How To Wear Quilted Jackets? 30 Best Outfit Ideas for Men

How to wear quilted jackets for Men. Ber-months are here, and we know what comes with them. Not only can we expect Christmas to be cold, but we can assure that it brings weather not all of us can stand.

What Is A Quilted Jacket?

We talked in-depth about the different types of jackets in my previous post on Types of Jackets for Men & How to Wear Them. Like puffer jackets, quilted jackets are specially engineered to use our body heat to warm up the insides of the garments themselves. But I won’t suggest that you wear it on a boiling weather day.

That said, it fits to stack our pile with the most functional and convenient weapons. For one, a quilted jacket can protect you from the chilly weather that comes with the holiday season.

Classic men’s quilted jackets have snap fronts, two chest pockets, and two flap bottom pockets. Worker jackets have a squarish cut in a boxy and loose fit, with lots of pockets for tools.

When were quilted jackets popular?

Gentleman’s Gazette said that quilting became popular in the 17th century, but it wasn’t until 1936 when the garment was invented. And the jacket is still popular up to this day.

According to The Guardian, Eddie Bauer caught hypothermia when he went on a winter fishing trip in Washington. Since then, he invented the first quilted jacket in 1936 with its Skyline model. And two years later, the couturier Charles James made an evening jacket inspired by a cropped quilt.

Meanwhile, Spy claims that American ex-aviator Steve Guylas designed the first quilted jackets. He named the brand after his dog, “Husky.” Queen Elizabeth II was seen wearing one while horseback riding, and since then, everyone else wanted to have one.

Tips On Wearing Quilted Jackets

  • Check The Quality. The fabric should be of good quality. Choose lightweight and winterproof styles.
  • Versatility And Practicality. Get quilted jackets that will easily get along with other pieces in your closet. For starters, buy monochrome and minimalist designs like jackets in blue, black, and red.
  • Know Your Region. It’s a no-brainer that quilted jackets are for the winter and fall seasons. And you might not need to wear a quilted jacket if you live someplace where such seasons are not a thing. However, it’s appropriate to wear one on rainy days.
  • “Read Between The Lines.” Know that the ‘puff’ or the lining on the garment itself differs. For short guys, vertical lines are recommended as they will make you look taller. Plus-size men should opt for the same, so they’ll look slightly smaller. On the other hand, horizontal lines are great for skinny gents. In any event, diagonal lines won’t let you down as they look good in all body types.

When To Wear Quilted Jackets

There’s no exact temperature to tell us it’s time to wear a quilted jacket. Also, our bodies have different levels of tolerance to heat and cold. If you’re inside the house and you feel cold as it is, expect that it’ll be colder outside. That’s your cue!

Wear them in the winter and fall seasons. While there’s less to zero chance of using them in summer and spring, having one or two quilted jackets as reserves won’t hurt you. Just steer clear of thick and heavy fabrics when the weather’s hot.

These jackets are also popular among hikers campers around the globe. And you can see lots of celebrities in quilted jackets during their trips to the wilderness.

Where To Buy Men’s Quilted Jackets

First off, remember that “Quality Always!” Find the ones that would be with you for more than one season. After all, quilted jackets differ from each other in terms of several factors like durability, formality, insulation, and style, of course.

If you can afford luxury or high-end brands, no one’s stopping you from buying them. Don’t be too caught up with brands. Not all of them would last as they promised you. Instead, pay more attention to construction, durability, and functionality. 

Nowadays, menswear brands produce items that look a little different from the usual designs. Most of them started offering quilted jackets in modern styles. As such, you can get those items from Barbour, Burberry, Polo By Ralph Lauren, The North Face, and Zara.

What to Wear with a Quilted Jacket?

