Top 20 Shoes to Wear with Different Kinds of Pants

Shoes to Wear with Different Pants. Pants are an amazing piece of clothing simply because of the endless possibilities that they give you of creating new looks. You can wear the same pair of pants to school, to work or even to a party simply by dressing it up or down. This is why every girl loves to wear pants. But you can’t just wear your pants with any shoes of your choice, for example, a wide-legged pant would not work well with pointy flats.

So today we’ll be sharing some of the best looks that fashion bloggers have created with pants, along with details on every piece of clothing to go with those pants, of course with special focus on shoes.

How to Choose Footwear with Pants

There’s never any right or wrong with fashion, you can wear anything you like as long as you’re comfortable with it. But who doesn’t love some freestyle advise! Let’s start with some basic tips:

  • If you’re wearing any type of cropped pants, go for high vamp or lengthening shoes like booties or loafers.
  • When wearing menswear-inspired pants like cargo pants, go for feminine shoes. And vice versa, which means that if you’re wearing menswear-inspired shoes like oxfords, a more feminine outfit should be preferred.
  • With skinny pants, choose well-fitted shoes like strappy sandals.
  • Remember that the suggestions given below are just tips on what shoes look best with the different types of pants, in our opinion, so don’t be afraid to try different combinations or any other shoes that you feel would work.

what shoes to wear with different types of pants

Now here are the most gorgeous looks that we found to help you decide what shoes you should wear with pants.

↓ 20 – White Pants

The color white has been trending so much lately that it’s impossible to not own white pants. The best thing about these pants is how versatile they are as it’s so easy to pair them with different shoes and tops. Especially if you’re traveling, taking white pants with you will be life-saving as you can create many different looks with them, without carrying a lot of different outfits in your luggage. Anyways, when it comes to shoes, we highly recommend pairing these pants with brown mules. If you’re a fan of white pants, you might want to check out our earlier post on How to Wear White Wide Leg Pants.

↓ 19 – With Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are a wardrobe essential that every girl needs. And while most of us choose to wear them with neutral or nude-colored shoes, we’re absolutely digging this idea of wearing them with leopard print shoes. Here are some more awesome Women Khaki Pant Outfits.

↓ 18 – With Bright Colored Pants

If you’re wearing pants in any bold color like yellow, your shoes need to be minimalist no matter what type you go for. For example, you can choose simple white or nude heels to go with such pants or even some minimalist sandals if you don’t feel like wearing heels. Alternatively, you can also go for animal printed shoes if you feel like being a little extra.

what shoes to wear with pants

↓ 17 – With Sailor Pants

Sailor pants traditionally had a wider silhouette but these days you can easily find them in skinny fitting too. Their defining feature, however, is the nautical buttons at both sides. I feel like they make the ideal Monday morning outfits when you don’t have too much energy to put in your dressing. They look super cute with simple, flat pumps, especially if you can get your hands on one that matches your shirt.

what shoes to wear with pants


↓ 16 – With Palazzo Pants

Who doesn’t love wearing palazzos? They’re especially popular in Summers because of how breathable they are. You could wear them with flip flops if they’re the right length but if they’re a bit long, you need to go for heels. Espadrille heels are a great choice. Do have a look at these Trendy ways to Wear Palazzo Pants with other Outfits.

You can also go with any other chunky shoes, the reason being that palazzos are a type of voluminous or large pants and sleek shoes won’t really look as good with them. On the other hand, when you’re wearing skinny pants or straight-legged pants, feel free to wear slim and refined shoes like heels or ballet flats.

what shoes to wear with pants


↓ 15 – With Yoga Pants

We all love yoga pants because of how comfortable they are but these days you have such a huge variety of yoga pants available that look so cute that you feel like wearing them all day, every day. For casual wear, they look best with simple flip flops.

what shoes to wear with pants


↓ 14 – Sweatpants

Gone are the days when sweatpants were just limited to home-wear. If you’re wearing sweatpants for casual wear, you can opt for sneakers. And if you’re wearing them to work, you can opt for slip-on loafers as well as mules.

what shoes to wear with pants


↓ 13 – With Wide-Legged Pants

In my opinion, flat shoes look best with wide-legged pants since they already elongate your legs so you don’t really need heels (unless you want to, since there are no rules when it comes to fashion). If you’re going for a casual look, you can opt for some comfy flip-flops or sandals and for a more semi-formal/formal vibe, you can choose loafers or mules.

what shoes to wear with pants

↓ 12 – With Cargo Pants

When wearing cargo or boyfriend pants, choose shoes that are more feminine to balance out the whole look. For example, go for pink or yellow sandals, or any other color that complements your top.

shoes to wear with pants


↓ 11 – With Bootcut Pants

With bootcut pants, we highly recommend two types of shoes. The most obvious choice, of course, is ankle boots, but if you’re not in the mood for boots or it just isn’t the right season for them, then the next option in your list should be pointy pumps. It’s up to you if you would want to go for flat pump shoes or pointed pump heels, but the way the pointed pumps subtly peep from under the bootcut pumps just looks too good in my opinion.

