What To Wear In Russia? 21 Outfit Ideas And Packing List

What To Wear In Russia – Russia is a truly magical place, and if you are going there for the first time, it would be nothing less than a memorable experience. To make the best of your time there, you should prepare ahead with the stuff like what to wear or pack.

Here’s an ultimate guide for you, from packing tips to outfit ideas according to weather and based on your activities there.

So, please sit down, have a cup of coffee, and let’s start planning your outfits for your trip with me.

What Should I Bring With Me When Traveling To Russia?

If you are a first-time traveler confused about what you should bring to Russia, here’s the simplest answer:

  • For winters – thermal, long coats, mufflers, earbuds, gloves, warm shoes, and socks.
  • For summer – long skirts, light wear jackets, and maxi dresses.
  • For a formal trip – bring long skirts and suits to make an impression.

Packing Tips for Your Trip to Russia:

  • Keep the necessities first, like your documents, laptop, extensions, phone charger, utilities, hand sanitizer, masks (just in case), insect repellent, and sunscreen.
 What To Wear In Russia - Tips
  • If there is more than one city on your trip, try to keep your luggage minimum. Try to add statement pieces from your wardrobe. For example, don’t keep too many coats. It will take up more space. Take just one or a maximum of two coats which you can style with every outfit.
 What To Wear In Russia - Tips
  • Pack shoes that are comfortable to wear the whole day. If you are traveling in winter, then you prefer boots over sneakers. It is because, with sneakers, there is always a chance your foot will get wet in the rain.
 What To Wear In Russia - Tips


You can find hiking trails, parks, and much other adventurous stuff to do in Russia. So pack casual and easy outfits in which you can feel comfortable all day.

Instead of heels, I suggest you carry sneakers because you will walk a lot there. You can wear shorts, there’s no harm in that, but jeans are more prevalent among locals.

21 – Yellow Top With Black High-Waisted Pants And Green Silk Oversized Shirt For Airport

For the airport, always select comfy clothes. Whenever I choose my airport outfits, I remember that the fabric shouldn’t be too tight because it can be irritating if the flight is long. You can always choose oversized hoodies for the airport, but this outfit is perfect if you want to look chic.

Pick a yellow crop top with black high-waisted pants. You can pair it with any oversized button-down shirt. Roll the sleeves up for a chic look.

Lastly, choose your comfiest pair of sneakers to complete your look. Accessorize your look with black shades and carry a tote bag for all your belongings.

What To Wear In Russia


20 – Olive Spaghetti Strap Crop Camisole With White Collared Crop Top And Beige Shorts

Another casual outfit you can easily wear on a sunny day is an olive spaghetti strap camisole with beige shorts. You can wear an oversized shirt and tie it from the front to create a cover-up, or you can also wear a cropped jacket.

For footwear, sneakers are the best option if you plan to walk. Otherwise, white slides will also look fine.

This outfit is perfect for the day when you haven’t planned much for the trip and want to walk around the streets to appreciate the surroundings casually.

What To Wear In Russia


19 – Green Sweatshirt With Light Blue Flared Denim Jeans And Mint Sherpa Jacket

While in Russia, you had to travel from one city to another. Russia has one of the largest rails, so you should definitely experience it while you are there.

Don’t bother to wear anything too fancy for your train ride. Just wear a hoodie and light blue flared denim jeans. Pair your outfit with a mint green sherpa jacket.

Another tip if you are visiting Russia for the first time is don’t carry too much stuff. Instead of taking many handbags, go with a staple crossbody bag and a big tote bag that can fit your important stuff.



Russia has a lot of monuments to visit. Cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg are famous for heritage and culture, so you can see museums, galleries, and architecture.

Although Russians are not the biggest fan of bold and bright patterns, but you can wear dark shades for the night outs, like a fancy dinner at a yacht.

I suggest wearing light colors for the churches and museums and going with dresses because they look more formal. If you are on a business trip, then choose skirts.

18 – Purple Crewneck Full-Sleeves Midi Dress With Pink Belt And Purple Hat

If you want to wear modern clothes in Russia, but for a formal gathering, then there’s nothing a better option than a crewneck midi dress.