Since quilted jackets are commonly worn as the top layer for men’s outfits, you need to consider a few factors. When choosing and styling your coat, pay attention to color, fabric, and fit.

quilted jacket outfits for men

↓ 30 – Quilted Velvet Jacket

Like suede, the smooth and elegant velvet touch can amp up your fashion game. Throw a velvet quilted jacket over a white tee, and voila! You can do some matching through your pants and headwear. Just be careful not to look monotonous.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 20


↓ 29 – Vintage

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 24


↓ 28 – Lightweight Quilted Jacket

Check J.Crew, who has available jackets that can stand all types of weather conditions. A lightweight jacket is ideal for layering. The key is to team it up with light fabrics so it won’t be a hassle to wear them together. And please consider color coordination because nobody wants a sight for an eyesore. As such, red and black won’t be cliche.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 19


↓ 27 – The North Face Quilted Jacket

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 21


↓ 26 – Quilted Jacket With Hood

If you are looking for both function and style, go for hooded quilted jackets. The purpose of the hood is to shield your head and face from undesirable factors like snow, rain, fog, and wind. I understand that it could be less stylish when the hood is on, but comfort matters more than style, even in fashion.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 25


↓ 25 – Quilted Jacket With Collar

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 27


↓ 24 – Ralph Lauren Jacket

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 23


↓ 23 – Date Outfit

Make your first impression lasts. And it doesn’t end with wearing the most expensive clothes out there. In fact, you can go on a date wearing a white tee with a timeless black quilted jacket over it. Leave the top layer open for a laidback appearance and added cooling effect. And then pair them with some faded blue jeans to finish off the look.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 13


↓ 22 – Barbour Quilted Jacket

This British brand started making its jackets in 1894. And in 1979, Barbour released its Countryman quilted jacket, which opened a path to making contemporary designs. Since then, the garment has been popular among menswear.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 12


↓ 21 – Autumn

Opt for cooler tones like blue. In the fall season, layer a blue quilted jacket over a grey knitted sweater. Some knitwear has cool prints, which make them an exciting addition to the party. And since autumn is cold like winter, it’s best to look for comfortable and durable fabrics, e.g., wool and polyester.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 17


↓ 20 – Athleisure

Vests aren’t going to keep you warm like how a regular jacket does. To ace up this sporty look, throw a vest over a hoodie. And make sure that the top layer is brighter or darker than the other. You can close a button or two to avoid looking sloppy and lazy. And it’s optional to use the hood, but if I were you, I’d leave it sitting just above your nape. Some trousers with elastic hems, e.g., jogger pants, would be perfect for this team-up.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 16


↓ 19 – Green Quilted Jacket Outfit

Achieve a not-so-formal finished look for your college days. First, grab a check shirt and tuck it into your khaki chinos. A brown leather belt is essential, so don’t forget to wear one! And the star of the day — a crocodile green quilted jacket to complete the ensemble. Accessorize with classic style sunglasses and a wristwatch with a leather strap.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 11


↓ 18 – Can I Wear a Quilted Jacket to Work

Who knew you could wear a quilted jacket to work? Well, if you haven’t heard, you can now add it to the office wear section of your closet. Try to wear a crisp white shirt and tuck it into your chinos. A tie can also make a big difference, so don’t hold back! Remember that the focus should be on the quilted jacket itself. And please stick to navy blue, black, or grey. However, maintain a professional appearance because this is the “office” we’re talking about.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 10


↓ 17 – Streetwear

They say you can just wear anything you want since the streetwear scene doesn’t require much formality. This is a myth for fashion geeks and wannabes! Once and for all, stylish men plan their outfits regardless of where they’re headed. As such, if you’re out for something casual, a combo of basic tee and jeans would do. And grab those dirty sneakers from under your squeaky bed.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 15


↓ 16 – For Biking

A quilted jacket is a worthy investment for bikers and campers alike. It is functional and stylish enough to be worn by men who are into adventures. Choose a lightweight and soft fabric, and you can thank me later! They are also really good for winter road trips and if you’re planning one anytime soon, do check out these Men Road Trip Outfits.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 18


