20 Swag Outfits for Teen Girls & Styling Tips

Looking for swag outfits for teen girls ? Latest swag styles and ideas on how to dress up for a swag look? Well, all your questions will be answered in this post. 

So, what exactly is swag? Swag is all about clothes hanging loose or drooping for the boys and fitted casual style for the girls; it has no definition. It is a lifestyle, a way of life denoting attitude and confidence in representing yourself, and it can be whatever you want it to be.

For the teenage girl who likes to live by casual wear and is inspired by the swag artists of this current era, swag style can play a huge part in her life. With bold colors, in-your-face prints, and large and loud makeup and accessories all the rage within the swag spectrum, it does not take long to boost those popularity points. To achieve this, where do we start? At the top, of course, from makeup to clothes and shoes. Have a look and be inspired.

How to do Makeup for Swag Look

Makeup is any girl’s choice to either look pretty, find herself in some way, or adhere to a specific culture. A smokey effect is a must for any swag outfit. What color you choose to wear is completely up to you. The face is the first thing people see, so the bolder the color, the better. Stand out and let your makeup show your confidence.

Neon is a popular choice for both eyes and lips, although it is a must that your makeup matches the color combination of your chosen outfit! Bright colors are best, but the last thing you want is to venture out with that potentially deadly puffin look, so make sure the chosen colors complement your outfit. You can have this bold eye makeup done if your outfit is either white or an all-black look.  Don’t use neon shades with bright-colored clothes.

With such an array of style choices of tops that all fall under the swag category, it is not difficult to pull the swag look off easily—That said, an outfit that looks like it fits together is always a good option. Think of it as a jigsaw with added attitude. If you feel like a boat neck cut or short flowing top, why not match it to a pair of skinny denim jeans? Or if you are feeling brave enough to rock that band print crop top, why not complete your look with a distressed denim jacket and some plain, bright-colored harem trousers? Remember, the rule of tops and bottoms is that opposites attract. Baggy and skin-hugging go hand in hand, especially in swag.

Although skirts are still a winner for swag, all types, including mini skirts, skater or pleated, fitted minis, flared ones, or button-front skirts, are good if they are not mismatched with the wrong bottom. It is more common to come across trousers or short shorts. The idea of steering away from skirts is that trousers and other bottoms add a sense of masculinity or power, and every girl wants a sense of power! Short shorts are always in, and colored denim is the fabric of choice and will complement any top. Bold prints such as stripes, tartan, and animal prints are necessary for bottoms.

What Accessories to Wear?
You will rarely come across a swag get-up without the addition of an overly large beanie or a boldly printed baseball cap. For the teenage girl, these accessories are a simple touch. Or, why not complete your look with some larger-than-life sunglasses? A definite winning look this summer.

Remember the two rules of swag when pulling together your outfit: baggy and skinny fit go hand in hand, and the bigger and bolder, the better! Bring out your inner swag this year and get those heads turning!

This is a perfect look to take inspiration from for the summer heat and use it to show patriotism.  The halter neck star-spangled top is paired beautifully with the frayed shorts. To show your inner style, wear long maroon socks with camel-colored boots. You can wear big silver hoops as earrings and a bold  lip color.

what to wear for swag look (1)

These baseball caps are specifically for the swag culture, and big sunglasses are the rage among the girls. Add some bling jewelry, and you are head-on a swag girl. Nail color in black or other bright shades also complete the look.

what to wear for swag look (2)

 Swag outfits for School.

what to wear for swag look (3)

Swag outfits for College.

what to wear for swag look (4)

 Outfit With Timberland. See ideas on how to wear timberland with different outfits.

Look at the picture below and the styling idea represented in it. It’s just so simple to be dressed up as a swag teenager. It would be best to have construction boots to show masculinity and power and add a graphic black t-shirt with a baseball cap and a chunky gold chain. Put on black shorts and round sunglasses. A wristwatch can add the last touch to complete the whole look.

what to wear for swag look (5)

Swag Street style outfit combination.

what to wear for swag look (6)

Black Girls Swag.

Show your attitude and boldness by wearing a bold print black t-shirt with white loose pants and chunky gold jewelry. Bald on one side and long hair on the other is a style for only those risk-takers, even in the swag culture. A little kohl and a nude lip shade will be enough, as other colors will compromise the look.

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Celebrities Swag Style.

Miley Cyrus is one celebrity who follows swag to the core and confidently does it. She is wearing a simple white tank top, which can be matched with white denim and red heels. In makeup, as the outfit is simple, you can opt for a red lip color, the same nail paint, and a little liner.

swag style for girls (2)


Black and white striped fitted pants are gorgeous when matched with a plain black shirt, pants, strappy heels, and derby hats. If you are not keen on wearing a hat, you can tie a high ponytail with cat eyeliner and hoops in your ears.

Bosnian Girls Swag style

swag style for girls (3)

swag style for girls (4)

As we said, tartan is also good for swag outfits, and the bright yellow and blue pattern is very cool but should be worn with an all-black outfit. The top can be either plain or printed with graphics, as shown with a baseball cap, some kohl, and heeled sneakers.

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