21 Best Cutout Swimsuits To Try This Summer

Best cutout swimsuits to try this summer: Summer is all about beach parties and funky outfits. Cutout swimsuits are the latest trend grabbing the attention of all fashionistas. They can be a fresh addition to your summer wardrobe. The cutout details don’t only look good in our dresses and tops but the swimsuits also look stunning in this new fashion trend.

How To Style Cutout Swimsuits In Different Ways?

Swimsuits are certainly made for water-based activities but hey, who said that you can’t wear them otherwise? You can also wear them in different ways and transform them into your casual outfits. Cutout swimsuits can be worn with jeans, wrap skirts, shorts, or they can also be layered with jackets and buttoned-down shirts.

Not only this, but you can also wear swimsuits with different accessories. Waist chains are one of the accessories you can wear with swimsuits for a chic look. They enhance the overall appearance of your beachwear.

Cutout swimsuits have endless varieties including halter neck, high-leg, strappy, ring cutouts, and many more flattering details with different colors and prints making them unique from others. So choose your favorite option and hit the beach this summer in a fashionable way.

Best cutout swimsuits to try this summer

Tips For Wearing Cutout Swimsuits

  • Make sure you know your body shape so that you can pick the most appealing swimsuit for your body type.
  • Do consider the fabric also while picking your beachwear. Make sure the fabric is stretchable and comfortable.
  • Don’t forget to carry the necessary beach essentials including hats, glasses, flip-flops, and other accessories that you wish to wear.
  • Prefer colors according to your mood board, bright colors and prints for a funky look, and wear black and white monokini for a classic look.
  • Cover your body and face with loads of sunscreen to avoid sun damage!
  • Don’t be insecure about your body while choosing a swimsuit and wear it with confidence.

21 – Black Cutout Waist Halter One-Piece Swimsuit

This stunning one-piece swimsuit with a halter neck and side cutouts in the black color is enough to get you some amazing compliments. It also provides a little more coverage than usual bikinis which is a bonus point for many girls. The uniqueness and simplicity of this are making us fall in love. Bring the best pair of sunglasses and a beach hat to level up your fashion game.


20 – Puff Sleeves Cut Out One Piece Black Swimsuit

This one is for girls that don’t want to show too much skin but also want to wear a fashionable swimsuit to keep their fashion game going strong. The cute detailing of puff sleeves and a cutout over the stomach are the special features of this outfit.

Accessorize it with a hat and a small bag to make it even more adorable. Pair it with a black mini skirt to transform it into a perfect beach dinner outfit.


19 – Classic White Ring Cutout Swimsuit

Wear this stunning one-piece swimsuit that has deep front and side cuts in white color for an ideal outfit. The high waist bottom provides maximum skin coverage which is another attractive feature. Pair it with other accessories like white mules, studs, a tote bag, and a hat to enhance your overall look.


18 – Plunging Neckline And Strings Swimsuits With Shiny Details

Make a bold statement with this deep plunging neckline in your swimsuit. The backless and high-leg features of this one-piece with string bottoms make you look stunning. Oh, and have you ever tried a golf cap with swimsuits? if not, then you should definitely try it. Lastly, studs and glasses as an accessory would be a cherry on top.


17 – Front Cut High Neck Strappy Swimsuit

A swimsuit with a strappy high neck and a front keyhole, we live for such details. Add a chiffon white wrap-up skirt, heels, and earrings with it and you can easily wear it to a beach dinner.


16 – Asymmetrical Cutout Bathing Suit

We are taking geometry a little seriously for our bikinis. Doesn’t this asymmetrical swimwear look extremely hot, especially in black color? It provides a little less coverage than other ones but it is definitely worth taking a chance for. You may wear this with nude flats and sunglasses while sunbathing.


15 – Red Cutout Swimsuit With Black Lace Cover Up

A red hot swimsuit is always flattering especially when it’s a cutout one. This cute piece has a high leg bottom with a front cut and a front tie that is adjustable according to the size. Throw on a black lace shrug on it for a cover-up, and accessorize it with a multi-layered necklace. Lastly, multi-color slides to complete this funky look.


14 – Black Bandeau Swimsuit With Lace Pants

Black is the most desirable color choice when it comes to swimsuits and for all the right reasons. This strapless swimsuit paired with see-through lace pants can be an ideal outfit for fashion girls. The same outfit in white color would also look good. A small neckpiece can be added to cover the bare neckline.

These swimsuits come with removable and adjustable straps which makes them more attractive. You can wear them with cover-ups or a skirt or in whatever way you want.


13 – Printed Maternity Side Cutout Swimsuit With Kimono

You should never compromise on your maternity fashion, after all, it is one golden period of your life and you should take full advantage of it. Swimsuits look absolutely stunning on pregnant ladies when that cute baby bump is peeking out.

A tropical printed swimwear with side cuts and high leg details is perfect for your beachside maternity shoot. A matching maternity skirt can be added as an extra addition to complete the look along with a hat.


12 – Cheetah Print Swimsuit With Button Down Shirt

Another fun way to style your cutout swimsuit is to layer it with buttoned-down shirts in black or white. They are worn by girls for different purposes, some wear them for extra body coverage while others choose them for fashion purposes. Whatever the reason is, if it makes you feel good, you should wear it. You can wear it with your normal swimsuits and bikinis as well. Denim jackets, shrugs, and kimonos are some other good layering options.


