August Outfits for Women – 31 Looks for Every Day of August

Outfits for August: This warm month is prepared to shower us with rain and life. With the days longer, August is all about appreciating the last few days of summer and greenery before we move to Fall. This is also the last month of vacationing and partying before we return to our daily routines of nine-to-five.

And while we may not be ready to pack up our bathing suits, all of us are ready for a revamp in our summer wardrobe, and August brings about a colossal potential to style our favourite looks and show them off. And now that vacations are over and its time for schools to reopen, why not upgrade your school/college outfit game?

What To Wear In August?

For college students, read on to get inspired for your back-to-college looks. Even if the only time the world sees you is on your trip to the grocery store, you can always dress up looking extra to get a carton of milk!

Styling tips:

  • August is a warm month in most parts of the world. It is better to opt for flowy and baggy clothes rather than skin-tight outfits.
  • The best options for the type of cloth are chiffon, lawn, and certain types of cotton.
  • This is the month where you can effortlessly rock summer dresses with sandals.
  • In parts of the world experiencing monsoon rains, humidity levels are off the charts, so choose something accordingly.
  • Go for a no-makeup look so that your makeup does not melt off during the day and so that you can let your skin breathe! Also, a bare face in the sun adds to your radiance.
  • Pinks and nudes are preferred over dark shades of lipstick to compliment the weather.
  • Glossy makeup is in trend this season. Glossy lids and lips are quick and easy-to-do, even for amateurs, and they go with all the outfits!
  • A foul odor is such a turn-off! It is equally important to smell as good as you look, so do not forget to keep your deodorant in your purse as a back-up. Go for a fruity scent to match the summer vibe!
  • Sunscreen is your best friend this month. Apply it to your face, neck, arms, and any other part of your body exposed to the sun. You will thank us later.

what to wear in august

Now, without further ado, let’s get to the outfits!

↓ 31 – Flowy Dresses

Summers in August exude of lush and exotic greenery, warm winds, and comfort. The kind of weather that makes you wish you were running in a flower field, soaking in the sun, and singing with the crickets.

What better way to fulfill your fairy dreams than by wearing a floral printed midi dress that moves in the wind’s direction? 

Go for a colorful, printed dress to lift up your spirit!


↓ 30 – Jumpsuits

If you want to mix classy with casual, jumpsuits are the way to go. You don’t have to put in alot of effort to achieve a sexy and comfortable look. Simply style your choice your jumpsuit with a pair of white sneakers for a laid-back look or a pair of chic heels to turn heads at a party! Here are some more ideas on How to Wear Jumpsuits.

This Look does not have an image.


↓ 29 – Tie-n-Dye

Oh, the limitless possibilities of how creative you can be with this fabric painting technique. TIe-n-dye is more than just a tool for fashion. It peaked in the 60s and 70s with the hippie movement, spreading peace. Using bright colors and saturated primary shades, tie-n-dye speaks loudly about love and peace for everyone. You can upgrade your old t-shirts by DIY-ing while being quarantined in your house.



↓ 28 – Minidresses

It is time to show off those gorgeous legs before the weather turns cold. Minidresses in muted tones with dainty patterns are perfect for a visit to the beach or road trips with friends. Let your hair down and put on a pair of dressy flats to complete the look.



↓ 27 – Puff Sleeves

Football sleeves are the hottest thing this August. Tops and dresses with loose self-lengthed sleeves are flooding the stores. They give off a contemporary look, making everyone stop and take a second glance. Oversized sleeves on crop tops are the way to go if you are looking to make a fashionable statement.


↓ 26 – Shirt Dresses

Who says you have to follow the rules? We are Team No Pants. Step out in your favorite shirt worn as a dress like Ariana Grande does with her hoodies. It is a simple idea that makes you look different from the rest of them. Add some sneakers or boots and some jewelry to complete the outfit.


↓ 25 – Athleisure

Joggers and tank tops are not just for yoga anymore. If you feel like summer dresses are not your style, you have plenty of other categories to choose from. Athleisure is one of them. Gaining popularities in the 2000s, bling and tracksuits were all anyone cared about. This style made a comeback in the late 2010s when the fashion industry fused fitness and style. You do not need to have to choose between fashion and comfort, athleisure mixes the two for you perfectly.

You can step out in your yoga pants and a sports bra for a quick stop at target and turn heads!



↓ 24 – Cold Shoulder Sleeves 

Cold shoulder sleeves can make a simple shirt look trendy and chic. This little detail can be incorporated into your favourite Kurti, shift-dress or a crop top; the options are limitless. Moreover, these sleeves are perfect to let some air in on hot summer days. 

Style your cold should shirt with a pair of culotte pants or skin-fit jeans. Add some delicate jewelry to elevate your look.

Cold Shoulder Sleeves 


↓ 23 – Graphic T-shirts

Let your clothes do the talking. Graphic t-shirts have forever been in fashion and there is no way they are going out of style this summer. It is incredible how you can make a statement by putting in little or no effort and simultaneously supporting your favorite artists and movies. Or maybe you do not have to think too much about it and just rock a t-shirt with a sticker of a donut.

The best thing about t-shirts is that you can style them in so many ways. You can tuck them in your favorite high-waisted jeans if you want. You can add your favorite little skirt. You can pair them with biker shorts. The options are infinite, just be artistically creative. Here’s our exclusive post on How to Wear a Graphic Tees.


↓ 22 – Slip Dresses 

Spaghetti strapped dresses are timeless classics that can work anywhere. Spend your last summer nights in a voluptuous slip dress, with statement earrings to feel like Michelle Pfeiffer. Slip dresses are perfect to wear to clubs, the third date, or maybe the grocery store (if you want to feel extra).  Pop culture and movies love using slip dresses for grand entrances at the end of the movie with their love interest standing downstairs with the word ‘wow’ at the tip of his tongue. That is the impact of slip dresses. 


