Wedding Abayas- 30 Latest Bridal Abaya Designs Trending Now

Wedding Abayas Designs :This article is specifically for women and girls who like to dress up in abayas and on their or others weddings too preference is an abaya. It is a sign of a Muslim women but it doesn’t mean that these abayas lack in fashion and styling rather they are the epitome of gorgeous bridal designs as we shall see below.

Glittering stunning and chic outfits made for the brides and her friends, white gowns also taking a preference among young girls with detailed work head covers.

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Moroccan styled, Saudi styled and Middle eastern are the inspiration but bridal abaya styles have been hit with the western ball gown designs also taking the stage by storm. New bride to be and guests can have a look at the beautiful collection shown here for a bit of inspiration.

Muslim Bridal wear (38)

Bridal Abayas for Muslim Women

#30.Ombre Fashion in Abayas

Muslim Bridal wear (1)


#29. Paisley In Blue

Muslim Bridal wear (2)


#28. Emerald Green for your Day

Muslim Bridal wear (3)


#27. Jalabia

Muslim Bridal wear (4)


#26. Sequin Elegance

Muslim Bridal wear (5)


#25. Traditional Jalabia Style

Modern look is liked by many a friends but when you stick to your roots and tradition it’s the best part. Look how pretty the dress is making the bride look with all the gold work done on the green, a fabulous combo with the jewelry will definitely make you shine on your big day.


#24. Turkish Kaftan Style

Turks are famous for their different kaftans and abayas. This red kaftan is one example. If you are a risk taker go for this elegant piece in red.


#23. Golden Beauty

A brocade and silk gown mix matched is the ultimate gown a bride can ask for and this gown will make your olive skin stand out and a bride to be remembered. Wear high heels and if you take hijab go for the same shade and cover it with tulle/organza to give a festive look.

Muslim Bridal wear (34)


#22. Moroccan Bridal Wear

Muslim Bridal wear (37)


#21. Black Elegance

Muslim Bridal wear (10)


#20. Mod Gown for Brides

Muslim Bridal wear (11)


#19. White Silhouette

Muslim Bridal wear (12)


#18. Ultra Chic Gown

Muslim Bridal wear (13)


#17. Traditional and Simple

Muslim Bridal wear (14)


#16. Graceful Style

Muslim Bridal wear (15)


#15. Simple Cut Embroided Gown

Muslim Bridal wear (16)


#14. Vision in White

Muslim Bridal wear (17)


#13. Patterned Silk Gown

Muslim Bridal wear (19)


#12. Hip Look in Abaya

Muslim Bridal wear (20)


#11. Ball Gown Inspired

Muslim Bridal wear (4)Source

#10. Ultra Trendy Look

Muslim Bridal wear (1)Source

#09. Indonesian Look for the Bride

Muslim Bridal wear (23)


#08. Kaftan As Bridal Outfit

Muslim Bridal wear (25)


#07. Traditional Middle Eastern Wear

Muslim Bridal wear (36)


#06. Lady in Pink

Muslim Bridal wear (27)


#05. Layered Ecstasy

Muslim Bridal wear (28)


#04. Saudi Bridal Style

Saudi abayas are famous for their intricate work and beautiful combinations as shown here in black and pink with silver detailing done. Go for your traditional style and customize it with accessories as a wide belt and chunky earrings and bridal jewelry.

Muslim Bridal wear (2)Source

#03. Tulle Fashion

Muslim Bridal wear (30)


#02. Authentic for Year 2016

Muslim Bridal wear (31)


#01. Western Gown Silhouette

Western gowns have become quite famous in last years bringing about a drastic change in the Arabic bridal scene. This white beautifully cut gown will be desired by many as it is offering modesty and a clean fresh and ultra chic look. and when worn with a hijab, this outfit will be the talk of the town.

Muslim Bridal wear (3)Source

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