22 Outfit Ideas on What to Wear to Work On Rainy Days

What to Wear to Work On Rainy Days. Hello dear people. As I’m writing this, I’m staring out at one of the dreariest days I’ve seen in a while — it’s early fall cold outside, with a consistent driving rain that’d be perfect for the protagonist in a romantic film to stand in, yelling at the man she loves so fiercely.

There are, however, more productive (and drier) things to do on rainy days than simply standing in the cold rain and shouting heavenward. Say, for instance, work. Ah, yes. That pesky little pastime that afflicts so many of us. As if dragging yourself out of bed on a Monday morning wasn’t hard enough, we have gray skies and drizzly, frizz-inducing weather to further sour our mood… But if you had a gorgeous go-to outfit to turn to on those gloomy days, wouldn’t it be just a bit easier? I sure think so. So today, let’s talk about what to wear to work on those rainy days… whether it’s a hot and humid summer rain-fest or a cold and chill-inducing autumn day, there’s an outfit here for everyone. So why not brew yourself a cup of tea, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, and prepare to take some notes? We’ll keep it simple but there are definitely a few tips you will want to jot down.

What to Wear to Work when it’s Raining?

We’ve already talked about Raniy Day Outfits Ideas in our previous posts but today we’re focusing specifically on professional and work outfits. Lucky for me, the 22 chic ladies below are serving up some seriously cute rainy day outfits. Clad in sneakers, booties, and rubber wellies and armored in anoraks, trench coats, and umbrellas, the rain didn’t stop these gals from looking their best… and it doesn’t have to stop you either!

Of course, it’s tough knowing how the weather will turn. You never really know if the sun is going to pop out at some point during the day or if a drizzle will suddenly turn to a downpour. So here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to rainy day work attire.

  • Layer up and always have a raincoat stashed in your car or your purse. That way, even if you are caught off-guard (which you probably won’t be if you’re reading this article!) you’ll have a back-up plan.
  • Peek at the sky and check your weather app. This is quite obvious but it’s worth creating a morning habit of quickly glancing at the weather app on your phone before getting dressed to give you a rough idea of what to expect. Sometimes, however, the weather app isn’t entirely accurate… and that’s why it’s always good to have a back-up plan (a.k.a. a raincoat!) as well as actually assessing the weather outside.
  • Wrap a scarf around your hair to protect your ‘do and prevent excessive frizz.
  • Carry a small umbrella in your purse.

Now that we have those tips settled, let’s check out these various bloggers, celebrities, and your everyday style gurus to get some inspirations fashion looks. From trench coats to bright red wellies, you’ll love these picks!

↓ 22 – Cozy, Warm Layers

This basic but very cute look will make getting dressed on a rainy morning a breeze. Layer up your sweaters and add a vest for extra warmth. This is great for those super cold days where you just want to stay in bed!

Cozy, Warm Layers for rainy day


↓ 21 – Long Jersey Sweater & Heeled Boots

Heeled boots in rainy weather are lifesavers. Not only will they keep your feet dry but they’ll keep you toasty warm too! Wear over leggings and with a long gorgeous blue sweater for cozy, stylish comfort that will have you looking forward to rainy workdays.

Long Jersey Sweater & Heeled Boots


↓ 20 – Man Repeller

Go classic with an all-white look, topped with a classic trench. On drizzling days, opt for loafers that won’t be ruined by a few drops of rain. Also, have a look at these Trench Coat Outfits for Women.

↓ 19 – Barefoot Blonde

Pair a little black dress with knee-high boots. Top it off with a coat that covers most of your outfit to protect it from the elements.

↓ 18 – Long Coat on Chilly Winter Days

With a skirt-and-blouse look, keep warm by adding a pair of tights to your outfit. For work, slip into a pair of chunky heel booties that are both rain and office-friendly. Here are 20 Ways to Wear Long Coats This Winter.

Wondering if you need a coat tomorrow? There’s an app for that! Check out our brand-new app called—you guessed it—Coat! Coat will tell you if you need a coat, an umbrella, or even a ponytail (hello, humidity!) wherever you live.

↓ 17 – Waterproof Style

If you are okay with wearing gumboots, then you are ready to rock your work day! This kind of footwear is in trend right now, as you can choose various colors (including bright yellow and pink) and prints to make it fun and sweet. Indeed, your rainy-day outfit can be created by wearing those cool boots, oversized scarf, and stylish leather cover-ups or coat.

what to wear to work when its raining


↓ 16 – The Right Way to Wear a Dress This Rainy Season

With sneakers of course! Here are 18 Best Sneaker Styles for Girls.

what to wear to work when its raining

↓ 15 – Winter or Fall Work Outfit for Rainy Day

All we are missing from these ensembles are the umbrellas. Notice with both looks the pant ends right at the ankle, saving you from dragging wet hems. Both these shoes are good compromises for rainy weather.

↓ 14 – Classy in Plaid

↓ 13 – Cutest Rainy Day Look for Office

For a lightweight alternative to traditional knee-high rain boots, reach for a short duck boot. They look awesome under skirts and jeans. Keep it cool with a pair of slim leather pants. Add a bright scarf to the look and you’re totally set for rainy winter days.

