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Cute and Fashionable Hijab Styles. Hijab is an essential part of Islam commonly associated with women, to cover their hair and other parts of the body. Gone are the days when women and girls would feel less confident wearing hijab. The increasing trend of modern abaya and hijab styles is not only taking over the Muslim world, but is also gaining popularity among non muslim women. Your hijab style can make or break your look. Being a university girl, wearing the same kind of hijab every day may get boring.

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Different Ways of Wearing Hijab to University

There are numerous ways in which you can wear hijab, that are modest and trendy at the same time. Here are some cute and simple hijab styles for everyday wear:

#30 – Simple Black Scarf

Cant find a matching scarf? Plain black scarves go with absolutely anything and everything!


#29 – Chiffon Scarf

Chiffon scarves are great for university events and give a formal look.


#28 – Turkish Hijab Style

Turkish style is the new in thing! Wear your hijab the Turkish style for a modern and sophisticated look.


#27 – Multicoloured Hijab Style


#26 – Cheetah Print Style

Cheetah prints are everywhere. Jump into this trend for a stylish look.


#25 – Layered Hijab Style

Use a silky material to tie your hijab in a layered way for a cute look.


#24 – Turban Hijab Style


#23 – Loosely Tied Hijab

Loosely tied hijab works great for giving an everyday casual and stylish look.


#22 – Topi and Scarf Style

Having trouble handling your hair? This hijab style is for you! Wear an inner before the scarf and stay comfortable about your look all day.


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