How To Wear Printed Pants? 23 Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas with Printed Pants: Printed trousers offer a simple way to spice up any ensemble. Easily paired with an edgy blazer or an understated blouse, this versatile look is a must-have for anyone. They are the top pick of designers and are the perfect way to show off your impeccable sense of fashion while being fabulously on-trend.

No matter your shape or size, printed pants are a wonderful option to make the most of your daily attire. From street styles to runways, it seems like printed pants are an ongoing “It” item, and the options are endless. In this article, we have rounded up the most gorgeous ways that you can style a pair of printed pants. Keep reading to check them out!

printeed pants

How to Wear Printed Pants

When it comes to printed pants, there’s something for everyone. From floral pants to tribal patterns, you can style your outfit exactly how you please, simply by tweaking a print! Finding printed pants that look good on you and also suit your personal sense of style is a breeze in this regard. Let’s look at some of our top tips for wearing printed pants.

Styling Tips

  • Fitted and Feminine. A fitted cut and beautiful design are sure to add the right mix of delicate and edgy to your overall look.
  • Tailored Perfection. Tailored pants perfectly achieve an elegant style with their ladylike print and simple color pallet.
  • Animal Chic. Add a little bohemian vibe to your look with these lovely pants. Simply create a classic look with a tucked-in structured shirt or show your free spirit by pairing these with a tunic.
  • The Right Color. The color is a very important ingredient, choosing the right color for your printed pants would help out greatly for those of you who are bottom heavy. Dark colors will give off a slimmer look.
  • For Plus Size Women. You need to play with different types of prints. Here are a few things to consider when you’re looking at an outfit: size of prints, fitting and color. Allover patterns or placement patterns should be judged rightly. Otherwise, they can ruin your look.
  • Geometric or Floral Print Outfits. Most of the time, you can figure out what kind of print will look good on you by determining if you look better in structured clothes or flowing clothes.

Now, let’s look at those outfits!

how to wear printed pants

↓ 23. Cute Spring Outfit

As winter transitions to spring, you will probably want to be hunting down some cute looks that’ll help you stay warm while bringing some bright, fresh spring colors to your wardrobe. Enter this look right here. Pair a mustard yellow knit sweater with some floral paperbag pants… Not only is this an adorable and flattering style of pants, but they’ll hit you right at the waist, which does great things for your figure! You can wear this to pretty much any occasion, bringing mood-boosting colors wherever you go!


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↓ 22. Bright Yellow Woven Pants

Bring some glam to your everyday casual look by throwing on a pair of python print woven pants and watch the compliments come rolling in! Got an early-morning class? Bring some sunshine to your day with a bold color like this to boost your mood and bring your casual ensemble to a whole new level. We love the juxtaposition of high-end fashion with a basic gray tee. Add some funky sneakers and a couple of layered necklaces and you’ve got yourself a look to reckon with. Extra points if you can rock some gorgeous curls like these!

printed pants outfit


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↓ 21. Bold Red Wide-Leg Pants

For a show-stopping look, you need a gorgeous showpiece and we’ve got to say, what better showpiece than these flower-printed bad boys?! Bring a bit of Hawaii beauty to your everyday life by pairing some bright red wide-leg pants with a simple white blouse. Metallic sandals tie the look together, letting your pants do all the talking. You can rock these at a beach party, at a luncheon with your gal pals, or even at a get-together with colleagues!


↓ 20. Leopard Print Leggings & Booties

Rock your curves with a pair of leopard print leggings, paired with a simple black top (pull over one shoulder to add some allure) and little booties. Accessorize with some big ol’ sunnies and a statement watch. You can tweak this look whether you’re running errands, chilling with friends, or heading to the club!


↓ 19. Blazer & Snakeskin Pants

Heading to a ritzy party? Grabbing dinner with your most stylish friends? For a look as stunning as it is chic, look no further. This outfit is sure to solidify your place in the fashionista hall of fame. Start with some wide-legged snakeskin print pants and pair with a sleek black blazer. Ankle boots, a matching snakeskin belt, and gold jewelry tie the gorgeous look together, making it one for the books.

printed pants outfits


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↓ 18. The Everyday Look

Sometimes, having a chic go-to look can lift so much stress from our minds. If you are used to combing through your closet, growing increasingly frustrated as you scour your clothes for something cute to wear – anything! – then we’ve got the solution for you.

A pair of printed pants cover so much ground. They’re comfy while being chic and they’re stylish without being overkill. For an everyday look that you can turn to whether you’re picking up the kids from school, grabbing coffee with a friend, or taking a walk with your hubby, this one will do the trick. Simply grab a pair of wide-legged printed paperbag pants and pair with a white sleeveless top. Do something a little fancy with your hair and pop on a pair of sandals. Et voila! Cute, everyday look that will save you hours of stress!

outfits with printed pants


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↓ 17. The Chic Date Night Outfit

Bring some elegant femininity to your date night with some printed pants and a sheer nude-pink blouse. Go for white and silver accessories and get yourself a really fun pair of platform heels. This is one date night outfit you and your guy will find unforgettable!



