18 Perfect Beach Outfits for Black Girls this Summer

Cute Beach Outfits for Black Girls. 
Are you scared of the summer heat? worried whatever you will be ruined because it is so hot outside? We have come up with 18 perfect beach outfits for black girls this summer that will be worth buying and completely wearable outfits in the summers. Summertime is full of barbeques, beach days, swimming dates, and all things fun, so of course, you need a perfect outfit for all those fun days too. Yes! It’s beach time, and if you are having a hard time selecting what colour to wear to the beach, then don’t worry; we have got you covered. Don’t be scared to rock something you don’t usually wear; try new outfits this summer!

There are some outfits you wear when you are just tanning at the beach, some that you wear when you are at a beach house party, and some when you are there for an evening walk. Whatever the occasion, you need to make sure your outfit always corresponds with it. Beach outfits seem to be a little more tricky to put together than normal outfits because it doesn’t make sense to your brain to put together a whole outfit just to go swimming, does it? It doesn’t to our brain either, but we still do it!  Going to the beach is so exciting then why shouldn’t your beach outfit be just as exciting? Vibrant colors, skirts, flowy dresses, and bikinis all give us beach-spiration, which is why we used a mix of them all to come up with 18 perfect beach outfits, and you can pick whichever one you like. Also, check out the 16 best beach party outfit ideas for women- Beach style look.

Beach day essentials:

 Floral shirts, maxis, skirts, flowy summer dresses are summertime essentials in one’s closet. Before you scroll down to have a glance at beach outfits, I would like you to have a bit of an idea of what to take along with you on a  beach day.
 Here are the essentials:
  • always carry sunscreen with you and keep reapplying it
  • get a beach bag and carry all the relevant stuff (sunglasses, water bottle, hat, towel, sunscreen)
  • wear less jewelry 
  • wear flipflops or sandals
  • ditch the heavy makeup on the hotter days
  • wear a bright colored lipstick
  • keep your hair tied up or braided elegantly; saltwater ruins hair.
  •  beach blanket
  • towel

Outfits to wear on the beach:


#18. Bikini with mesh two-piece

Rihanna knows how to pull off any outfit. Here she is seen wearing a white bikini paired with a pastel pink two-piece mesh set and a matching bandana. The mesh sets look gorgeous on Riri, and it is the perfect outfit for a beach day as it is light and airy, and we are sure it is super comfortable. Riri let her hair down, only to keep it away from her face using a bandana. Bandanas are trending and are an easy way to keep your hair out of the way.

beach outfits for black girls (1)


#17. Strapless Ruffle Top

This outfit will require you to wear loads of sunscreen but isn’t that the case with all beach outfits? This strapless ruffle top has a classy look to it. Keep it simple by either wearing it with biker shorts or a bikini. Accessorize it with some bangles and gold hoop earrings.

beach outfits for black girls (2)


#16. Crochet Beach Dress

This gorgeous crochet bikini dress is perfect for a beach day. This outfit is not only different from what people usually wear, but it also looks very comfortable and light. Pair a bikini dress like this with a  waist chain, hoop earrings, and a necklace.

beach outfits for black girls (3)


#15. Hippie beach dress

This hippie beach dress has got all the chill vibes to it! it looks classic, and the pastel colour makes it look exquisite. Let your hair down and be free in all its glory when you wear this outfit. Pair it with some heavy silver jewelry and go rock this look!

beach outfits for black girls (4)


#14. Simple Swimwear

On some days, you just want to keep it simple. This one-piece swimsuit comes in handy on those days. You might have one tucked in the back of your closet so take it out if you don’t feel like going all out for a beach day outfit and just rock a simple yet stylish swimsuit.

beach outfits for black girls (5)


#13. Bikini with Gown

This printed bikini with a gown is insanely trendy and eyecatching. You will be the center of attention in this stunning beach day outfit. Put your hair up in a bun (or buns) and throw on a pair of white or beige sandals, and your outfit is ready.

beach outfits for black girls (6)


#12. Maxi Dress 

A striped maxi dress will keep you looking stylish all day long.  Give this classic a twist by opting for a fun pattern or colour! This maxi looks amazing with the black gladiator sandals. and a pair of sunnies is essential for the beach, so don’t forget yours!

beach outfits for black girls (7)


#11. Simple bikini

Don’t feel like putting too much effort into your outfit? Keep it old school and wear a plain/colored/printed bikini. This is one of the most basic looks but still never fails to impress. Wear a sun hat and sunglasses to keep your face from getting those harsh sun rays!


#10. Two-piece set 

Don’t we all wish we could run around in expensive suits all the time, but we cannot. What we can do is wear two-piece suits, which are the next best thing. A printed two-piece set with shorts and a crop top will work well if you don’t feel like wearing a bikini or a maxi. This printed set looks gorgeous in this mustard color along with braided hair.

beach outfits for black girls (9)


#9. Bohemian Style!

