20 Stylish Men’s Outfits Combinations with Shorts – Summer Style

Guys Outfits Combinations with Shorts– I’m sure most guys will have a bit of a panic when it comes to shorts and what should they wear them with. I’m also sure that some guys will have a hidden pair of shorts they had on holiday several years ago that have never seen the daylight since.

There really is no reason to be worried about shorts as they are always in fashion and as long as you get the right look and fit you can master it! But what clothing does go with shorts? What styles are best? And what footwear is great with shorts? This post covers the different styles and looks guys can achieve with shorts. And if you are a greater lover of Bermudas then check out these 26 ways to style the Bermudas with different outfits.

Video Tutorial on How to Wear Shorts for Men

What Outfits to Wear with Shorts

The trick with shorts for guys is getting the fit right. Belted around your high waist looks creepy and hanging off your backside just looks stupid. Instead keep shorts casual and nicely fitted around your hips. Tight enough so they don’t fall off but loose enough to stay comfortable. It is also dependent on your body type. If you are a shorter guy then go for shorts above the knee as this will elongate your figure. To wear shorts in Winters, check out out guide on How to Wear Shorts in Winter: 20 winter Outfit with Shorts

White Shorts

 White shorts are a great choice for summer. They go with a spectrum of tops from colored and printed t-shirts to plain crisp white button up shirts. White shorts will match colored loafers or boat shoes. Try to avoid white sneakers with this outfit as this will clash and just scream tennis player.

Cargo Shorts

 Cargo shorts are another fantastic choice for guys. They are casual in style and color and will ideally match t-shirts and polo shirts. Why not match a pair of casual trainers, loafers or sandals with cargo shorts? These also have the extra bonus of pockets so also come with a brush of practicality. RECOMMENDED: Men Corduroy Pants Outfits-15 Corduroy Men Fashion

Denim Shorts

 For a twist on the alternative side, why not venture for some jean shorts? These have a bit more of a street and city theme with a stylish edge. They are usually baggier than other shorts and are often seen amongst the skaters. Match these with band t-shirts for a casual look with added attitude. With this style of shorts being made from denim they can be a bit heavy and thick.

Linen Shorts

 Linen shorts are perfect for guys during summer. Not only are they available in a wide range of colors which will match any look you are trying to achieve, but with linen being a lightweight fabric they will keep you cool on those hot days. Linen shorts make for perfect beach attire for this exact reason. Flip flops are good footwear to match linen as well as wear on the beach.

The following images are filled with great ideas of what outfits look great with shorts. Use them to create your own style this year.

Dressing Tips for Short Height Guys to Look Tall

Street style Look. Crisp White Shirt with Matching Trilby and Contrasting Shorts. Stylish Leather Loafers Check out these 17 Most Popular Street Style Fashion Ideas for Men

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 Casual Logo T-Shirt with Camo Print Shorts. Simple Lace Shoes

Casual camo shorts are the favorite type among youngsters these days. That is because they can be paired up with any kind of shirt and they will still look elegant and sexy when wearing. You can go for camo shorts with a simple and casual t-shirt in any matching or contrast color.

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 Beach outfit –Tan Shorts with Olive T-Shirt and Tan Brown Boat Shoes

Khaki shorts are usually worn when going out for playing hockey. For some reason, they have become the symbol of playing hockey. Anyone who is going to play hockey is always seen to be wearing khaki shorts or khaki pants. You can wear any kind or fitted short in any washed out color. This out makes a perfect combo with khaki shorts. RECOMMENDED: What Men Should Wear at Beach? 20 Amazing Beach Outfits Men

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Summer Travelling Style with Shorts- Blue Shirt with Dusky Pink Shorts and Simple White Sneakers. You can also see these 15 stylish traveling outfits combinations for men .

A lot of dudes love to wear bright and popping colors in their dressing. For those kind of guys, you can wear pink colored shorts and pair it with a light blue colored button shirt. You can keep the top two buttons of the shirt open to make your outfit look perfect.

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 Tan Cargo Shorts and Denim Shirt Combination

Denim shirts and cargo shorts are hands down the best combo. Though they can not be worn to any formal gathering but they can easily be worn to any informal gatherings. If you are going out to a party or for a boys night out then this outfit combo is something that you can wear.

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 Check Shirt with Cargo Shorts and Chunky Belt Combination

Other than denim shirts, plaid pattern shirts also look very good when worn with cargo shorts. For more street touch you can wear silver rings or silver watch or you can even go for tribal bracelets.

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 Blue Shirt with White Shorts and Tan Loafers. Accessorized with Sunglasses

The White  color is always a hit if this color is worn in anything but when worn white shorts, they look out of this world. You can wear your ordinary plain white shorts and pair them up with sky blue dress shirt. For shoes and accessories, you can wear blue colored oxford shoes or tan loafers.

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Sleek Look. Blue Crisp Shorts with White Shirt and Blue and Brown Loafers

This next combo is a more formal one. This combo can be worn to formal and official gatherings or to office meetings. For this combo, you can wear crispy navy blue shorts paired up with shirt dress shirt.

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 Beach Style. White Shorts Ensemble with Cream Blazer

If you want to wear something that is both formal and informal you can go for a blazer on top of your plain t-shirt. And wear it with a pair of your favorite white shorts. For the color scheme, you can wear the shirt and the shorts both in white color but for blazer you can wear it in off white or cream color.

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 Printed Shirt with Dark Pink Shorts and High Top Sneakers

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 Street Style. Rustic Denim Jeans with Simple Grey Polo Neck Top Combination

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 Summer Style. Striped Tank Top with Denim Shorts and Jacket

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Spring outfit- Check Shirt with Pale Denim Shorts and Loafers

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 Street Style. Denim Alternative Shorts with Chunky Stripe Hoody

If  you are too bored with wearing dress shirts and t-shirts every other day then you can switch them with a striped hoody. Any hoodie will look amazing with ripped denim shorts.

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 City Look. Trilby Hat, Pink Shirt and Denim Shorts with Black Shoes

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 Camo Shorts with Embellished Denim Shirt and White Vest

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 Casual Style. White Shirt with Burgandy Shorts and Stripey SlipOns

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 Business Summer Style. White Shorts with Shirt and Suit Jacket

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 Casual Style with Polo Shirt, Red Shorts, and Boat Shoes

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 Sky Blue Flats with Printed Shorts and Fine Fabric Shirt

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