↓ 21 – Tube Tops 

If there is one piece of clothing, you’re sure to see everywhere this season, its tube tops. It is time to ditch those sleeves altogether! Tube tops make a cute outfit, paired with jeans or some khaki pants. Opt for white or light-colored tops to beat the hot, blazing sun.


↓ 20 – Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are perfect for this season; the baggy and stylish pants can help beat the summer heat while looking fashionable. Unlike skinny jeans, that will only create a sticky and sweaty mess, boyfriend jeans are a comfortable alternative. These can be worn with almost anything from t-shirts to button-ups to chiffon tops. Here are some more inspiring Boyfriend Jeans Outfits.


↓ 19 – Denim Shorts 

Denim shorts are all the rage during summers. If you are worried that your old pair of shorts will look sloppy or too casual, you’re wrong! Include smart layers and the right accessories with your shorts to take your overall outfit up a notch. You don’t always have to go for a fashion-forward look, a real and effortless look is sometimes the way to go!


↓ 18 – Palazzo Pants 

A trend from the ’60s, the palazzo pants are making a comeback better than ever. You see them as a forerunner in street-style, at beaches, parties, and even at offices. And you can easily see why. Palazzo pants are comfortable and stylish, but most importantly, versatile. You have a variety of outfit options to choose from ranging from vibrant colored palazzos paired with a simple spaghetti strap shirt for an unfussy look to classic vintage-print palazzos with striking monochrome prints like diagonals or Jacquards, as well as deep-colored choices like ethnic mandala patterns or bold florals.


↓ 17 – Gingham

This retro print is going nowhere. Gingham is an everlasting print that can be incorporated into almost all articles of clothing.  Chic gingham overalls are making a big comeback this season and you must try it before cold winds start blowing!

A gingham printed mask paired with this outfit would be so cool, right?


↓ 16 – Knotted Shirt

A dapper take on the safari style, the knotted shirt is a great choice for you to opt for this August! Cinched at the waist, it makes your figure flattering and it can be paired with almost anything.

Gingham, knotted shirt with exaggerated sleeves? Three trends in one? Yes, please!


↓ 15 – Maxi Skirt

A lightweight maxi skirt is an excellent option this season because it is long enough to cover your legs and is breathable during those crazy hot days. You can also easily switch up tops or layer with a cropped jacket in case the weather takes an unexpected turn. Keep your hair down and give that skirt a twirl to feel like a princess!


↓ 14 – Romper

The best thing about rompers – they’re a one-step outfit! Rompers are the best of the comfortable summer style. You can basically do anything wearing a romper without having to worry about a slip-up. They are super cute and very easy to accessorize. To take it up north, go for an off-shoulder romper and pair it up with strapped sandals or a pair of sneakers.


↓ 13 – Accessorize With Mini Bags

Mini bags are on fire this season. They are a perfect combination of sophisticated and chic and add glamour to your outfit. They come in a variety of colors and shapes to complement your attire.

This August, try out a petite satchel, crossbody or tote that fits your essentials like keys, wallet, and your mask.


↓ 12 – Kimonos

Take out that kimono sitting in your closet this August because the kimono trend is here to stay! Kimonos are so pretty especially when they woosh around with the wind on a summery day. Layer your kimono with a tank and denim skirt for a fun look this summer!


↓ 11 – Off-Shoulder Tops

Off-shoulder tops are so versatile, you can wear it for work and then go to dinner wearing the same shirt. They are casual and formal at the same time depending on the setting and how you accessorize them. When styled with a pair of ripped jeans and stilettos, you are sure to stand out!


↓ 10 – Monochrome Outfits

Monochromatic outfits scream cosmopolitan. They are sophisticated and make you look put together because of the cohesive colour theme. A body con dress layered with the same colour of the blazer is a killer look for business meetings and official brunches. Accessorize this look with a pair of lace-up heels and shades.


↓ 9 – Go Backless

Who doesn’t love showing off some skin? A backless top paired with skinny jeans is a sexy combination you can try out this August. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your back too!


↓ 8 – Animal Prints

Animal prints when paired with plain pieces look extremely alluring. Dont get shy to accessorize with a cute hat to shield yourself from the blazing sun.


↓ 7 – Summer-Weight Knits

Knits may not be your list of articles for this summer. But don’t be afraid to try out light-weight, summer-friendly knits. Not a lot of people will go for this look and you will outshine others with this unique look without sweating at all.


↓ 6 – Boilersuit

A comfier version of a jumpsuit? Sign me up!


↓ 5 – Matching Set

A two-piece matching set should be a staple in your summer wardrobe. It is perfect for a road trip or a day out with your friends. Easy to carry and accessorize, a matching set is so cute in itself, you can simply put on a pair of sneakers and shades and you will be good to go!


↓ 4 – Skip The Buttons

Rock that french tuck this season! A loose-fitted button-up with professional cuts is a great option in hot weather. Leave a few bottom buttons undone to expose that little triangle of skin for a trendy vibe.


↓ 3 – Tennis Skirt

Summers and sportswear go hand in hand. A tennis skirt can be paired with any shirt of your choice for a laid-back, comfortable look!


↓ 2 – Sheer Tops

Sheer tops are not only sexy, they are super convenient during the day to beat the heat. You can pair it up with a skirt or palazzo pants in the morning for work and switch it up with shorts or a pair of fancy pants in the evening for girls’ night out.


↓ 1 – Accessorize Your Bikini

Don’t have a beach near you? No worries! You can utilize your bikinis gathering dust in your closet by pairing it up with skirts or shorts for a complete look! you can also layer it with an oversized jacket or upper for a more conservative look. Now, you’re beach ready!


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