How to Wear Sweatshorts? 21 Best Outfit Ideas for Women

How to wear Sweatshorts: When we think about cozy and comfy clothes, one thing that comes to our mind is sweatshorts. These little clothing pieces can be your best friend for the summer season. But let’s be honest, when we try to style them, only a few things pop up in our minds, including a sweatshirt, tank top, or crop top.

But there’s more to the styling of this adorable clothing piece. Sweatshorts are a comfy summer trend that is easy to style. Keep them in different colors with different kinds of tops and your summer wardrobe will be all settled.

What to Wear with Sweatshorts?

Sweatshorts are the perfect summer outfit that can be paired with different kinds of tops such as tank tops, crop tops, off-shoulder tops, and much more. For everyday casual outfits, when you want a comfy look but also want to look good, stylish tops like eyelets, one-shoulder, off-the-shoulder, or ones with stylish sleeves can be paired with sweatshorts.

For a relaxed and stay-at-home look, pair your sweatshorts with tank tops, crop tops, and sports bras. You can also wear them to the gym and for morning walks. In the spring season, the sweatshorts can be paired with cropped hoodies and sweatshirts, and cardigans.

Another way is to pair sweatshorts with oversized tee shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and others. You can also add layers with matching sweatsuits like blazers and jackets. You don’t need much effort for the styling of sweatshorts as they look good with almost everything.

Tips On Styling Outfits with Sweatshorts

  • Add accessories: Since sweatshorts form some casual outfits, accessorizing them will enhance your look. Wear minimal neck chains, earrings, bracelets, and bags with your outfits.
  • Add layers: Adding layers of a jacket, blazer or cardigan will give an enhanced look to your basic sweatshort sets.
  • Play with colors: Balance out the color combination of your outfit by pairing neutral color sweatshorts like grey, white, black and beige with vibrant colored tops. Similarly, colorful sweatshorts look good with black and white tops.
  • Footwear for sweatshort outfits: Sweatshorts are not formal enough to be paired with high heels or fancy sandals, so it is better to wear flats and sneakers with them. However, if you really want some weighted footwear, low-heeled pumps or sandals are the options to go for.

21 – Sweatshorts Paired With Black Tee Shirt & Sneakers

Starting with a basic outfit, which looks not-so-basic. You can pair simple blue sweatshorts with a basic black tee shirt with sneakers and you are done. This outfit has no prints and no colors and yet it looks adorable. You wouldn’t even have to go out of your way and buy something new to achieve this look. You can also carry a bag pack and wear this outfit to college with long sweatshorts.


20 – Orange Sweatshorts Paired With Printed Tee Shirt

Pair your long sweatshorts with printed or graphic tee shirts to get an uber-chic look. Wear the outfit in vibrant colors and tuck the shirt into shorts to get a defined look. Add your favorite sneakers and bag and you are ready with a casual look. You can also drape a denim jacket on your shoulders for an extra chic element.


19 – Oversized Jersey Shirt With Matching Shorts

A sleeveless and oversized tee shirt is perfect to pair with matching sweatshorts in the summer season. You can also wear the jersey of your favorite team at the games.

Wear chunky shoes and a cap with this outfit and you are ready to head out. More options for the game day outfit with sweatshorts is to pair cropped tee shirts or tank tops layered with jackets.


18 – Beige Sweatshorts With Cropped Collared Shirt

A collared tee shirt with long sleeves is perfect to get a sporty look. You can pair this cropped tee shirt with high-waisted pants and skirts but high-waisted sweatshorts are the perfect option for summer. You can wear this matching set in pastel colors to golf, tennis, or any other outdoor activities.

how to wear sweatshorts


17 – White Sweatshorts With Green Buttoned Down Shirt

At this point, it feels like you can style buttoned-down shirts with anything and they look equally good with everything.

The same is the case with sweatshorts, you can wear them in any neutral color and pair them with a bright colored buttoned down like green or yellow. And that’s it for your outfit, you can add the accessories as per your choice and you are ready.


16 – Tie Dye Sweatshorts With Matching Crop Top

The tie-dye trend is to die for, if you are also a fan of tie-dye prints like me, this outfit is definitely going to be on your wish list now. Grab this cute and comfy look for the summer season. Pair it with cute accessories, and chunky sneakers and your cute outfit for the day is ready.

Matching tie-dye sets also come with hoodies and sweatshirts so you can try them as well. You can also add a colorful cropped jacket, a crossbody bag, and colorful earrings with this adorable look.


15 – Yellow High Waisted Sweatshorts With Crop Top

This is the most basic way in which you can style your sweatshorts. Pair a classic white crop top with colored sweatshirts.

You can wear different colors like yellow, orange, purple and others, as white looks good with all of them. Pair sneakers and a tote bag with it and you are ready to go out and about in the city.


14 – Blue One-Shoulder Top With Matching Sweatshorts

Sweatshorts are also perfect for your beach vacations. You can wear them with different kinds of tops but for a stylish fit, keep a matching set with you on the holiday.

One shoulder top is also better than the basic crop tops and also looks stylish. Wear this outfit in a cute color, add small hoops, and the holiday outfit is ready.

how to wear sweatshorts


13 – Sweatshorts Paired With Bikini Top

Instead of wearing the whole bikini set, you can also wear a bikini top with sweatshorts. Many people prefer this because it gives them more coverage and keeps them more comfortable.

So, ditch your bikini set and go with sweatshorts if you are planning a picnic by the beach or pool, your outfit is already sorted for the day.