↓ 12 – Rainy Day Outfit with Long Coat

↓ 11 – Fall Day Work Attire

Flat ankle booties are a great option for rainy days. They cut down on the bulk and can wear them once you reach your destination.

↓ 10 – Casual Friday Office Look

Sometimes sneakers do just the trick. They’ll be just fine if the rain picks up but aren’t too bulky when the clouds run dry! Whether you reach for casual jeans or dressed-up trousers, try some cropped pants so they don’t drag on the damp ground.

↓ 9 – Cold and Wet Day Outfit

↓ 8 – Go for All Black

Go classy with a beige trench, black rain boots, and a statement black umbrella.

↓ 7 – Styling Red Rain Boots

If you are okay with wearing gumboots, then you are ready to rock the party! This kind of footwear is in trend right now, as you can choose various colors (including bright yellow and pink) and prints to make it fun and sweet. Indeed, your rainy-day outfit can be created by wearing those cool boots, bright umbrella, and stylish leather cover-ups or coat.

For a more casual option, choose an anorak over a classic trench. It even adds a bit of color to your weekend denim uniform. As fall turns into winter, make sure you have a coat in rotation that will protect you from the wind and rain but keep you toasty warm at the same time.

↓ 6 – Hot and Wet Day Look

Make your rain boots a part of your ensemble. Opt for a clear umbrella for extra style points. This look works best on a casual work day.

↓ 5 – The Minimalist Outfit

Fitted jeans that are hemmed at the ankle with short booties are some of our favorite options for a rainy day, particularly those light drizzly days.

↓ 4 – What to Wear to a Job Interview When It’s Raining

Having to figure out an outfit in the stress of a job interview can be tricky but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Get bougie on a budget with this fashionable ensemble (you’ll want to sport a slightly more practical tote purse for work so don’t count the Chanel unless you want to!). Stash your sock boots in your purse and pop on the wellies for getting to and from the interview spot. Your feet will love the relatively cozy sock boot after rain boots anyway!

What to Wear to a Job Interview When It's Raining


↓ 3 – Rain in Fall and Hunter Boots

what to wear to work when its raining


↓ 2 – Classic and Chic

↓ 1 – Top Bun – Rainy Day Hairstyle


Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are feeling inspired and ready to take on your next rainy workday, let’s quickly go through some frequently asked questions, just in case we missed something with our outfit picks.

Q. How to dress professionally when it’s raining?

A. Dressing professionally when you’re feeling frazzled, (potentially) frizzy-headed or just plain damp can be frustrating, to say the least. In my opinion, it’s all about preparation. If you feel prepared for even the gloomiest day and have ways of feeling put-together and professional despite the weather, then you have all you need to succeed. A professional woman doesn’t let something as nefarious as the weather get in the way of her tidiness and overall groomed appearance. So just how does one prepare to dress for success?

  • Lay out your outfit and see where you can make changes to accommodate the weather. Do you need to add a stylish raincoat over your work blazer? Do you need to tuck an umbrella in your purse? How about adding a matching scarf as an accessory to your look to wrap around your hair and protect it from the frizzles?
  • Stash your heels in a waterproof bag to carry with you and dig out the wellies from the bottom of your closet. You can find a truly stylish pair of rain boots so as not to sacrifice style, and when you reach your desk or place of work, simply swap them out for your heels. Running through puddles in heels is not a great idea, so keep your footwear in mind and protect those precious pumps from getting soaked.
  • If you are dealing with humid weather, especially in the summer, try a dress of lightweight material and layer with a cardigan or light jacket. Not only will the extra airflow to your stems be super helpful, but a dress will keep you feeling relatively cool despite your muggy situation.
  • Opt for an up-do for your hair and spritz with hairspray to minimize flyaways and keep your appearance tidy and groomed. If your hair is loose, it is more likely to frizz or lose its curl.
  • Keep a toiletry bag in your purse to freshen up as soon as you reach your place of work. This could mean taming messy hair, swabbing the moisture from your face and powdering your nose, or removing traces of mascara or running eye shadow. On that note, wear waterproof mascara to prevent streaks!

Q. Can you wear rain boots to work?

A. If wearing rain boots to work is your best choice and seems inevitable, then why not simply upgrade your plain old rain boots for something a little more stylish? There are short rain boots that could easily double for ankle booties as well as knee-high boots with detailing that would fool any but the most trained eye. Invest in a quality pair and never feel frumpy for having to ditch the stilettos for rain boots again!

Q. What to wear on a rainy summer day?

A. I highly recommend opting for lightweight breathable fabrics and choosing to layer rather than stuffing yourself into a pantsuit or other restrictive ensemble. A dress is a great option in this case or a pencil skirt. If choosing a dress, go for midi length or at least knee-length and be aware that if it’s a windy day, you might suffer an unfortunate flashing situation. So go for a stiffer fabric and avoid wearing white as it might become see-through if it gets wet. Simply pop a trench raincoat on top and turn your drizzly workday attire into a true fashion statement.

Q. How to dress for heavy rain?

A. For heavy rain, everything has to be dialed up a notch. Dark wash jeans with knee-high rain boots under a stylish raincoat are your best bet. Add a hat if necessary and don’t forget to arm yourself with an umbrella and scarf for your hair!


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