How to Wear a Skort? 20 Best Skort Outfits for all Ages

How to wear a skort – As the summer season is approaching, many trends are making their way back into the industry. People adore the 90s fashion trends and are incorporating them into their wardrobes nowadays.

What is a Skort?

A skort is a garment that looks like a skirt but actually has shorts built into it. It’s essentially a combination of a skirt and shorts, hence the name “skort.” The shorts underneath the skirt portion provide comfort and coverage, especially during activities requiring movement, such as sports or running.

Skorts are popular among women and girls and can be found in various styles and lengths, including mini, midi, and maxi. They can be made from multiple materials, such as cotton, denim, or polyester, and worn for casual or dressy occasions.

Just like glossy lips and flatworms, skorts have also made a comeback. Unlike the ones available in the past, we divide them into three categories; sleek, sporty, and sophisticated. If you are facing the burning question of what to wear this summer, then skorts are the answer.

While everyone remembers the uniform days of elementary school, modern skorts have been reinterpreted for practically every occasion, making them the ideal summer essential.

But the ideal thing about them is that you can wear them in any season. Here we are going to walk through the following:

What To Wear With A Skort?

Skorts are a stylish option, and the primary purpose of this piece was to promote comfort. Are you ready to shop and looking for the perfect pair that fits you well? Here are some tips that you should remember when buying. It will make things a lot easier and more convenient for you.

Tips For Styling

  • A fashionable belt can give an otherwise boring outfit life. While shorter skorts look excellent with thin belts, longer ones frequently seem more attractive with larger belts. Black or brown belts are the two colors that people choose the most frequently.
  • If you’re wearing a fitting top, a thin cardigan, coat, or leather jacket can enhance the shape of your skort. To get a casual appearance, throw your blazer over your shoulders. If there is a cold season, you can stay warm while also being fashionable.
  • Wear a signature skort, such as one with ruffles or a bold print, the focal focus of your ensemble. To prevent looking busy, keep the remainder of your clothing simple. Also, it would look nice in a formal atmosphere.
how to wear a skort
  • Shorter-length skorts look more sophisticated with mid-calf or knee-high socks. As an alternative, team a checkered shirt with a pair of glossy black loafers and white or black socks.
  • Choose the shoes that flatter the length and style of your ensemble. Most skorts look great with dressy sandals and open-toed high heels. If the length is short then ankle boots or knee-high boots. are ideal for you. Make sure that the colors complement your outfit.
  • Select your favorite tights that make you feel comfortable and stylish and pair them with skorts in winter. For instance, a grey plaid skirt would look great with blue tights, and an orange tweed skirt would look great with brown leggings. You can also try beige, brown, or black tights, or combine complementing hues.

Sports Wear

20 – Try Different Shades Of Blue

Denim skorts and sweatshirts are a big thing right now. Workouts are a must for every season and people often tend to go for workout outfits that are simple and comfortable. Denim is not only fashionable but comfortable as well.

The white tennis shoes break the blue in the outfit and you are ready for your next gym session or a tennis game.

how to wear a skort

19 – Monochrome Outfit

For all the sporty people out there it is the perfect ensemble that will make you look great and put together. It is a minimal combination of purple shirt and skort.

You can add white sneakers or joggers to finish the look. To add some variety you can add some scarf and socks as well to uplift the final look. It is a fun and energetic outfit.

how to wear a skort

18 – All White Is The Top Priority

This is a simple and clean outfit that makes you look energetic and is a perfect choice for any outdoor activity. The skort is of perfect length that will prevent any mishap from happening. You can also replace the bottom with denim as well.

It is a minimal outfit with a sleeveless top that is ideal for the summer season. For the shoes, wear white or any dramatic sneakers with a splash of colors. A little fun will not ruin your ensemble and you are ready t play your next match.

how to wear a skort

17 – Blue And Black Combination Never Get Old

This is a great outfit that will provide you with the freedom to explore when you are in nature. Next time, you are hiking and going for a walk in the forest copy this outfit. The simple combination of black and blue is simple and stunning.

Thinking about the nature of sport and activity it is better to stick with sneakers and hiking shoes. You can add your backpack and be ready to reach new heights.

Winter Wear

16 – Perfect For A Museum Date

This outfit is the perfect example of casual and chic in one place. You can wear it at a number of events. The combination of a leather jacket with long boots and bennie makes it stylish with minimum effort.

You can wear a turtleneck or a simple sweater underneath either in black or white color. A thin black belt will add more coolness to the attire. This piece is ideal when roaming in art museums and enjoying the company of your favorite person.

how to wear a skort

15 – Black And Gray Is An Elite Combo

For a casual street look wear a loose gray sweater or turtleneck with the black skort. It may look plain at first but adding the right accessories will elevate the overall look. You can add tights because we have to keep things realistic in winter.

Add some cool necklaces with silver and black touch to them. Coming to shoe ankle boots or shiny loafers in black is not going to disappoint you. This look is suitable for artists and exudes a mysterious vibe.

14 – Go With A Stylish Trench coat And Skort

Every inspiring fashionista has a trench coat in their wardrobe so achieving this look is a piece of cake. It is an attire that lies between casual and semi-formal. The white button-up shirt mixes well with pastel colors.