12 – Printed Sweatshorts With Tube Top

Who said you can’t form a stylish outfit with sweatshorts? Whoever thinks like this must be wrong as it is pretty easy to achieve this look.

Grab printed sweatshorts and pair them with a white tube top. Accessories are the game changer in this look so wear a necklace, and watch and carry a shoulder bag to amp up your look.

Also, pair stylish tie-up sandals to finish out this classy look. Since this outfit is more on the formal side, low heels can be paired with it otherwise, sneakers are the best option with sweatshorts. You can easily wear this outfit to parties and night outs.

how to wear sweatshorts


11 -White Sweatshorts With Color Block Tank Top

You can wear your sweatshorts with cute tops to get a cute Pinterest-inspired look. Like this color-blocking one, which is paired with plain white sweatshorts and sneakers. You can also layer a flannel or buttoned-down shirt over this. Tie a sleek low bun and add sunglasses to finish your cute summer look.


10 – White Sweatshort With Checkered Printed Top

Tops in different prints are also an amazing way to achieve a cute look with sweatshorts. This checkered printed top in brown color can also be paired with beige sweatshorts. The other options for printed tops to wear with sweatshorts are floral and animal prints.


9 – Halter Tank Top With Brown Sweatshorts

This casual and chic outfit not only looks good but is also very easy to style. You can easily wear them out for your shopping or lunch plans.

Simply grab a halter-neck tank top and pair it with sweatshorts. Now, the only thing you need to consider to make this outfit look good is the color combination. Choose colors that complement each other.

Moreover, another important thing in this look is the accessories, the large hoops, and neck chain are standing out. You can also pair your favorite accessories accordingly.


8 – White Sweatshorts & Top Layered With Orange Blazer

This is the kind of look that is dressier and can be worn outside for lunches and hangout plans. Wear a simple matching sweat set in either white or black color. And layer an oversized blazer in a brighter color. The pop of color will make your outfit stand out on a bright sunny day.

The sneakers can be in white color or in the same bright color as the blazer, both options will look great. Accessorize it with different things like a mini shoulder bag, chains, and cute butterfly earrings and you are good to go.


7 – Black Sweatshort Set With Cropped Hooded Jacket

A basic sporty look can be achieved by pairing black sweatshorts with a black tank top. Along with that, pair a black hooded zipper jacket as a layer with it. Wear your favorite sports shoes and you are ready for the game.


6 – White Sweatshorts Set With A Colorful Jacket

If the white sweatshort set is too basic and boring for you then add a colorful twist to it by wearing a color-blocking jacket with it. Here, a rain jacket is paired with a plain white sweatsuit which makes this outfit the perfect choice for rainy weather. The white set can also be replaced with black color.

how to wear sweatshorts


5 – Sweatshorts Paired With An Oversized Jacket

Oversized clothing pieces are an ideal choice for comfy clothes. You can either wear oversized tee shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and matching sweatshirts with shorts. Oversized jackets and blazers also look adorable with matching sweatsuits. Tie up a messy bun and wear flip-flops and your lazy day outfit is ready.

This monochromatic look is perfect for the fall season. You can also achieve a similar look by wearing shorts, a top, and a jacket in different shades of the same color.

What to wear with sweatshorts


4 – Black Sweatshorts Set With Flannel And Converse Shoes

Pair your black sweatshorts with a black bralette, and to lift up this look, add a layer of a flannel shirt. You can also consider an oversized denim jacket or a black blazer as other layering options.

Complete this black and grey look by pairing converse shoes with it. Here are some more ways of wearing converse shoes.

how to wear sweatshorts


3 – Grey Sweatshorts Paired With Sweatshirt & Green Slides

If you are wearing an outfit in neutral colors, you should add accessories in vibrant colors. Like this outfit, in which both the shorts and sweatshirt are in grey and white color.

To add a bit of color pop, a green straw bag and slides are paired with them which changed the entire look within a blink of an eye.

So, the next time you think that your outfit is too basic and you need some colors then, try this hack.

What to wear with sweatshorts


2 – Wear A Turtleneck Sweater With Sweatshorts

What to wear with sweatshorts


1 – Sweatshorts Paired With Cropped Hoodie

The spring season calls for cute hoodies and sweatshirts. However, it is not cold enough, so you can wear cropped zip-up hoodies of thin material with sweatshorts. Wear a colorful top underneath and carry a mini shoulder bag and you are good to go for the day.

how to wear sweatshorts


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What shoes to wear with sweatshorts?

Sweatshorts are all about comfort and style so the shoes must represent the same. The option that immediately pops up in our minds is sneakers. They are the most suitable option for sweatshorts.

Apart from that, you can also wear flip-flops or flats. Don’t consider other footwear options like high heels or boots as they are for more formal and dressier looks and will not look good with sweatshorts at all. However, if you are dressing up for something semi-casual, wear low-heeled sandals or pumps.

Q. How to style black sweatshorts?

Black sweatshorts have a little advantage over others as they can be paired with any color. But they look best with a matching top like a black hoodie or a black tank top. Other colors such as white, yellow, and orange also complement the black sweatshorts.

Q. Are sweatshorts good for the gym?

Sweatshorts are actually a great outfit for gym, workout, yoga, golf, and other sports activities. You can pair sports bras, tank tops, crop tops, zipper jackets, and cropped tee shirts for the gym.

Wear long-sleeved and collared tee shirts, cropped sweatshirts, graphic tee shirts, or matching sets along with sneakers for your favorite outdoor sports activities.

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