Top 13 Cute Purple Hairstyles for Black Girls this Season

Looking for Black Girls Hairstyles ideas? cool purple hairstyles for black teenage girl?Check out this amazing collection.It  is quite difficult for black girls to find the shades of hair which suits them. Now a day’s, there are several hair colors which girls prefer to choose as they want to make themselves more attractive and beautiful. Mostly black girls prefer to choose hair color of their own eyes that can give their hair color a natural look.

If anyone looking for new and fresh ideas then find various inspiration with fierce and bold hairs of  purple shade .Purple color is as famous as red color. It is bold but gives an amazing looks against the darker hues. Strive a dark purple or violet hue for short hair color and if any girl feel hesitation regarding leaping of purple color then use temporary hair dye prior as making permanent plunge.Teenage / High school girls who love to go funky try these funky purple hairstyles with funky outfits.

Along with this shade it is very important for black girls to choose the right outfit which can suit their complexion.I would recommend you to check these amazing outfit ideas for black girls .Lets see the collection now.

Purple Hairstyles for Black Girls .


  1. Twisted high bun

    A very easy and simple bun in the purple color could catch more attention. Get together hair towards the cap and pull the hairs in to ponytail style. Then curl the ponytail in to high bun as well as put screw pin in to every side of the bun and curl again.

    Twisted Bun Style For Black Girls

  1. Twisted purple color updoPut head and on the peak of your skull strongly and divide the hairs in to two parts or sections underneath the head band. Then roll the left side around with the help of your figure in addition to placing a pin straight across inside of roll. You have to make sure the left side has been secured well and repeat the same procedure of right side to left side of hairs. When you finish the both sides then create some adjustments or further add more pins to secure the style and you are done with this new and unique style of hairstyle.Updos For Black Girls

3. Twisted purple side updo

Collect all your hairs to one part of your skull, twist and roll the thicker part to back side. Again twist and roll the opposite side  to gather the other twist and then screw it with the screw pin straightly. Then gather the remaining hairs and twist them as well and scroll it into a bun. Keep one thing in mind that tie all your hairs with the help of the screw pin. For finishing in your hair style if you want then make some adjustments with the help of screw pins.Side Updo Black Girls

4.  Purple Twisted Hairstyle for Black girls with Long Hairs.

Twisted Purple Hairstyles for Black Teenage girls

 5. Purple and Red.

Purple Hairstyles black girls

6. Hairstyle for black girls with short hair.

Purple Hairstyle For Black Teens with short hair

7. Funky Purple Hairstyle.

Purple Hairstyle for Black Teenage girls

8. Black and Purple Hairstyle for African American Girls.

Light Purple Shades Hair Black Girls

9. Dark Purple .

Dark purple Hairstyle for girls

10 . Black Chics With Purple Hairs.

Cool Purple Hairstyles for Black Girls

11. Layered Purple Hairs For Black Teenage Girls.

Chic Hairstyles for Black Teenage girls

12.  Straight Black and Purple .

Black Girls Purple Hairs

 13. Purple and Red Hairstyle for Black Girls.

African Girls Purple Hairstyles




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