You can add a pink belt and a purple hat for a voguish look. Go with transparent heels if you are attending a party or brown boots if you are just out to admire the beauty of the place.

Accessorize your outfit with a few bracelets and rings. A little tip for you is to avoid neck pieces with crewneck dresses. Keep your makeup minimal, and a bright shade of lipstick is all you need to


17 – Red Silk Front Knot Bishop Sleeves Top With Matching Red Skirt

A Red Silk outfit is the perfect option for clubbing when you are in Russia. You can wear lace-up heels with this dress for an evening glam look.

Keep your makeup dewy, and use minimal jewelry to complete the look. Lastly, do your hair in a beachy waves style, so you don’t have to tie them up.

What To Wear In Russia



Summer is a perfect time to travel to Russia if you want to explore this country’s hidden gems. The temperature ranges from 20 to 30-degree celsius. Remember that Russians wear modest clothing, so don’t bring anything too short. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable around the locals.

Although you can enjoy good sunny days in Russia, you will soon find out that the temperature is unpredictable. So always carry light wear jackets and umbrellas with you.

16 – Black And White Stripe Sweatshirt With Beige Pleated Skirt And Fleece Stockings

An easy way to wear skirts in Russia is to pair them with stockings. You can wear any top from your wardrobe or a sweatshirt and wear a skirt. Choose chunky white sneakers to complete the look.


15 – Printed Elastic Top With Brown Oversized Button Down Shirt And Beige High-Waisted Pants

Printed shirts are pretty popular these days. You can easily pair them with cargo pants or high-waisted jeans. Add a beige oversized button-down shirt to bring that spring vibe. Lastly, a tote bag would match the look perfectly.


14 – White Sports Bra, White Pleated Skirt, And Pink Sheer Button-Down Shirt

What to pack for Russia in summer is the most asked question by first-time visitors. You don’t have to go over the board while packing. Keep your luggage minimum, so you don’t have to worry about that. Since we are talking about summer, an all-white outfit is a must. Pair a white sports bra with a white pleated skirt.

You can add a feminine touch by wearing a pink button-down shirt over it. Keep the buttons open, or tie them from the front as you like. Lastly, choose white pair of sneakers to finish the look. Keep your jewelry minimal, and that’s it.

What To Wear In Russia


13 – White Crop Top, Ripped Blue Jeans, And Denim Crop Jacket

Another important question I have mostly heard is what not to wear in Russia. When you search your query, you might get answers like don’t wear ripped jeans in Russia. However, the reality is that tourists in Russia have no dress code.

Pair a white tank top with blue jeans and wear a blue denim jacket. Choose white sneakers and match your belt with the color of your footwear. For the accessory, add silver hoops to keep your look elegant. Last but not least, don’t forget to carry a sling bag.

What To Wear In Russia



Russain winters are extremely cold, and you can face heavy snowfall, so always come prepared for that. The temperature varies from -2°C/28°F to -28°C/-18°F. Therefore, it’s wise to pack a lot of layers.

Whether going to Moscow’s Red Square or Hermitage Museum at the Winter Palace, you need to wear a lot of warm clothes. I suggest wearing a thermal first, then a sweater, and lastly a long coat – basically you want to layer like a pro. Wear waterproof boots and don’t forget to pack gloves.

12 – Blue And White Turtle Neck Sweater With Black Jeans And Black Fur Coat

Winters are always extreme in Russia, especially from November to March. Try to pack according to the season, and I suggest checking the weather app for dates of your stay beforehand because Russia’s cold weather can freeze you to death. Another factor to consider here is which cities are on your list.

Wear a sweater with your warmest jeans. Now layer a black fur coat and white cap. You can also add wool gloves; trust me, you will need them. Use a crossbody bag; it will be easy to carry around.


11 – Black Crop Top And Pink Sweatpants With Black Denim Jacket

If you are visiting an area that is not so cold, pair your black sweatshirt with pink joggers. Add a black leather jacket to give you a comfy yet stylish vibe. Choose chunky sneakers for that extra height. Lastly, add black shades to complete your look.