shoes to wear with bootcut pants


↓ 10 – With Vintage Floral Pants

Floral pants and a matching shirt is the perfect outfit for any Spring Outing. If it gets too chilly, then wear it with a plain blazer or coat. Here’s a collection of the best Ideas How To Wear Printed Pants.

shoes to wear with pants (1)

Here’s a closer look at the outfit:

J Crew’s Double vested coat: shoes to wear with pants (2)

A Fendi Bag:

shoes to wear with pants (3)

These Vintage Print Floral Pants: shoes to wear with pants (5)

And lastly, the most beautiful Slingback Flat Shoes: shoes to wear with pants (4)

↓ 9 – With Beach Pants

What shoes to wear to the beach? Well that’s a common question that comes in mind while heading to beach. When you’re wearing Pants and Flip Flops this cute, you’re sure to have a fun filled day at the beach! And wearing these bright colors will make sure that you’re able to capture some beautiful pictures. If you have a keen fashion sense then we’re sure you noticed the sunglasses and the bag, because accessories bring so much life to one’s outfit. Read on for more details on the look and make sure to steal it soon coz it’ll be worth the effort!

shoes to wear with pants (6)


A cute embroidered beach bag, Star Mela Peri East/West Tote $135.00 shoes to wear with pants (7)

That bright and bold parrot bikini, Mara Hoffman Draped Panel Bikini Top $130.00

shoes to wear with pants (8)

The colorful and fun beach pants, Christophe Sauvat Collection Carlos Pants $145.00 shoes to wear with pants (9)

And these cutest flip flops, Splendid Firefly Rubber Flip Flops $48.00

shoes to wear with pants (10)

↓ 8 – With Striped Pants For Work

Suits are the made for work and everyone knows that. Add an X-factor to your everyday suits with these striped pants and pointy pumps combo. Since these are ankle length pants, a high pump would be the best choice. Such a chic and professional look that can work for both college going girls as well as working women.

shoes to wear with pants (11)


The cute handbag that you see here is, of course, Mulberry, here’s a similar one:

shoes to wear with pants (14)

And here’s a good look at the shoes – Emerson Fry Pumps: shoes to wear with pants (15)

Milly Gathered Ribbed Pants $295

shoes to wear with pants (12)

If you don’t want such a professional type look, wear these shoes with printed pants and a fur coat for a fun-filled girl’s night out! How amazing do they look: shoes to wear with pants (13)

↓ 7 – With Black Pants

When traveling, your favorite black pants is all that you need to create at least five different looks just by changing the top and accessories:

shoes to wear with pants (16)


↓ 6 – With Blingy Party Pants

These gold pants give some real party vibes! Wear them with a wrap blouse ankle strap heels and be the star of the night.

shoes to wear with pants (17)

A black wrap blouse: shoes to wear with pants (18)

Nicholas Jocelyn Tubular Sandals $279.00

shoes to wear with pants (19)

For some celebrity style inspiration, we have Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra, who has also made her Hollywood debut now and blown us away with her performance in Quantico. Here’s her look from her song ‘Exotic’ with Pitbull. She does look truly exotic in those gold pants and black corset.


↓ 5 – With Skinny Leather Pants

Here’s a hot casual outfit for dinner parties or date night. Wear leather pants with a top and sequin blazer. For shoes, we recommend pointy Loafer Flats. You can find more inspiration from these Cute Outfits to Wear with Loafers for Women This Season.

shoes to wear with pants (22)

The Shimmery Sequin Jacket: shoes to wear with pants (21)

Leather Pants:

shoes to wear with pants (20)

Pointy Loafer Flats: shoes to wear with pants (23)

The sexy final look: shoes to wear with pants (24)

↓ 4 – With Cropped Pants

When wearing cropped pants, go for mule heels. With the great variety of mules available these days, you can find pretty much all types including casual and formal mules. Cropped pants usually make your legs appear shorter, so it’s always a good idea to pair them with heels.

shoes to wear with pants (28) shoes to wear with pants (27) shoes to wear with pants (26) Joseph Eliston stretch-gabardine slim-leg pants $220.50

shoes to wear with pants (25)

↓ 3 – With Red Pants

Red pants are rad. Period. So if you don’t own a pair of red pants by now, don’t wait any longer. These pants can be paired with any type of shoes but black shoes do look best, and obviously, you’ll have to avoid colored shoes with it.

shoes to wear with pants (29)


Chloé Striped leather straight-leg pants $1,198:
shoes to wear with pants (30)

Check out this cute rose tits tee:

shoes to wear with pants (31) shoes to wear with pants (32)

Chloé Paneled leather ankle boots $497.50

↓ 2 – With Cigarette Pants For Winters

shoes to wear with pants (34) shoes to wear with pants (33)

Christian Louboutin Bibi Thick-Heel Suede Pumps Black

↓ 1 – With Sporty Pants For Fall

The athleisure trend is definitely taking over the world by storm which makes sporty pants a must-have for all seasons. Try pairing them with platform sneakers for a youthful yet sophisticated look.

shoes to wear with pants (35) shoes to wear with pants (36)

Celine Papillon Sunglasses Red $287

shoes to wear with pants (37)

Leather derby with platform € 660

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