15 Most Popular Dubai Style embroidered Abayas

Now a days Dubai style abayas are very popular among Muslim women. Because of their elegant and fancy embroidery, it makes them unique from others.This is one reason that many women prefer to buy these stylish abayas online from Dubai. Or they ask their friends or relatives to get them few on their visit.

Women wear colorful scarves with abayas and wear various ornaments and accessories. Those women who are conscious about covering themselves should now become happy.Because now designers abayas  come in variety of style to give you glamorous look .That is why bring this collection of latest style embroidered abayas for you.And we recommend you to always go for designer abayas. Because they are long lasting , their embroidery finishing  is beautiful and elegant.

Fancy trying some stylish combination of abaya and hijab? Must see our collection of  30 modern ways to wear hijab.You can get lot of ideas how to do a combination of hijab and abaya for stunning look.You can wear silk abayas with embroidery, chiffon abayas with panels and strips . Arabic lawn abayas with crochet or various embroidery or printed designs are also trendy these days. Depending on seasons, choose the best designs and wear them on various events. Open shirt Abayas  which are light in stuff are perfect for summer seasons . Shiny abayas work perfectly in formal functions. Slim and smart designs give proper body shape and a descent scarf adds beauty to your appearance. If you are going for a party, go for a glamorous shiny black abaya with frills of shocking pink color on base and arms. Wear matching shiny scarf and a silver, pinkish pin. Wear stylish sandals of silver, black and pinkish contrasts and walk in style. You will be more noticed if you will have light party makeup as well. Abayas of thick stuff can be worn in winters such as denim abayas, leather abayas and Courtrai abayas and so on.

We all know that it is one of the compulsory dress for Muslims. All over the world Muslims wear it but Dubai style abaya’s are most popular. The trims and cuts have changed and are now very stylish. Dubai style abaya’s have glittery stones, thread work, embellishments, sequin work etc. Where as the abaya’s are very trendy which includes frock style abaya, fancy abaya, gown style abaya. These abaya’s give a feminine touch. Abaya’s can be found in different colors such as pink, blue, black, white etc. with embellishments. Lace work is also famous and many ladies in Dubai are seen wearing lace work abaya’s.

You can easily find these abaya’s at stores and shopping malls. Several shops have occassional abaya’s that can be worn on events along with the modern style abaya’s that can be worn casually. You can also place an order for a custom made abaya. A lot of shops offer unstitched material too that can be stitched according to your design and preference. We hope you all will love wearing these trendy dubai style abaya’s.

Latest Abaya Styles


UAE style abaya

Abaya For Summers

summer abayas

Red and Black

New Abaya style

Khaleej Style

khaleeji abaya fashion


Irani Embroidered Abayas

Fancy Embroidered

Fancy Embroidered Abaya


Embroidered Jilbabs like Abayas


dubai style abayas

Tiger Print

Dubai abaya style


Designer Embroidered Abayas


Designer abayas


Stylish Black Abayas


cute black abayas


Arabic Embroidered Abayas


Abaya fashion 2014


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