5 Simple Tips on How to Make Your Outfit Look Expensive

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Just because you didn’t spend a bunch of money on an outfit, it doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. With a proper sense of fashion and some advice, you can outshine a runway of designer clothes dressed ladies. There is no special magic needed for that, you just need to spot the potential in a piece of clothing and know the way how it can live up to that potential.

Simple Ideas to Make Your Outfit Look Expensive

1 – The art of high-low dressing

High-low dressing is about showing that you don’t necessarily need just designer clothing to look good. The trick is to blend cheap and expensive, everyday and special. Because a few women can afford to combine these two in equal measurement, you can just use one or two designer pieces to polish “the low”.  Great high pieces in which you can invest are those that will last for a long time, and which you can combine with a lot of different combinations. A bag, coat, blazer, shoes are perfect investments for a modern woman that will use them wisely in the purpose of the art of high-low dressing.

2 – Inexpensive, but on trend

You can look outstanding if you choose your clothing wisely on big sales. The trick is to be up to date with runway trends and consider a more on budget alternatives. A lot of boutiques sell chic clothing that is both fashionable and affordable. When you’re buying a piece of clothing, look beyond its look on a hanger. Imagine the potential of possible outfit combination. How would it look with your favorite handbag, with a pair of jeans, or a skirt? Would some accessorize added a bit of glamour on it?

3 – Accessorize for a million bucks look

The quickest way to achieve expensive million dollar look without actually spent that much is to accessorize. For example, if you are wearing a basic shirt and put on an interesting design scarf, it will add a pop of color, and make your outfit look fun, stylish and edgy. For a glamorous look on the beach, you can’t go wrong with that old Hollywood classy one-piece swimsuit. To add a little more “bucks” on your style, accessorize with an elegant floppy sun hat, a few summer bracelets, and sunglasses that fit into your style.

4 – Classic is forever

There is no mistake when it comes to classic items. Those are the pieces that last literally forever, no matter the trends, so you can rest assured that once you buy them one year, you’ll wear them for a couple of more seasons. The sure deal pieces are: black coat, fitted pair of jeans, leather jacket, white button-down blouse and the stunning black pencil skirt.

5 – (Re)tailoring

For the wow effect you want your outfit to have, consider visiting the tailor. He can make an ordinary blazer look like it has just left the runway, with a little nipping at the waist and shortening the sleeves. Also a neat trick is to change the buttons on your blouses, coats and jackets, because, on cheaper items, buttons are usually made of plastic.

You need to remember to take care of your clothes, no matter how much money you’ve spent on it. And, importantly, if you feel confident in the outfit you’re wearing, if you rock that style, and love yourself in it, there is no price tag you can put on that.


Kelly Brook is a fashion enthusiast from Sydney. She’s also a passionate writer who loves to share stylish tips around the web. Also an editor at HighStyleLife, and also a contributor for various fashion blogs. Follow her at Facebook.

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