↓ 15 – Weekend Casual

Add a quilted jacket to your weekend casual outfit to make it more interesting. It’s better to opt for a color that would blend in well with the others.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 8


↓ 14 – For Camping

Get a quilted jacket that can protect you during your trip to the wilderness. That said, choose a durable variant that can stand foul to extreme weather conditions. In summer, pick a lightweight one that can still shield you from mosquitoes without feeling like you’ve overdone it. Here’s our complete guide on Camping Outfits for Men.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 7


↓ 13 – Travel Outfit

One step ahead of your usual weekend casual outfit. Try to look a bit more dapper when you’re going to someplace new. For instance, throw a blue gilet over a grey pullover shirt. Team them up with some dark blue jeans and brown Chelseas. Don’t forget to finish off with some sunglasses.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 6


↓ 12 – Earthy Tones

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 5


↓ 11 – Smart Casual

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 2


↓ 10 – Summer

Opt for brighter tones like red, yellow, and orange. Your jacket should speak for itself that its summer and not anything else. The rule of thumb is to get lighter fabrics.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 3


↓ 9 – What to Wear with a Blue Quilted Jacket?

Opt for cooler tones like blue, purple this Winter. In any event, they look good with black, so don’t hold back. I prefer to team up two or more colors than settle with one as it seems monotone otherwise.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 9


↓ 8 – Quilted Shearling Jacket

Why buy a quilted jacket and a shearling jacket separately when you can get both of them in one awesome jacket!

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 1


↓ 7 – Zara Jacket

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 21


↓ 6 – Simple And Classy

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 14


↓ 5 – For Plus-Size Men

Wear anything you want. But if you want to look a bit smaller, choose black because it has a slimming effect. Other darker shades like navy blue will do as well.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 28


↓ 4 – For Mature Men

Older men should stick to neutral tones and contrast colors like black, white, and navy blue.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 26


↓ 3 – Monochrome

Color block your outfit using only two colors. For instance, black and white have never looked so bad together. The secret to don this right is to let black do the talking while white can be used as an undergarment.

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 29


↓ 2 – Dapper Look

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 30


↓ 1 – Minimalist

How To Wear Quilted Jackets For Men 4


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How should a quilted jacket fit?

A.The rule of thumb: know your fit, just like when you’re buying your winter essentials like trench coats. And always try them out in front of the mirror to see for yourself. Quilted jackets are meant to make you look buff, so don’t be surprised to have an “increase” in size when you wear them. Regardless if you are a skinny or a plus-size man, quilted jackets can make you look bigger.

Q.Are quilted jackets in style 2021?

A.These jackets have the classic diamond pattern formed by stitched layers. Men usually wear them as the top layer to their outfits. 

Q.How to wash quilted jackets?

A.First things first, know the fabric of your jacket. Not all quilted jackets are created equal. It’s a must to follow what the manufacturer says about washing the coat. The catch is you can wash them in a machine provided it is set to a gentle cycle. And to be safe, use only cold water and regular detergent. Lastly, you can dry your coat on low heat.

Q.Can quilted jackets be altered?

A.If you want to have your hand-me-down jacket altered, it would be on a case-to-case basis. Search the answer online, and you’ll get various answers. Generally, tailors would have a hard time tailoring them down, especially on the shoulders part. However, trenchcoats and quilted jackets are easier to tailor than parkas and ski jackets.

Q.What is the best overall jacket?

A.Barbour Flyweight Chelsea Jacket. It has combined city and country vibes. The zip-front jacket also has snaps to keep out the chill. There’s also additional fit provided by 40 grams of wadded padding and back waist tabs.

Q.What is the most versatile jacket?

A.The very first product Husky made was the quilted hunting vest. Try RYE 51 Mantenga Quilted Vest. This garment has waterproof nylon and removable sleeves. It’s like buying two jackets for the price of one.


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