This bohemian-styled dress looks exquisite. It is a little different from what we would usually wear to the beach, but we don’t mind some new stuff. The vibrant colors on this dress are eye-catching and will look amazing in the summertime. Pair this dress with some big chunky earrings and bangles to show it off!

beach outfits for black girls (10)


#8. Tunic Dress

This printed Kaftan-styled dress will be great for the breeze because of its light and airy material and texture. Pair this with some heels, and you can wear this to a beach house party and turn all the heads. Or you could wear sandals with it and just go to the beach for an evening walk. Whichever way you like!

beach outfits for black girls (11)


#7. Strappy top and printed shorts

Are you into strappy bra tops? give this one a go. This bright yellow bra top, along with these printed boohoo shorts, will serve as the perfect beach outfit on a bright sunny beach day. Throw on some anklets, bracelets, or bangles, and have an amazing day out.

beach outfits for black girls (12)


#6.  Long skirt

For all my girls that love showing off their legs, this one is for you. A long skirt will look perfect when the ocean breeze makes it flow so effortlessly in the air. A simple tube top will match perfectly well with it. Sunglasses are your best friend.

beach outfits for black girls (13)


#5. Mini Dress

If you want to get that perfect tan, then a mini dress is the way to go. This one is a plain black one with a white bow but if you like colors or prints, then feel free to buy one of those! Perfect for a summer date, beach party, or romantic beach dinner.



#4. Flowy Dress

Wearing a Flowy Dress on the beach is always a good idea. A white flowy dress is always the way to go when you can’t decide what to wear. This is a versatile dress that can be worn on almost any occasion, and it will not feel uncomfortable at all.

beach outfits for black girls (15)


 #3. Green Printed Swimsuit

Who doesn’t love wearing swimsuits on the beach? This printed swimsuit in a neon green colour is not something basic. The black choker gives it the little bit of pizzazz it was missing. Wear this stunning swimsuit with confidence!

beach outfits for black girls (18)


#2. Bra top with palazzo

This orange printed bra top and white palazzo would look amazing for a romantic dinner or some cocktails with friends. This outfit is a bit formal and should be worn to a proper occasion because just wearing it to the beach wouldn’t do it justice! Wear some high heels and gold jewelry with bold makeup to make this outfit even better.



#1. Full-length mesh set

Lastly, we have this full-length mesh set. The full sleeves mesh top is simple yet stunning. The mesh pants are something so perfect for the beach. This outfit is good for someone that wants to show skin, but in a subtle way, the mesh coverup is elegant and eyecatching both at the same time. 


Accessories for beach outfits:

  • SUNHATS: sunhats are the best accessory because they help you keep sun damage away while looking stylish. what could be better than that? They go with just about any outfit.
  • BANDANAS: Bandanas are a personal favorite of mine. Whenever my hair is being tough, I wear a bandana. Greasy hair? Bandana. No idea what to do with your hair? Bandana. They come in all sorts of prints, designs and colors. Get yourself some for added glamour.
  • SANDALS: who doesn’t own a pair of sandals? Especially if they are a beach fanatic. Sandals are extremely cute with every outfit but especially sundresses and beach outfits which is why you need to own a pair because I’m assuming you’re reading this article because you are a beach fanatic.
  • WAIST CHAINS: Waist chains have been trending since the 90s, they look stunning with low waist skirts and trousers. If you want to show off your abdomen then go girl!
  • HOOP EARRINGS: Hoop earrings are an essential. if you don’t own a pair what are you doing? go buy some because they go with every outfit. You never have to think twice about hoop earrings because they always look good.
  • ANKLETS: On beach days we are usually barefoot so anklets would look gorgeous. Get some and show them off at the beach girls!

Frequently asked questions:

QS1: What are the best and comfortable clothes to wear in the beach?

ANS1: The most comfortable clothes are the ones you feel most comfortable in. Of course. Don’t get me wrong, all I really mean is you should not feel pressured to wear certain clothes to the beach just because everyone else is. If you want to wear your pajamas to the beach then you should. However, some of the most comfortable beach outfits include a flowy sundress, kimono with a bikini top and trousers, and high-waisted shorts with a bra top. It all depends on your personal style and what you prefer to wear.

QS2: What are some good outfits for a beach party?

ANS2: This is an interesting question. Some good outfits for a beach party would include a long skirt with a slit paired with a bra top, a mesh two piece set, crochet dresses and skirts, and bodysuits. This list could go on forever but these are some of the items you can mix and match and create your own type of outfit with.

QS3: Is a sundress the best outfit for the summer?

ANS3: A sundress is a versatile piece of clothing but it is usually worn to beach dates, lunches with friends, romantic dinners or just a family get together.. They are extremely cute and look good on anyone if they know how to carry them. A sundress can be worn with boots, sandals or even high heels. It can be worn with a sweater, a jacket or without anything. My point is that a sundress can be dressed up or down accordingly. Sundresses are amazing but i would still say they are not the best outfit for the summer because there are tons of other clothes that are even better. Nothing beats a crop top or mom jeans and two piece suits. There are a lot of other outfits that can easily beat sundresses however, they still have their own importance.

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