12 – Pair Tie-Shoulder Beachwear With A Wrap Skirt

As we know that swimsuits are not only bound for swimming activities. They can be worn with chiffon or net skirts for beach dinners and mini skirts for pool parties. This is a perfect pairing for your poolside parties. Pair a trendy high-leg cutout swimsuit in a funky color with a white wrap-around skirt.

You can also wear white comfortable flats and statement earrings to amp up your look. Such kinds of swimsuits can also be worn with jeans or shorts and your outfit will be sorted for a fun event.


10 – Striped Printed Swimsuit With Waste Cutout

For all the girls who want more skin coverage from the sun or for any other reason, we have found an ideal swimsuit for you. It comes with long sleeves, side cuts to make it look more flattering, and front zip which adjusts as you want.

So many details and convenience in one swimsuit is hard so it is a win-win situation for us. It can be worn for swimming activities including diving, boating, surfing, and others.


9 – Go Bold With Animal Prints

Prints are always a fun idea, especially in summer. You can wear bold prints like cheetah prints to channel your bold instincts. Apart from that, a cheetah-printed bikini makes you look extremely hot as well. Small gold hoops and a neckpiece would also go well with it if you are not swimming.


8 – Tie Dye Ring Cutout Swimsuit

There’s nothing better than wearing tie dye prints on a beach day. The aesthetic and calming prints can be worn while watching the sunset on the beach side. The ring cutout swimwear is also not new to us as they have been in fashion for a long time. This swimsuit is perfect for girls who want to keep it fashionable and aesthetic at the same time.


7 – High-Cut Floral Printed Swimsuit

It is an unarguable fact that floral prints are summer favorites and look good in every kind of clothing. Whether it’s formal, casual, or semi-formal, we have tried florals in every way and now it’s time to incorporate them into our swimsuits.

This print with high-cut details makes the outfit more stunning. Add a cap and funky earrings and you are ready to click some social media-worthy pictures by the beachside on a sunny day.


6 – Tie-Dye Printed Swimsuit With Long Sleeves

There are so many reasons to love this swimsuit. An appealing front keyhole along with long sleeves gives a vibe of a cute top while a high leg bottom part gives the bikini beach look. The outfit keeps a balance for girls who want medium coverage of their skin.

On top of that, the tie-dye print acts as a little bonus as it is perfect for summer weather. Wear this with matching tie-dye trousers and you can easily wear this outside for your casual outfit. You should wear this if you want cute one-piece swimsuits with cutouts.

Best cutout swimsuits to try 6


5 – Crisscross Swimwear In Tropical Print

Tropical printed swimsuits are another ideal choice to wear in summer, especially on beaches. The cool prints give you the perfect vibes for the holiday. It looks even more beautiful when the swimsuit has the detailing of crisscross that gives the look of a wrap top. Pair it with denim shorts, a belly button ring, a big hat, and a beach bag for a stylish outfit.


4 – Orange High Leg Swimwear With Wedges

The super trendy retro-inspired high-leg swimsuits are the current obsession of our celebrities. You may have seen these in some famous tv shows as well. You know the outfit is fiery when a swimsuit is both strapless and high-leg. You may also wear cute mini wrap skirts if you are worried about showing too much skin.

Best cutout swimsuits to try this summer


3 – Two-toned Cutout Swimsuit

Wearing one color swimsuit seems like a boring idea so bring an extra appeal to your outfit by wearing a cutout swimsuit in two colors. One-shoulder swimsuit in black and white color is a simple yet cute one-piece that can be worn by girls of all body types. The same swimsuit would look extremely stunning when worn in brighter colors like shocking pink and orange.


2 – Neon One Shoulder Cutout One-piece

Neon is a color that makes you pop out whenever you wear it and donning it on the beach day is another kind of fun. The one-shoulder swimwear is quite popular as they give you a trendy look while covering most of your skin. It can also be worn as a top with jeans.


1 – Nude Strapless Knotted Swimsuit

Don’t want to get trapped in the straps? Don’t worry and make a bold statement by wearing a strapless swimsuit in a nude color. The front bow knot with cutout details are giving a trendy twist to it. This is a perfect example of swimwear that you can wear for a simple yet chic look.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are cut out swimsuits flattering?

Ans. Cutout swimsuits are definitely flattering as they are trendy and give you a fashionable look. The days of boring bikinis are over as there are so many fashionable cutout swimsuits for every body type. The cutout details from the stomach and shoulders are the most flattering. It is for both the people who want to show skin and people who don’t want to. You should definitely try trendy cutout bath wear for your next beach day to get some amazing compliments.

Q. Where to buy best cutout swimsuits from?

Ans. There are so many high-end fashion brands that are providing chic cutout swimwear in a lot of varieties. Some of the popular and affordable options are Zara and H&M. Nike and Adidas also provide a variety of different colors and prints with cut-out details. In short, cutout swimsuits are the latest trend and can be found everywhere.

Q. What do you wear with a swimsuit ?

Ans. Usually, nothing else is worn with swimsuits as they are enough if you are swimming. However, you can layer it with jackets, shrugs, buttoned-down shirts, and other such cover-ups. You can also accessorize it with goggles, hats, jewelry, waist chains, belts, scarves, and beach bags. Talking about footwear, flats or flip-flops would be the most ideal option for beachside.

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