10 – Light Blue Turtle Neck And Leather Blazer With White Sherpa Coat

If you like leather blazers and trousers, pair them with a light blue turtleneck and a white sherpa coat. You can accessorize minimal jewelry. Also, for snowy areas, wear boots instead of sneakers. Add colors with pink sunglasses, and that’s it.


09 – White Turtle Neck And Black Pants With Long White Coat And Checkered Print Muffler

A white turtle neck and white coat are a great combination with black jeans and black boots. But to elevate the look of your outfit, add prints with mufflers or caps. Checkered print in white and black is an excellent option for pairing.


08 – Off-White Co-Ord Set With Boots And Long Oversized Brown Coat

Co-ord sets are pretty common these days; almost everyone has a pair of them in their wardrobe. You can layer your white co-ord set with thermals and put on a brown wool coat for extreme weather. Wool coats are best for Russian winters, so don’t forget to pack them with you.


07 – Greyish Black Turtleneck Dress With Black Wool Coat And Checkered Bucket Hat

Turtleneck dresses look super cute and are easy to style. Thanks to the legging makers who came up with the idea that you can wear leggings in winter, and thanks to Tiktok for making it so popular. Also, add a black wool coat and a bucket hat to finish the look.



06 – Green V-Neck Pleated Midi Dress With White Strap Sandals

Midi dresses are the perfect option for desi moms on vacation. Not too fancy but not so casual, wear green midi dresses with white strap sandals. Either go with sandals or choose sneakers, depending on your comfort level.

What To Wear In Russia


05 – White Hoodie And White Straight Pants With Colorful Printed Coat And White Mary Jane Shoes

White hoodies, sweatpants, and a colorful cardigan are the best ways to spend your lazy days in Russia when you want to roam around the streets. Also, the colorful cardigan is a staple piece because you can style it with many outfits.

What To Wear In Russia



04 – Black Spaghetti Strap Mini Dress With White Detailing And Long Fur Coat

When it comes to styling statement pieces, no one can do it better than Hailey Bieber. Choose a black mini dress and pair it with a long fur coat. Add long boots to finish the look. It’s a perfect outfit for clubbing in Russia.

What To Wear In Russia

03 – Beige Turtle Neck And High Waisted Skirt With Brown Belt And Beige Coat

If sophistication and elegance could be defined with one picture, then this would be it. Pair the beige turtleneck with a high-waist skirt. You can add a beige or brown long beige coat. Style long brown boots with this outfit and match your belt with boots to add colors to the look.

What To Wear In Russia


02 – Grey Top With Black Elastic Waist Trousers And Black Blazer

A grey ribbed shirt with black elastic waist trousers is perfect for comfortable sightseeing in Russia. There is no specific dress code for tourists in Russia so you can style everything. Choose a black blazer if you want to keep your look subtle. Accessorize your outfit with golden hoops, and a chain necklace would be a nice addition.

Carry a vibrant or bright color bag to contrast the outfit. Lastly, sightseeing means a lot of walking, so pick your most comfortable sandals, and you are all set to go out for the day.

What To Wear In Russia


01 – Green Printed V-NeckFront-Knot Pleated Midi Dress With Black Sandals

Another excellent outfit if you want to dress apart from traditional clothes in Russia is a flowy midi pleated dress. You can choose a V-neck long sleeves dark green dress with embellishment of black detailing on it. Choose black sandals with laces so you can wrap them around your foot.

Roll up the sleeves if the weather is too hot. By the way, it is the best look to go with if you are searching for what to wear in Russia in summer. Wear a smartwatch as an accessory. Lastly, pick up your colored shades so you can enjoy the sightseeing without getting your eyes affected by sun rays.

What To Wear In Russia



Q: Can you wear jeans in Russia?

Ans: Russia never directly bans jeans. However, in the past, there were restrictions on clothing from the western world, but now jeans are pretty popular in style here and will serve as an adjustable base for your outfit when paired with lighter layers in the summer and heavier ones in the winter.

Q: Is there a dress code in Russia?

Ans: For Russians, there are some standard norms for dressing. However, for tourists there’s no dress code in Russia.

Q: How should I dress in Moscow?

Ans: Because of how conservative Russia is, bright colors will make you stick out, especially in the winter. Moreover, denim is very popular in Moscow in the summer and throughout the year.

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