laces. A colorful printed hijab with a simple outfit can make you look classy. Hijab with jeans is a very popular trend these days for a chic look .You can see amazing ideas how to wear hijab with jeans from here.

Many girls wear it to add grace to their personality but choosing the right hijab style can be a little bit tricky. It is important to style the hijab that suits your face shape. Oval face shape is considered as the best one to style your hijab.

Next thing is to make sure about your chin while styling hijab. You exactly know your face type so if you think your forehead is wider than chin,try to  balance out the width of the forehead with volume around the neck and chest. Try wearing embellished scarves with ruffles. Mona style hijabs have draping at the front that softens the look of a pointed chin.

Now a days hijab is transformed in many different ways that it is known for hijab in style. It is now not only considered a simple ritual but also a stylish trend that add sparks and grace. The latest trend is the frock with a scarf.

If we talk about hijab styling then you might want to know about Mona erieba who is known as a great trendsetter of evening hijab since she has blended the casual touch with formal or festivity hijab style. She has been famous for setting a trend among all the girls. Don’t forget to check out her tutorials online.

Some of the great hijab styling tips according to your face share are as follow :

Square shaped face :

Kuwait hijabs are suitable for square shaped face. They soften the features. Avoid Turkish hijab style.

Round shaped face :

Turkish hijab style are perfect for round shaped face. It will enhance the features. Avoid super tight hijabs.

Long shaped face :

Shorten your face with under-caps. Al Amirah will suit the best. Avoid hijab styles that lengthen the face.

The Rectangular Face :

The hijab style for rectangular faces is to make sure you lengthen your face with the style. Keep your forehead visible and bring the hijab a bit closer to your face from the sides.

Step by step method to Wear Hijab :

  • Fold the scarf into a triangle.
  • Place scarf on your head with one side longer than the other and one under the chin.
  • Take longer side and wrap it behind your head and bring it to the other side.
  • Put the scarf behind your head and at the shoulder.

Following Collection of 15 Step by step Hijab Tutorials is an ultimate guide to modern hijab fashion .You can choose any method from these according to your face type of whatever style you want.

Hope you loved reading about hijab styling.If during summers if  you dont feel comfortable in wearing hijab  then must see our tips how to wear hijab in summers to stay cool .Lets see the collection now .


  1. Step for Wrapping Without Pin

Most of the hijab styles start with wrapping it around your head. Starting off with a square shaped piece of cloth folded into a triangle and then styled according to the girls preference. As you can see the step by step detail of a loosely tied head cover. If you are opting for an abaya go for a pink scarf to add color and a youthfulness. Keeping two different lengths bringing the longer one over your head and securing it with a pin. You can tie a little more loose if you are a liberal and show your earrings. Put some matching lip color and a liner on the eyes.

Trendy Hijab Style Tutorial

2. Chest Covering Style for Teen Girls

This style is suited for girls who are modest and are from cultural backgrounds where chest covering is a must. Very stylishly tied and can be worked with many prints and colors. Wear an already stitched head cover in al-amira hijab style.Its easier to tie a chiffon cloth over it as will not fall off again and again and will cover your head as chiffon is see through. Fold a rectangular piece of cloth sideways and tie again with one side longer than the other. Wrap the longer side over your head keeping a sizable  piece over your chest in folds and secure with a pin.

Simple hijab tutorial

3. To Show Earrings

This again is a style for the modern woman who wants to wear jewelry also. Ready made head cap is a good option for it and always mix and match it with your scarves. Loosely tie your hijab around the head cap and wear hoop earring or dangling or chunky ones as studs will not show in it and you need them to shine. Have a little fun with your make up as this style is best suited for functions or a get together. If wearing jeans and a top go for high heels and if a frock with leggings opt for pumps in metallic.

Side Updo Black Girls

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