20 Outfit Ideas on What to Wear to Work When It’s Raining

What to wear to work when it’s raining. Hello people, As I’m writing this, I’m staring out at one of the dreariest days I’ve seen in a while — it’s early fall cold outside, with a consistent driving rain that’d be perfect for the protagonist in a romantic film to stand in, yelling at the man she loves so fiercely.There are, however, more productive (and drier) things to do on rainy days than simply standing in the cold rain and shouting heavenward.

The weatherman said it would be a perfect evening. So, why is it raining on your beautifully prepared al fresco buffet table? Ah, the weather, such a fickle friend. You can’t let the changing whims of Mother Nature prevent you from experiencing the joys of entertaining in the great outdoors this summer. Just make sure to cover all your bases with a “Plan B” that will ensure your party keeps on going, even in stormy weather.Rainy days are here in many parts of the country, but don’t let anything from a downpour to a light drizzle send your morning dressing routine into a tailspin.

Rainy Day work Wear

Luckily for me, the 25 chic ladies below are serving up some serious rainy day outfits. Clad in sneakers, booties, and rubber wellies; with armors of anoraks, trench coats, and umbrellas; the rain doesn’t have to prevent you from looking your best, no matter where you’re headed!

Of course, it’s quite hard to know what is better to wear when outside is sun and rain. The thing is: you can’t really figure out, is it worth wearing an office suit and run through the puddles to make it on time at work; should you cancel a date with your love only because of the rain? I decided to look through various outfits of bloggers, celebrities and chics while they are walking through the raining streets. Hope you are ready to see inspirational fashion looks:


↓ 20 – Man Repeller

Go classic with an all-white look, topped with a classic trench. On drizzling days, opt for loafers that won’t be ruined by a few drops of rain. Also have a look at these Trench Coat Outfits for Women.

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↓ 19 – Barefoot Blonde

Pair a little black dress with knee-high boots. Top it off with a coat that covers most of your outfit to protect it from the elements.

↓ 18 – Long Coat Swag

With a skirt-and-blouse look, keep warm by adding a pair of tights to your outfit. For work, slip into a pair of chunky heel booties that are both rain- and office-friendly. Here are 20 Ways to Wear Long Coats This Winter.

Sometimes sneakers do just the trick. They’ll be just fine if the rain picks up but aren’t too bulky when the clouds run dry!Whether you reach for casual jeans or dressed-up trousers, try some cropped pants so they don’t drag on the damp ground.For a lightweight alternative to traditional knee-high rain boots, reach for a short duck boot. They look awesome under skirts and jeans.Keep it cool with a pair of slim leather pants. Add a bright scarf to the look and you’re totally set for rainy winter days.For a more casual option, choose an anorak over a classic trench. It even adds a bit of color to your weekend denim uniform.As fall turns into winter, make sure you have a coat in rotation that will protect you from the wind and rain but keep you toasty warm at the same time.Flat ankle booties are a great option for rainy days. They cut down on the bulk and can wear them once you reach your destination.A colorful pair of kicks are just the thing to brighten up a dreary rainy day.Go classic with a pair of skinny jeans and rubber rain boots. Throw on a bright sweater and patterned scarf, and carry a colorful umbrella to finish it off.

If you are okay with wearing gumboots, then you are ready to rock the party! This kind of footwear is in trend right now, as you can choose various colors (including bright yellow and pink) and prints to make it fun and sweet. Indeed, your rainy day outfit can be created by wearing those cool boots, bright umbrella and stylish leather cover-ups or coats. Anyway, it’s better if we check out this compilation before deciding what and how to combine. Rainproof slim-fit black coat looks terrific with ruffled white blouse, khaki green high-waisted A-line skirt and black opaque tights. Add a black umbrella to finish the look.Keep it edgy with a shortened black leather jacket, black lace mini dress and rubber boots.When you still don’t know will it rain or not, then you better go for this casual outfit that consists of a chambray shirt tied at the waist, black mini pleated skirt and cool black rubber boots.Go classy with a beige trench, black suede boots and a statement black umbrella.You can always make it fun and cool with fuchsia umbrella, bright red hooded coat, grey separates (top and skirt), rich blue leather handbag and patent burgundy boots.Go urban and try on this glossy red downcoat styled with knitted cardigan, black skinnies, patent rainboots, knitted beanie and cool shades.Well, it might be my favorite look so far: pale blue pea-coat, monochrome striped dress, bright yellow boots and long knitted socks.

rainy day work outfits

__Wondering if you need a coat tomorrow? There’s an app for that! Check out our brand-new app called—you guessed it—Coat! Coat will tell you if you need a coat, an umbrella, or even a ponytail (hello, humidity!) wherever you live.

When it comes to photography, the word “rain” can bring a sense of panic to even the most experienced photographer. While many photographers would advise waiting until the rain clears up, or returning when the sun has decided to emerge again, in some cases this isn’t always possible.Even if the rain stops, the ground will still be wet. Bags can help keep your subjects dry if you want to photograph them sitting down, and keep you dry if you want to get down low for a unique perspective.Depending on the type of photoshoot, you may have the option of changing locations. Consider moving indoors, or keeping things under an awning, deck, trees, or other covering.

↓ 17 – Waterproof Style

what to wear to work when its raining


↓ 16 – The Right Way to Wear a Dress This Rainy Season

With Sneakers of course! Here are 18 Best Sneaker Styles for Girls.

what to wear to work when its raining

↓ 15 – Winter Work Outfit for Rainy Day

↓ 14 – Classy in Plaid

↓ 13 – Cutest Rainy Day Look for Office

what to wear to work when its raining


↓ 12 – Rainy Day Outfit with Long Coat

↓ 11 – Fall Day Work Attire

↓ 10 – Casual Friday Office Look

↓ 9 – Cold and Wet Day Outfit

↓ 8 – Go for All Black

↓ 7 – Time to Shine in Your Red Shoes

↓ 6 – Hot and Wet Day Look

↓ 5 – The Minimalist Outfit

↓ 4 – What to Wear to a Job Interview When It’s Raining

↓ 3 – Rain in Fall and Hunter Boots

what to wear to work when its raining


↓ 2 – Classic and Chic


↓ 1 – Top Bun – The Rainy Day Hairstyle


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