↓ 16. Fashionable Outfits with Trendy Pants

Here are three printed pants we look we love. Don’t be afraid to get bold or crazy with your pants choice. You can be as crazy as you want but always find the best fit, with the right color and the print which can give a more streamlined look to your body. Remember to always choose a print or color which complements your personality!



↓ 15. How to Wear Floral Pants in Spring

For a more feminine look, go for floral prints. They can look fabulous on any occasion just make sure to choose the right blouse. Keep the print style in mind based on your figure. For plus-size figures, bigger flowers may be a bit much.



↓ 14. Street Style for Young Girls

For a girly street-style look, try out this ensemble! Pair some funky printed jeans with a white button-down vest. Sometimes a midriff-baring top can look super chic! To accessorize, a cute headband does wonders.



↓ 13. Trendy Summer Outfit with Printed Pants

This is a great outfit for summer vacations! You can look like a million bucks while also showing off some chic fashion sense. Pop on some navy blue colored pants (we love this jogger-inspired pair!) and pair with cherry red heels and a yellow purse for a fun blend of color and style. This is a great way to look cute on a summer afternoon while touring a new city or museum.


↓ 12. Fashionista Style

Here at Outfit Trends, we are big fans of the idea that any print or pattern can be adapted to work with any shape or size. So whether or not you’re bottom-heavy, even a striped pair of pants can work for you! The direction of the stripe matters though, as does the width of the stripe. We love this pairing of a thinner vertical stripe on top with a slightly wider-spaced vertical stripe on the bottom. Here is a fashionista-approved ensemble you’ll look endlessly chic in.


↓ 11. Flattering Semi-Casual Outfit For Women

Vertical slim lines on black give a sleek look. Pair with an asymmetrically hemmed top to dress up this otherwise casual look.


↓ 10. Printed Pants for Work Attire

A color combo that will always come through is black and white. You just can’t go wrong with it! This checkered print pant with a white loose-fitting blouse is really an awesome combination for work attire. Pair with white heels and a black bag and get ready to take next Monday by storm!


Looking for more elegant work outfits? You must check out 17 cute workwear outfits for women for an elegant look.

↓ 9. Elegant Dress Idea with Tailored Printed Pant

Tailored pants are an easy and chic way to add a little menswear-inspiration to your look. You can make it a bit feminine and look classy by adding your own glam. Having pump heels or platforms with this outfit can give you a formal look as well.



↓ 8. The Cute College Girl Outfit

Here’s a bold monochrome look you just have to try! Pick a color that is flattering with your complexion and start to experiment. Some wild heels matched with your printed skinnies are an unforgettable pairing. (Prefer a more subtle look? No problem! Switch out the crazy heels for classic white.)


↓ 7. Fashionista Style Semi-Formal Outfit

Attractive layout and a fitted cut will definitely bring the proper combination of edgy and delicate to your appearance. Couple these with a basic top for a daytime trip, then simply add a tailored blazer for a night of fun.


↓ 6. Casual Chic Culottes Outfit

Get an updated ‘Mod Girl’ look with these multicolored pants. Pair with sandals for a casual look or with your favorite platforms for a unique tribute to ’70s style. A chunky scarf is a perfect accessory!



↓ 5. Stylish Harem Pant Street Style Outfit

For effortlessly comfortable style, give harem pants a try! Not only do they spice up any simple outfit, but you can pair them with some black basic pieces up top to let your pants do all the talking. Simple solid-colored flats bring a pop of color and tie in with your harem pants.



Like the outfit? You will love to learn about what outfits to wear with harem pants?

↓ 4. Simple Fall Outfit for Women

Bring some color to your fall wardrobe with some flame-inspired printed pants! We love the blend of chic workwear with a party downstairs vibe that this outfit gives. Nude platform shoes and a bold pink lip are all you need to make this outfit party-ready.


↓ 3. Party Outfit for College Girls

Love showing off your figure? Then give this tummy-baring look a try! A black cropped sweater looks chic and polished with a pair of gorgeously tailored pants. A simple beaded necklace and black heels tie this gorgeous ensemble together.


↓ 2. Smart Outfit for Work or School

You can’t go wrong with a metallic or snake print, and mixing the two puts you in a go big or go home mind frame. Don’t be afraid to play with prints until you find one that works for you!



↓ 1. Comfy Winter Dress

Pop on your favorite sweater with some military print jeans and keep it casual with a pair of flats. Your next step is to choose a sweater that features extra detailing. Last but not least, add a nice black purse!



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