If this look seems simple to you add an elegant watch and cross-body bag to steal the show. Finish this outfit by incorporating long black boots or you can also go for loafers with knee socks.

How to wear a skort

13 – Patterned Skort With Coat

The white and black skort goes well with the coat and creates a dramatic effect. This outfit looks like it is out of balance but the fashionista knows how beautiful it looks. You can try a blue turtleneck with it as well, either way, it looks put together.

Coming to the accessories a bold color bag will do it for you like yellow or green. Add a pair of stylish sunglasses and you are ready to meet your friends for the next brunch.

how to wear a skort

12 – A Casual Winter Style

Although the white button shirt and the skort give a school vibe but with a little effort you can change that. Add a sweater of blue or black color to uplift the outfit. It is a simple attire that you can wear on a night out as well.

Coming to the shoes long boots will complement the length of the skort and will make your legs long and slender. How about you add a beret as well? This seems to be the perfect outfit when roaming the streets of Paris.

11 – Simple Black With Patterned Blazer

It is another outfit that you can wear on formal occasions as well. The aura that this outfit exudes will make you the life of the event. There is no doubt that the blazer makes the attire look elegant but the top and bottom add a sexy look as well.

You can add a red jacket or coat as the color will complement each other. We cannot end it without discussing the shoes, long sleek boots or ankle shoes are a good choice.

how to wear a skort

10 – Layering Does The Charm

This outfit is the perfect example of how layering can enhance the overall look. It is formal attire that you can wear to offices and meetings as well. The color combo is elite but you can try this same look in green and black.

To highlight the waist add a thin belt and long boots or loafers will do the job. The tights will make this ensemble comfortable and lovely.

How to wear a skort

College Wear

9 – Mix And Match Of White And Black

We all know how hectic it gets to select clothes for college. The usual white and black may look boring to many people but with the right styling, you will adore it. Add a button-down shirt with black skort. It is ideal for presentation purposes as well.

Try to add ankle or combat boots with knee socks to achieve the perfect academic look.

8 – Leather Skorts

If you are bored of wearing the same clothes every single day, try out leather skorts. they are a great addition to your wardrobe and can be worn with many tops. Add a striped sweater with it in a color that complements the whole mood.

You can incorporate simple minimal accessories like a watch or bracelets. Match your shoes with the sweater and you will definitely love it.

how to wear a skort

7 – Leopard Sweater to Your Rescue

This is probably a unique look that students will love. The grey sweater matched with the blue bottom is the perfect outfit for the spring season.

Add long boots and a college bag to complete the look. This gives a simple vibe but at the same time gives the impression that you know what style you are going for.

how to wear a skort

Party Wear

6 – A Simple And Chic Look

A cozy simple home party is right around the corner and you need some ideas for it. No worries this knitted sweater with pearl beads on the arms is the highlight. It does not stop here, the skort pattern gives you a 90s look.

Apply light makeup for the occasion and add combat boots. It is a lovely look that you can go for in winter sand spring.

how to wear a skort

5 – Shimmers All-Around

Do you have a sleepover at your friend’s house? How about wearing color-coordinated clothes? The shimmery skorts with a tank top is a comfortable choice that makes it an ideal fit for the event.

With this attire scandals and boots, both will work well. So next time go for this attire.

how to wear a skort

Casual Wear

4 – A Statement Skirt

This look is well coordinated and is according to one of the tips that we have discussed above. Choose a skort that is a statement piece and work your outfit around it. The brown gives this look an autumn vibe.

The sweater with baggy sleeves and long boots exudes style and confidence. You can also match black boots with it and a scarf will also do great.

how to wear a skort

3 – Combo Of Black And Green

Going out for a night event? This look is your savior. It is simple and fashionable. You can match any dark color with a black skort and it will look amazing. Match this look with long boots and a leather bag. You will be the talk of the event.

2 – Pattern Skorts Are The Trend

These colors are more expressive in daylight and this is the reason they are perfect for any day event. You can wear them at home or if you are a teacher this attire will suit you a lot. The flower pattern with plain top looks simple.

To upgrade it add silver or white jewelry and coming to shoes yellow flats or white shoes will complement it.

how to wear a skort

1 – Mix And Match Of Denim And Leather

Chic and modern. Denim and leather are expensive choices and when they come together they are fire. It is a great option when attending concerts or outdoor events. The black hat adds more personality to the attire.

Add ankle boots and enjoy. You will look fabulous in this.

How To Wear A Skort


Q: What to wear under a skort?

In the winter season people mostly prefer to wear leggings and tights under them. You can coordinate the color with the look. But mostly, black color is preferred the most. It is a must especially if you are playing sports and are uncomfortable running in it.

Q: Can I wear skorts to the gym?

Yes, skorts are designed in a way that you can wear them for gym and outdoor activities. People go for comfortable fabric in this sense and avoid leather. This is the main reason people prefer skorts over skirts when we talk about sports. If you want to know how t style them refer to the section above to get ideas.

Q: Are skorts unprofessional?

No, they do not fall under the category of unprofessional clothes. But the way you style them will definitely make a difference. To avoid any looks you can wear tights underneath them. The addition of a blazer will also give you a professional look. It is better to know your office dress code beforehand.

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