How to Dress Goth? 12 Cute Gothic Styles Outfits Ideas

Looking for ideas on how to dress goth? Want to know about the latest goth fashion trends? How would you do makeup for a goth look? Well, today, I will be explaining how to. Personally, I love goth fashion and scene so I will try my best to put it into words for you. I have even included my photo with one of my latest goth outfits as a finale.

So What is Goth?

The Goth image is a mixture of different styles. Beginning in the early 1980s Goth incorporates flairs such as Punk, Victoriana, Cyber and Industrial. Goths can be somewhat judged straight away by the image; however, getting into this subculture can be very gratifying indeed. With so many different events to attend on a monthly basis and such diversity, there is no excuse not to show off how appealing the Goth look can be.

The Basics Tips for a Goth Look
Black! The most recognizable trait of this scene is black. Clothing is black; the shoes are black, hair is black, even the make-up is black. However, having said that, colours do creep their way into this image. Powerful reds, alluring royal purples, and emerald greens are always charming colours which accentuate and highlight curves and features.

Goth Style Make-up Excellent #Goth eye makeup from
Gothic makeup is actually very easy. However, it is possible to go overboard. For example, if wearing a rock band T-Shirt and studded, chain covered trousers, black lipstick is usually a no no. Instead, just accentuate your eyes with block black eyeliner or eye shadow. Black or even red or purple lipsticks are an acceptable gothic makeup touch if achieving a more feminine look. Coloured lace and ribbon are a great addition and match to coloured lipsticks. Shy away from bright colours such as pink and yellow unless venturing into the cyber side of Goth.


Corsets come under the title of Victoriana or Lolita. Lots of shapes and lots of lace also come into this category. Corsets are a fantastic item of clothing in the Goth scene. Not only are they sexy and very feminine, they come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and everyone can wear one. Corsets add a perfect Je ne Sais qua to any gothic outfit. Corset lacing is fashionable on all types of gothic attire such as the backs of jackets and down the sides of trousers. Why not complete your corset outfit with a fishtail skirt or web-shaped mini? Match make-up to your corset. If your corset is black with red piping, blend red eye-shadow with black to create a smoky red finish. This will bring out your eyes and make them an outstanding feature which will compliment your outfit.

Industrial Goth includes more metal and can also fall under the heading of cyber. Buckles, spikes, chains, studs, plates, and any other type of metal accessory are a must. Other accessories include collars, dreadlocks, gas masks, and leather bracelets.

Goth Style FootwearGoth boots
You will usually see people from the gothic subculture out in huge chunky boots again with elements of metal and use of chains and studs. However, for trends like Lolita and Victoriana, cute dolly shoes are considered Goth and are a beautiful touch to any corseted outfit. Make sure your footwear suits the style of Goth you have gone for. There is such a wide range of shoe styles for Goth that finding the perfect shoe is not an issue.

With such a huge variety of gothic styles, it is not problematic to ascertain which one suits you best. Why not check out these images of cute girls wearing gothic clothes and discover your inner Goth.

 Latest Style Goth Fashion.

Being goth means that you are infatuated with the darker shades in the color palette. Body fitting dresses or body cons are a liking of girls associated with this culture. This fashionable piece is a perfect outfit for attending any event from a birthday bash to a concert. You name it. Just not for a kid’s party. Shoulderless leather frock with a chiffon skirt is quite a thing when worn with fishnet stockings and accessorized with chains and a belt. Wear a jacket on it with a hat to add extra character to the dress. You can either wear long boots or high heeled lolita shoes. Obviously, the makeup needs to be spot on also.

Cute goth style outfit ideas (1)


Going on an adventure? Or just to school on an autumn day. This is a nice goth ensemble that you can adopt. Hoods are also an important part of dressing up in goth. You can wear a dark shirt and shorts under the hood or a shirt with black tights and buckles long boots. Hair can be left open with a smokey makeup around the eyes.

Cute goth style outfit ideas (2)


Pastel Goth Style

Although darker tones are the ones that best define goth but going for lighter tones cannot harm if you dress up properly as is shown. Opt for a silver pleated skirt and match it up with a black graphic top. Again boots should be heeled and makeup top notch.

Cute goth style outfit ideas (3)

Halloween is right around the corner and to dress up as a witch is no difficult for a goth girl. Net skirts are considered mod and trendy, so mix matches a nice skirt with a plain black or maroon velvet top. Accessorize with a choker and bracelets. Red hair will look best with the outfit, and a hat is the last thing you should not forget as what is a witch without her hat.

Cute goth style outfit ideas (4)


 College Girls Goth Look.

Goth is everything if you know how to incorporate it into your wardrobe without overdoing it. Such is the case with these shorts. Add extra character to the outfit by wearing fishnet stockings and a shirt with a tie. High ponytail looks nice with the winged eyeliner and red lips. A leather jacket is all you need now for the X factor.

Cute goth style outfit ideas (5)


 Goth Hairstyle.

Cute goth style outfit ideas (6)

Cropped tops also look gorgeous when worn with a net top and a pencil skirt. This should be an all-black outfit perfect for a college date.

Cute goth style outfit ideas (7)

 Street Style

Leather and silk and net all combined into one gown. What better can a girl ask for? Wear it for your friend’s party or if you have one at your house. Again boots look nice, but you will look gorgeous with high heeled lolitas.
Cute goth style outfit ideas (8)

Cute goth style outfit ideas (9)

Cute goth style outfit ideas (10)


Alice in Wonderland look. Striped socks matched with a black frock look extra cool with bleached/blonde hair. You can incorporate fish net into your dress for your arms or as stockings.

Cute goth style outfit ideas (11)

 Goth Outfit Combination.

Winter styling idea for girls. A long black tunic with leather stockings and a beanie. Accessorize with lots of jewelry.

Cute goth style outfit ideas (12)

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